Arsenal star reveals changes that can win Premier League

The Arsenal and England international defender Kieran Gibbs had to watch from the bench as the Gunners made the perfect start to the pre-season preparations with a comfortable 4-0 demolition of the Singapore XI but he will be hoping to start the final of the Barclays Asia trophy against Everton tomorrow.

Gibbs knows that he has a real fight on his hands with Nacho Monreal for the left back starting role next season and so he will be determined to impress Arsene Wenger. His own personal battle was not the only one that Gibbs talked about though. In a report in The Guardian the 25-year old revealed how the whole squad has toughened up.

Just over a year ago the Gunners were still being given the tag of big game bottlers or being accused of being all guile and no guts or grind. Gibbs did not deny this when asked but he did declare that the players have put this right. They have worked hard on this aspect of the game and have grown together into a much harder-to-beat unit, as we proved last season in games like the win away at Man City.

The Gunner said, “I think it’s already changed. Although people don’t see it like that, technically we’ve won three trophies in the last two seasons and there’s been a shift mentally in the team that will help us.

“What’s key is that we continue the form, continue the belief that we’ve shown over the last two years. I think the team has grown, if we can keep everyone fit, we can really aim for the league.”

The left back also explained that Arsenal are not really treating these pre-season games as meaningless friendlies and that the players are using them in order to hit the ground running and avoid the slow start that cost us so dearly last time.

He went on, “Pre-season is vital, especially this season. It starts in less than a month. We have these two games and two more before the Community Shield. We haven’t really got time for friendlies so we’ve got to get into a competitive mentality as fast as possible.”

Arsenal are definitely a tougher nut to crack these days but are we tough enough?

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  1. What if we do not win the league this time around? In fact, are we even after winning the league? What are our targets this season?

    1. Super Mario Wenger will use his mushroms and start everything all over again. Wining is no priority, being part of the game is good enough for many Fans.

    2. ________________________Please Read____________
      I like people who are very unequivocal, raw and fearlessly direct. Everyone said the onus was on Chelsea to win the league last season, Mourinho too admitted and boldly said that he was out to win the league; he knew anything could happen and he could lose out on his target, but that did not stop him from reiterating his quest.

      But Arsene won’t do that. Arsene cannot tell us what his objectives are in a season. He is scared, just afraid—he does not want a scenario wherein people will say, “But you said you were out to win the league, how come you failed?” He does not want that. But why should Arsene be afraid?

      They say we now have the money. They say we can compete with “the big boys” now. They say we won’t have to lose our star players anymore. But they have not come out to outrightly say “Our main objective this time around is to win the League trophy”; something in that line.

      There is no harm in trying, genuinely trying. It’s not a crime to fail, that is if you really actually tried all you can in order to succeed. In life, those who always try to “play safe” never achieve anything remarkable. Let’s go all out for the EPL, UCL, CWC, etc.

      1. The trying you speak of mate is by us cashing and investing money. I dont see and hear the board pressure Wenger into spending or him telling that he needs to deliver. In the Boards book Wenger is delivering already.

        Arsenal do want fans who are smart enough to spend, but dump enough not to question the clubs poletics. Very forgiven, very loyal. To loyal for their own good which makes them look very dump and stupid.

        Minimum effort to gain max profit. Wenger is a blessing for the board and a real curse to the fans who seek glory.

        With the Current team we will not win anything. And if you think we will, tell me how?

        1. As a true fan, one major thriLling joy you can have and boast about is the fact that you club has won some very serious trophies. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SEEKING GLORY??? Isn’t that what club football is mainly all about? I feel you, @KS.

          Yes, we had some setbacks before now, but those days gone. Arsene should now stand up and be counted. No f**king excuses.

          1. @KickAssFan
            Shuuush mate you’ll have the AKB mafia on your back before you know it the likes of BUDD and Josh37 will be knocking on your dor lol .
            Seriously though if Wenger doesn’t buy the two key world beaters we need and everyone knos we need to compete then the politics you and I have been talking about at the club for a long time will be confirmed and we may as well hang up our hats as NOT buying these players will be a clear middle finger to any and all intelligent fans.

            1. Jeez…you guys just spew negative or provocative rubbish. It’s the club, it’s the manager, it’s the players, it’s the board…..but ultimately ‘it’s not what I want mummy!’ …bla bla bla bla.

              You must be great company on a night out, if you ever last that long without running off home crying about something.

              You hide behind comments like ‘as a true Arsenal fan’ (KA) but present thinly veiled negativity or comical amateurish analysis of what you believe Wenger thinks, merely designed to stir sh*t up.

              I find it hilarious sometimes reading the comments from some (vaguely disguised) haters who say one thing, get thumbed down and then on the very same post do a complete uturn to win back some popularity. So very pathetic, albeit funny for the rest of us.

              I’m sure every club has em, but sometimes you guys are so third rate as fans (otherwise known as supporters…an anathema eh?), it is unbelievable. I use the term ‘supporters’, obviously very loosely.

