Arsenal star says it is the players fault that Unai Emery got the sack

Emiliano Martinez has taken to social media to say sorry to Unai Emery.

At the time of writing this, just one Arsenal player has taken to Twitter to comment on the sacking of Unai Emery.

Emiliano Martinez, who was in goal last night against Eintract Frankfurt has apologised to the Spaniard.

Martinez wrote his tweet in both English and Spanish thus ensuring that Emery fully understands what he said.

I kind of doubt that the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette will accept responsibility as Martinez has done.

Martinez is right to some extent, the players did let Emery down but the vast majority of the fault lies with Emery.

The buck always stops with the manager, yes, the players should have done better but why did they not?

Players respond to the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, even Eddie Howe, Chris Wilder etc. So why not Emery?

It was decent of Martinez to write such a tweet but his opinion will not be widely felt. Certainly not among his teammates in the dressing room.

It will be interesting to see which players tweet later today and what they have to say for themselves.


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Of cus whoever comes out will say it’s the players fault. I doubt any of those players will come out to blame Emery. It’ll be like kicking a dead dog.
    On your part about not seeing PEA,OZIL, LACA taking responsibility tho, I’m with you on that.
    I think it’ll be hard for any of those guys to come out and blame themselves. I expect them to keep shut

    1. Sue says:

      Love your picture, Eddie 🤭

  2. Grandad says:

    Good to see a young player having the decency to admit that players have also failed our Club.Let’s hope FL is quick to recognise the main defects in our team and eliminates them from his selections.Unless they are required due to injuries to others,I hope we have seen the last of Sokratis and Luis in an Arsenal shirt.The same goes for a number of others but these two in particular do not have the quality we need to get out of what is becoming a real crisis of confidence.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, I hope many of the Arsenal players are having a good hard look at themselves. Good on Martinez for putting his hand up and taking some responsibility for the abject performances.
      What Arsenal needs in the next head coach is a disciplinarian, to knock many of these highly paid pampered prima donnas out of their comfort zones.
      My concern is who will the Arsenal be able to attract given the current situation, without wanting high personal terms and a high transfer budget.

  3. Michael says:

    How did we ever get to this low? I thought we had planned appropriately for this change!

    Am just gutted we are in this place after many years of hard work. Am gutted.

  4. Daulat says:

    It was under Emery that Martinez actually saw some playing time. And Martinez is turning out to be a great goalkeeper no doubt, and if not for Emery he might not have seen much playing time and making himself known to the fans. So now wonder, he feels bad for him. But saying it was all players fault and not Emery’s is taking it too far.

    I would say though many players have been bad, but Emery made it hard for himself. If Emery had a solid tactic and game plan, it would be very easy to spot where players are being lacking and at fault. But with no tactics in place, and no framework, every player’s mistake ultimately leads to the Coach being questioned.

    I won’t say sacking Emery is solution to everything, but it will help reveal the faulty ones within the squad too, if there indeed are such, but the new manager must get his tactics and decisions right, with an understandable structure and game plan.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      The players have no where to hide now that both Wenger and Emery are gone.

      1. Daulat says:

        Yes, exactly. And if Freddie gets his tactics right, it will be pretty obvious who aren’t up to the task and should be dropped down aggressively.

  5. Owen.G says:

    Unai emery:-i’m planning to use pepe,ozil and lacazette in our next match,we had no option today bcus of injuries”..Lolz

  6. Knight says:

    Why would Ozil accept responsibility when he wasnt playing?

    1. RSH says:

      stop trying absolve any of the players of responsibility. A grand total of zero of the players have been good enough during his entire tenure. A lot can be put on Emery, and a lot you can tell the players just were not trying. Again and again we hear former players talk about how Arsenal are not serious about winning trophies. Many of our current players see that right now and are just along for the ride. This attitude has to go.

  7. Reggie says:

    I think some of our players are to blame, big style, it will need a massive amount of luck and special type of personality to fix some very up their own arse personalities on the field. I believe, Ozil, Xhaka, Auba, Lacca and a few others have deliberately not given 100% or have not been fully committed to Arsenal. It is a scurge going through some clubs at the moment and players on big money with big personalities trying to run the club their way. I have seen more sweat and effort from blokes playing dominoes in the pub than some of this lot lately. I don’t think it was entirely an Emery problem, i think it could be deeper than that. Im not expecting a long term improvement but we may get a short term one. I for one dont trust a lot of our players and we have not got many true Arsenal type players among them. I said it before, it would have been better for this club to have succeeded under Emery than for us not and he get sacked. Yes we can now have a new start but i dont think it was all Emery.

  8. Durand says:

    A lot of people deserve to be blamed.
    Too many players are average and only here for their sizable check.

    Emery is a reactionary coach, completely opposite to the nature of Arsenal. We impose ourselves on others, not wait and respond like a turtle in a shell.

    Raul knew Emery’s style and should have known he was a poor choice and can’t handle big players and their egos; remember PSG?

    The board are “yes men” for Kronke, have no guts, backbone, or sense of direction except for what Kronke tells them.

    Kronke is a money-grubbing, uncaring, shameless, lying snake who only loves money, not the club.

    Club was stagnant under Wenger and obvious to all and he did nothing.
    Well, until empty seats and loss of CL; costing him how much money?

    Emery was drowning, club regressing and he does nothing.

    Kronke cares nothing for the pride and culture of Arsenal. Our identity means nothing to him. It has slowly been eroded by Emery over the last 18 months, but empty seats and half empty stadium threatens his piggy bank so NOW Emery is gone.

    Kronke is understandable given the proper context; quick easy cash.

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