Arsenal star says Don’t Panic and the EPL title is coming

Because of the unlucky rupture of his thigh muscle against Burnley last month, it is highly unlikely that our Czech Republic international star Tomas Rosicky would be able to get enough Premier League appearances this season to get a winner’s medal, assuming that the Gunners do not go on to blow this chance of winning it.

That does not stop Rosicky from wanting his team mates to finish the job though, and he also believes that we still have what it takes despite the disappointment of the last four league games which have yielded just three points. Talking to Arsenal Player this week, the 35-year old tried to encourage his team mates to believe in the quality that is in the dressing room by stating that we do have the tools for a title win.

As well as the quality on offer, Rosicky talked up the strong team spirit and togetherness at the club and suggested that the only thing that was likely to stop us keeping up the title challenge was if the players let the recent run get into their heads and stop them playing as we know they can.

He said, “Although we have had a bad spell because we have not won for four games, the performances haven’t been bad at all. In the game against Southampton we had plenty of chances and the performance was alright, but we have to show more killer instinct.

“We cannot expect that we will have so many chances in every game. What’s important though is that we don’t panic. There are plenty of games in front of us. All the big teams are playing against each other so it will be very interesting and I believe we have what it takes to win the league this year.

“It’s one of the best [Arsenal sides I have played in] because we have some world-class players here. I feel we have what it takes to win the league but we are not allowed to have any more slip ups.

“The spirit in our dressing room was always right. Whichever new player came into the dressing room always felt welcomed because the spirit was always good.

“It’s very important that, even when you have a rough spell which you will definitely have in a season, you stay positive, don’t panic, analyse everything in the right way and believe you have what it takes to win the league. I do.”

He does, do you?

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    1. My fellow gunners have lost hope not only because of our inept performances but also the shear performances of our competitors…Has anyone realised that spurs have won 4matches consecutively???
      It is amaizing to see in their last 5games LC have won against Spurs,Liverpool,Stoke and now City teams we failed to win against(exept for city ofcourse) am still hoping we will win this title but players should perform ABOVE par.

    2. Funny that the Encouragement is coming from the physioroom

      Arsenal never cease to Amaze me


      1. Wusses? ? ?
        And they were totally right to panic. … No ? ?
        at least your so called Wusses can see past wengers butt cheeks and see things for how they really are!
        And not like a rabbit that gets dazed by the on coming headlights, before getting splattered into the road.

        “WE GOT THIS” …… yes, we have … right up the Asss!

    3. his heart is doing the talking. I am sure his head is telling him otherwise. From Saturday’s match , Based on work rate alone ( most of their players seem to work hard like Sanchez). Liecester will win it . That is before you start talking about purposeful runs , the speed and effectiveness of their counters ,the football brains of the CM( something Ramsey or Wilshere Lacks. The accuracy of the long through balls from Drinkwater and finally, forget goals ,
      the ability of Vardy to create something out of nothing , the speed of execution of his killer moves and the brutality of his takes ons , all shows what we lack.
      We are truly playing with numerous handicaps. Any attempt to play Mertesacker or persist with the Ramsey /flamin axis is a surely going to lead to disaster.

      1. Honestly, I am very worried about lei now. I looked up their fixtures and the next four after the Arsenal match look like wins. Especially when you see who they beat in their last three games. Even if we win our next two games I can’t get past how many fixtures they have which look favorable. And what makes it worst is the timing of their matches against Chelsea and Manu, Che is the last game and Manu is third last. If they are not important points for those two teams they are never going to do us any favors. Chelsea we know wont put in full effort except for a few good men, and utd much the same, then you’ll have the manager not wanting to be outdone by another high profile manager. All this along with having no cup games of any sort points to it being Leicesters title to lose.

  1. Stan out/wenger out = AFC moving forwards

    Stan out/wenger in = just missing out on PL and no UCL glory.