      2. Isnt wenger the guy who said in a press conference before 2003/04 that he will be going undefeated next season

      3. If as I suspect Mr Wenger thinks he really does NOT need o buy anymore players and that his current squad CAN win the league it’s about time he came out and said so, if not or he won’t then clearly new additions are needed go out and get them and sod the expense this season.
        We are always told about so much being in the war chest and then we hear that wenger is chasing players and misses them as he offers less than the asking price, well if there’s say 70 million in the war chest then spend 70 million don’t try and save 20 il at the cost of competing.
        If we need a new striker GO for Benzema if we need a new DM go for Carvaliho DONT bring in a few unknown cheap Romanians . If money is such a big issue whu not tell Theo that he is NOT worth 150 a week and thats that tell Theo to prove he’s worth it first rather than just buckle and give in.

    3. – A lethal ST & Competitive DM
      – Less injuries to key players (Alex, Kos, Ozil, Santi etc.)
      – Consistency from August to May
      – Turning up with the right mentality whether it’s Norwich at Home or Chelsea away


  2. No chance in winning the league..we arsenal fans are a sad bunch. Without quality additions we cannot do the job required..That’s fact. Everyone around us are strengthening their squad..while we wait so Le prof can analyse the squad.. Which he has been doing for years now.. Reality is without a cut throat manager we don’t stand a chance.tough being a gunner

  3. Stupid with the title: *Wenger refuses to rule out Benzema*
    Did Wenger, at any point in time, say explicitly that he’s out to sign Benzima? What is he “refusing” to admit here? That it is still very possible for him to sign Benzima as he “expressly” promised???

    1. In fairness, there’s no point even asking him. They need a headline somehow.
      This is a manager who has flat out denied he knew a player existed days before signing him… It’s always going to be ‘we have a good squad, but if exceptional quality becomes available we are open to it’ or one of his many variations.

  4. Ivan said. That in a 2 years time line we will be competing with the likes of Bayern and Barcelona. 3 years later. We are competing with Stock City and Spurs. The funny thing is that we tend to lose also against them. hahah

    1. You are right. Vidal is going to Bayern for 28m, he would have been a fantastic addition to our team, and we could have signed him, but no lets keep Flamini and give Arteta a one year extension. Really tell me in which top team would these guys even make it to the bench??

      Lack of vision coupled with an unexplainable belief in the players he has and it looks like we are fracked

      1. Don’t compare Vidal to Flamini or Arteta, Vidal is not a defensive midfielder, he’s a box to box midfielder. If you’re going to compare him to anyone in our squad, compare him with Aaron Ramsey. For me, Ramsey is a very good player, so we don’t need Vidal. I’m not saying Ramsey is better, I’m just saying we already have a very good player in that position, and there are other areas of the team where £28m would be better spent.

  5. Gazidis: ” Economically? We’re not able to compete at that level [with the likes of Real Madrid] yet,”

  6. I really feel that since we found our DM we were the best side in the league.
    What happened is we dropped points early and we’re playing catch up the entire season. Chelsea were a better team defensively than we were at the start of the season and didn’t drop points and when leading dropped a bus or in our case wanted to just draw us 0-0.
    If Arsenal start to park buses with 30 minutes to go with one goal lead I will cease to be a fan.

    1. Giroud will return to being average, he always does. He did it towards the end of the season and he will do it again. I don’t see why fans thnink he’s good enough. For a club that used to have RVP, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, even Adebayor and Anelka, Giroud is FAR below. Why do fans think he is good enough, just don’t understand it.

        1. Lol! He’s sexy and we know it (owkie, like I say always, I’m as straight as the equator).

          Damn it, sexy don’t score goals!!!

      1. I thought the player of the month of March had a really good season. Came back early from a broken foot and along with Alexi formed a real good one two punch.
        Unfortunately the 3rd punch never really came about. Will Theo provide that?
        I’m sure if all three have great seasons then we will be alright on the attacking side.
        My worry is DM if we have to go to the bench for a long stretch who plays there?
        Is Chambers ready for that or is Jack or Aaron able to play on a deep role and hang back or will someone like Gabriel be able to make that transition to DM?

  7. AW: “I am happy with the squad we have. If I find an exceptional player to strengthen, I will do it.”

    heard this one before

    1. I preferred his tone in January, where he said ‘we need a defender’ and we got a defender.

  8. Wenger has to change or else we won’t win the title. For the millionth time he is flopping in the transfer market. Just Cech is not good enough. Get a striker, Giroud is 2nd choice quality.

  9. What i dont understand is why we cant let people like Usmanov invest money in the club so that we can buy the players we ideally are after. 70-80 mill for Pogba? No biggie. 30-40 for Lacazette in the same window? Doable. Roman’s investments in chelsea has made them a club of equal size as Arsenal on a worldwide basis.

    Spending money like this is ruining football, but being a good example isn’t pushing us forward. Untill the UEFA, FA or FIFA does something about the extreme spending in football, we would be stupid to not join in on it

    1. Why would Usmanov put funds into the club when he only owns around 30% of it? Any ‘injection’ of funds would have to be done based on who owns the club. So for a £100m injection, around £30-35m would be Usmanov, £65-70m would have to be Kroenke. If all £100m comes from Usmanov, Kroenke is getting a free ride at Usmanov’s expense. So Usmanov wouldn’t do it. Kroenke, as we know, isn’t willing to put any of his money in, so we aren’t getting anything any time soon.

