Arsenal star rubs salt into Mourinho’s wounds

I doubt very much that the Arsenal and Czech Republic international keeper was deliberately trying to make his former manager and team mates feel any worse about things. Petr Cech did, after all, spend 11 years at Chelsea and he was there when Jose Mourinho first came to take the Premier League by storm.

In fact he probably would still have been at Stamford Bridge if Chelsea had not been forced to make the young Belgian stopper Thibaut Courtois their first choice or risk losing him to another club. You get the idea, as well, that Cech could have helped his former club get out of the surprise situation that they find themselves in this season.

What he would have done is unclear because, as reported by the Evening Standard, Cech is baffled and bemused at how things have turned around at the club so quickly, taking them from runaway winners of the Premier League to a team that has been in and around the relegation zone all season.

The Arsenal number one said, “”It makes me surprised. It’s a team that six months ago won the league.

“Players stayed there, the coach added more to his liking. It is very hard to believe that the club is in such a state.

“I was surprised to see their suffering at the beginning of the league, but I was even more taken aback by the fact that the crisis still continues.”

Like I said, Cech still has friends and fond memories at Chelsea and so is not trying to twist the knife, but talking about how there is no reason why they should be struggling as they have been doing only increases the pressure on the man in charge. And when you consider that Mourinho never wanted to let Arsenal have Cech in the first place, is this another hefty dose of salt rubbed into the wounds of the not so special one?

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  1. _liam_ says:

    He gave a calm, short and reasonable answer to a question that was asked of him. There is no drama here. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable reading Heat magazine or something.

  2. Greg says:

    The “special one” mourinho is now the ordinary one!

  3. angryblackman3 says:


  4. awesome gunners says:

    First of all. Where is the Salt. I know Mourinho has a wound but please please please tell me where Cech is fetching the salt and rubbing it in.

    I would hate to be your friend. I think me saying just a simple comment to you would take you over the edge. You making an article out of nothing and for this reason making this website seem petty.

    Why do JustArsenal post any article nowadays. Really miss the quality articles.

    Rating for this Article 0/10

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