    Stan in/wenger out = no ambition to be successful on the field, but every ambition to increase profit as a business.


  2. At least “little ” Mozart is refusing to throw the towel in! He still has a fighting spirit although injured! I respect that!

    1. @zulu-boy-sa
      As a betting man, you should know there is no such thing as a “dead cert”…but as a supporter, you should have learned to have more faith in the team.

  3. Wenger press conferences where he acts intellectually superior to Fans at the end of the season if he doesn’t win then we will see how smart he really is

  4. Don’t panic the EPL title is coming!


    coming where exactly?

    Did u say to the King power stadium?

    1. Afobe wouldn’t be at the level he is at today if he had stayed, not with playing bits and parts. He wouldn’t even of got picked ahead of Welbz because he would not be at this level. And even now it’s not like he would be certain to pull up trees with the expectancy at Arsenal and the pressure from fans due to one or two bad spells.

  5. OT!

    Afobe bottled 3 goals in 3 games

    Theo managed 3 goals in 14 games

    A club with ambition would have sold theo long before his 10 year inconsistent campaine and keep an Afobe (pace & steel) to replace giroud since they’ve got almost the same attributes if not better.

    Wenger’s blind fate on mediocre players and bunch of over hyped british players is gonna cost us.

    It’s so pathetic!

    1. I so agree, We will not win the title, to many average players, the only reason we have been up top this year is because all the other top teams are also playing S_IT,

      1. is huth world class?
        is wes morgan?
        mahrez better than sanchez?

        these players r not average. inconsistent but average they are not
        pressing as a unit, full effort, hunger is why leicester are leading…we do that its our title.

        1. Mahrez has looked better and better. So hard to pin down and the way he glided past city defence for his goal was amazing. And I’ve always liked Huth from his days at Stoke. Good, solid, no messing CB.

  6. Words mean abso nothing when comes to Arsenal players claiming they will do this or win that! We have had a whole host of massive opportunities to go clear at the top so this bad patch we are talking about have been throughout the whole season so far. If we showed half the character and balls of the Leicester and Spurs teams then we would be talking alot more confident about how we were gonna do this and finially win the league!

    In saying that its not over just yet and if we win v Bournemouth today we are 5points behind leicester, joint 2nd with spurs and a point above City. Next weekends fixtures is Spurs v City and Arsenal v Leicster. Win that we will be 2points off top no matter what happens in the other top4 game, a draw would suit us down to the ground. Next 2 games will tell us wether we are in this title race or not, so all hope is not lost.

    Bournemouth 1-4 Arsenal would be perfect but scraping a 0-1 victory would be just as good. COYG

  7. all this team needs to do is click. we anihiliated leicester 5-2 away and man u 3-0 in 20 mins.

    our first 11 is amongst the best in the league. they are a close unit.
    we are 5 points off if we win today.

    this could be our year. i really believe it could be our year.
    ive been waiting 12 years to pop open this bottle .
    tired of waiting.

    1. That bottle is a jinx!!! ? ?
      Get rid of it … nowwww!!! Hahaha.. ??
      Drown your sorrows with it, before kick off and watch us win the remainder of our premier league games! ?

      * Damm… I’ve run out of crystal rocks! ??

  8. when we 1st heard of the name “Drinkwater”, we were like f*** , we can find drinking water anywhere

    and “Huth” was like, he won’t be able to hurt anybody , let alone a team

    and “kante” , he’s no more than inexperience

    and then reality tells u……TAKE A CRITICAL LOOK AT THESE GUYS

  9. The spirit is so right, that every player, left and right are earning money for doing s….t. They are all so focused and happy that before the matches they all bang ho….ers, smoke and danceee till there i no morning.

  10. OT:Watching BARCA now,they are very beatable to counter attack here,can Wenger then make tactical changes when we play them?its a game we can play Walcot as Striker and use Sanchez and Welback on Wings,then press them and counter them….