    2. Honestly, I’m all for spending good money on good players. But Pogba for 70-80mil??? Hell NOOOO!!!! I mean, is it becuz of his hairstyle? It’s not even cool. Looks like the feathers of a sick, wet duck.

      1. 70-80 mill on the soon to be best player in the world – and arguably already the best midfielder? You may say no today, but in 4 years it would be thrown out in a heartbeat for him. Your point is as valid as Alex Ferguson in 2012(?) when he was not willing to spend £34M for Hazard. Today, every single club able to splash out that kind of money would do so, yet today he would cost triple the amount.

  10. Muzzi Ozcan is at a Cafe near the Emirates and sent it an open invitation to the public to go and chat with him about football and transfers. I’m actually considering going…

  11. No we cannot win the league with this squad. I am realistic and I cant see this squad doing the unthinkable. Wenger coming and saying this squad is strong because we beat a singapore XI or Thailand XI doesnt make one sense.

    Let us look like this, Sanchez had a stellar last season and yet we were not even close in winning the title, what makes us think we can do this season. For people talking about injuries, every other team suffered , Manchester United lost more important players at important intervals, Chelsea had costa missing for some parts, City well had their own problem, so we were not the only one. Hell I would even go on record and say we were lucky that Sanchez was fit for most part of the season , Imaging Sanchez suffered the same problems that Di Maria had suffered, we may well have been out of top 4.

    Look some or ( most) may say I am pessimistic but truth is I am realistic. If you aim to become a top club who can compete on all fronts then you need to have players who can do that. With Giroud leading the line or arteta in midfield or Met in defence I cant see us winning the league. Look at van gaal as much as we can criticise or laugh he admitted his team’s flaws and are correcting that. Wenger for past 10 years has never admitted his flaws and lives in delusion thinking his squad is world class and can compete and win major trophies. It didnt work out and it never will. Hope I am wrong but history and common sense suggest otherwise.

    1. Tend to agree with Wayne, especially about the three players he mentioned. I would be inclined to let them go (contracts not withstanding) and try to sign someone like Benzema. the rest seems to have what it takes.

  12. Analysis of the transfer so far: chelsea:IN: falcao, begovic. OUT:Drogba, cech.
    mancity: IN:sterling OUT:Richards,milner.
    manunited :IN:Depay,shweinstiger,damian,shneiderlin,.OUT:Vanpersie,nani.cleverly.
    arsenal :IN:CECH. OUT:Sanogo,jenkinson,

    It looks like liverpool and man u are the most active out of top 5…but what people are forgetting is they also need to trim there suad to 25 man and add that to 17 english core that gives u to just few non home ground players…that is to say they need to sell to balance there squad.honestly am more concerned about man u than liverpool so i will just focus on united.i alread know that man city will atleast let few players go like dzeko kolarov maybe jovetic fernando to sign a am not worried about them aswell as much..but that doesnt mean i dont rate them.if u ask me now how the table will look like at the end of the season now i would say.chelsea mancity arsenal manu so am not deluding myself.back to united i know they have made some good signins and stiil more but a few will have to go as well and having too many players come in one window can affect team cohesion or balance depending on how they all, players like di maria,rafael,evans,valencia,de gea, will go and we may have a new look man u.only old player there will have to be rooney,jones,smalling,young,and that can kill there cohesion that is why most pundit arent giving them the chance on the title this year.

    so my worry still remain how do we beat chelsea and city to the title?
    first is not always about the signing but tactics..bacelona with all there players found it difficult to beat celta vigo last season..what am i saying it all comes down to wenger and how he plan to play the big boys this season..last season we where just ok against the big boy..last two seasons we were ok with the small team and were hurrendos agianst big teams…i know there is no small team again but truth is there will always be…
    wenger needs to get his tactics right.i for once will love to beat mourinho at his own game
    or beat man u..if we can manage our game both home and away against the big boys this season with maybe a few signing barre any long term injury i genuinely know we will challenge for the title..

    1. RE: tactics. Indeed, we know Wenger *can* do it, as we saw him do it against Manchester City. I guess it’s whether or not he has the will (or the pressure put upon him) to think more specifically about opposition on a more regular basis. I personally find him a bit lazy in that department, so if he really want to win the league without anymore major signings — or indeed with major signings — he’s going to need to look at that, especially against Chelsea, United and City.

  13. With our only change being the keeper (so far at least)- we should have a more stable and coherent team compared to our rivals-

    We’ll need to get a lead on others in the early part of the season to have any threat on the title- because other teams will get stronger during the season as new players learn their new teams-


  14. It will be interesting to see Wenger`s starting eleven in tonight`s Asian final against Everton.
    Myself, I think he`ll stay mainly with the players who have something to prove and not risk his top echelon players unless it`s as subs in the last 20 minutes just to loosen up and please the crowd.
    Although I expect the Gunners to win I don`t think the result is all that important. What is important is what Wenger gets out of it. The Emirates Cup is a different matter.

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