Arsenal star reveals extra reason to shine this season

He has not featured for club or country so far this season, so the Arsenal and England midfielder is understandably keen to make up for lost time when he has fully recovered from his latest injury lay-off, caused by an unlucky tackle in training on the eve of Arsenal’s Community Shield win over Chelsea.

According to the latest prognosis, and you can see the full injury list on this page of the Just Arsenal website, Jack is due back in just a couple of weeks, although it is not clear whether that is back in training or back in the squad. Despite his desire to get back out playing football, Wilshere has assured the Arsenal fans that he will not rush himself back and risk another injury.

But when he is fully fit the 23-year old reckons that he has all the inspiration he needs to make up for lost time and it is not just the frustration of all his time on the sidelines either, but the way he has changed as a person since becoming a father.

As revealed in an Evening Standard report, Wilshere feels that having his two children has made him a different man and has made him even more determined to be a success in order to make them proud.

He said, “It’s strange because I was out for a year when I had Archie and then when I finally came back he was running around and playing football himself. It does make you grow up and want to go out on the pitch to do them proud.

“It makes you grow up a lot. I can’t remember much of my life before I had kids but what I do remember is playing football, going home, playing on the Playstation and doing anything I wanted.

“It makes you grow up as a person and put other people first. There’s nothing more important than your kids.”

Let’s just hope that he gets a chance to do that for Arsenal this season and that his awful luck with injuries is finally over.

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  1. Action speaks louder than words!
    And hopefully Jack isn’t a billy bull??er like erhhhhh
    I don’t know.. erhhhh.. like erhhhh..his manager ?

    ?-“Well .. erh.. i don’t know, I think so… erhhhhhhhh!!!.
    maybe it’s because I am sooo Indecisive, that erhhh..
    I can not decide … erhhhh .. which words to choose or..
    erhhhh… to say!”

    ?-” But we all know what you will say before, during and after the transfer windows”

    ?-” Maybe.. you are right… Hahaha. . We have to wait and see”

    ?-” People think that I don’t like spending money,but erhhhhhhh.. if I was to offer you a night out with me..
    You would see that erhhh I like spending money”

    ?-” Oh really? …… So?…… And?…… Well?”

    ?. ……

    ( silence broken by door slamming shut)

    ?-“tight #######! …he didn’t offer anyone a night out!”

  2. OT
    Vardy is really good but mahrez is better! He has that intelligence in his play which sets him apart from others. He’s a bit like de bruyne and hazard .

        1. @G-rude, I know its fact, but there’s way to say it better with some respect to Jack and his abilities. Okay, we do it without him right?? Yeah, then how about we can do it BETTER with him??

          1. Oh I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the ability. He is amazing when he is in form and could probably be a captain in waiting with his attitude. I am just saying that we should not expect him to play more than ten times this season so best to plan withour him.

  3. Cant wait for Jack to be back on the pitch wearing the Arsenal top battling for the badge, a true gooner no matter what anyone thinks of him… future captain in Cazorlas role imo, Santis not getting any younger we can see that this season and jack does a super job for england in that role… what was it 7 MOMT awards in qualifiyng matches?? Hes class and hopefully by the way he is talking he has matured up to know what e has to do now, no more clowning around!

    Reading here ones on about Mahrez! If he is able to be bought in Janurary then why not i believe he could fit well into this team he would be battling Campbell,Ox,Iwobi for RW and help give Sanchez a breather…. Loads of games to go in the league and fa cup plus european matches either champions or europa, he would come in handy esp in the prem! Doesnt derail our other targets in ST, DM n CB… see stones was linked this morning to Arsenal? Him or Varane would do nicly with either Bender or Carvalho in the middle. Leaves a top striker but not sure who tbh

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