  11. On paper Arsenal have probably the best team in England. Some might say City have a better looking squad, but just do a 1 to 1 comparison of each position and guarantee that you will have more Arsenal players in the squad. The only defender from that bunch I would take is Kompany. Otherwise Cech, Bellerin, Kossie and Monreal are better than what they have to offer. Coquelin is by far the better DM than Fernandinho. The only 3 other players I would pry from them would be Toure, Aguero and De Bruyne. Otherwise Arsenal have a better squad.

    So then why are we below them in the league? The answer is quite simple and I don’t believe all of the blame should be placed at managers feet. Wenger has brought in 3 world class players (all which have performed and have been worth every pound) and is also responsible for the emergence of Bellerin and Monreal. Yes, he could have signed another world class CF and perhaps a winger better and more consistent than Walcott/Chamberlain. Fair enough, Wenger guilty to a small extent. But looking at the calibre of players we already have, we should be top of the league. But as we can see from the examples United and Chelsea have set – top dollar doesn’t always mean results. Some of you have mentioned Leicester are only top because of hard work. SO TRUE!

    This is why our biggest problem is the work ethic and attitude of our players. Arsenal simply need to be hungrier on the pitch…since December we have looked like we have lost the drive to compete. Our players need to start taking responsibility – and if not then the manager needs to grow a pair and bench them/sell them and bring in players who want to win.

    1. Shut the f up big gun. You and your lousy analyses to explain failuare.

      The problem with us is that we overpraise our manager and players and compare them to the greats. We are not great. The only players who are great at Arsenal are.

      Cech- proven champion.
      Ozil- proven champion
      Sanchez- proven champion

      Others like: Kos, Santi are close to be champions but dont know how it is to be one bec of the years they have spend playing for arsenal.

      Only 3 City players you say. Sterling is a better player the Chamberlain, Silva,Yaya and and. serious are you living under a rock?

      Aguero is by far a better striker then giroud, that is a good example to compare the meaning by far.

      If you think of us that good than there would be no meaning of explanation. You tllk in the pitch and not outside of it. What we see is only tllk without action. You like wenger can tllk and tllk, but it wont change the fact that things arent going right.

      1. Ks-Gunner I don’t appreciate you telling me to ‘shut the f-up’ you sound like a 12 year old. It was never my intention to deem certain players ‘world class’ I was simply comparing one for one with City’s team. According to your comment, you are saying that everyone par Cech, Ozil and Sanchez in our team are sh**, which is probably the most naive and shallow statement I have read in a long time.

        Bottom line is there are fans who take a step back a look at the bigger picture. I for one realize if it weren’t for Wenger, Arsenal would be a mid table club, especially after all those years of cutting top 4 on a shoe string budget. Any other manager would have not been able to do it, except perhaps Ferguson. It is because of those actions, Arsenal were put into a strong financial position to be able to afford top players over the last 2/3 years. Whether you like it or not, Wenger was the reason why we now have Cech, Sanchez and Ozil.

        Fans like you come on here, bash everyone else who has anything to say without any sensible contribution from themselves. Let’s hear it then, why are we not top of the table by 10 points? And if you say ‘because of Wenger’ then you know sweet ****all about football.

  12. I swear he will go with Ramsey ( His engine ) and LeCoq ( understanding ) instead of going with El neny and LeCoq..cherries will do us a Leicester..I mean high tempo..very high and with Per on the bag we are looking for a long day at work..If we lose today IS OVER Leicester will know a WIN at the emirates will then decide their faith as City will have a hard game against SPUDS and then their February and march schedule is easier than any other team at the top..what scares me the most is that if we do not win it then PEP will seduce Ozila and Alexis to join him at City heart pounding.

  13. Good boy, Rosicky. You soothsayer you. Keep that sweet talk going, there are enough deluded AKBs out there that will buy that crap of yours. I think you just earned yourself a contract extension.

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