Arsenal star says “we have no fear” facing Liverpool

There is no doubt that this is Arsenal’s biggest test of the season so far after disposing of our noisy neighbours Tottenham last weekend.

But with Arsenal flying high at the top of the table, and Liverpool 11 points behind in 10th place and without an away win this season, we have more than enough reason to feel confident tomorrow.

Certainly our Japanese right back Tomiyasu is feeling very confident ahead of the game, and the thinks the Emirates faithful will help the Gunners get over the line. “Liverpool is still Liverpool,” he told 90min. “Of course it will not be an easy game.

“As I said everyone needs to be helping the team. But we are better than last season and we are confident to beat them. We have no fear. We are playing at home with 60,000 people behind us. We need to try and get three points.

“To be fair, the atmosphere of the dressing room is very good. We are confident and we are top of the League. We are ready to beat them. We have got a lot of games in October until the World Cup, so every player has to be ready to play, to help the team.”

That is the spirit that all Arsenal fans want to be listening to ahead of such a crucial game.

The Gunners are obviously brimming with confidence and let’s make  it a fact again tomorrow…


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Arteta talks about proving we are on Liverpool’s level, and the fixture congestion.

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  1. With this game, you just don’t know what will happen. If we win by a 3 goal margin, it will hardly be a surprise going by our recent form and if we lose, we all knew it would be a tough game but one thing is certain, we are likely to bounce back in the next game. The goal this season is top 4 and we don’t need to beat all the top 6 teams to achieve that. It is nice to know that the boys are fired up, though.

  2. I hope Tomi starts ahead of White. White isn’t doing bad but Tomi offers more going forward than White.

    Perhaps MA wants White in the final sqaud to the world cup.

  3. I like to hear the confidence of the players, I don’t hear it as cocky or arrogant. This is the attitude we need to have going into games.

    Liverpool isn’t the same team as last year, they are vulnerable and we need to go in for the kill.

    1. Oh welcome back Durand, know you had predicted the 4 nil trashing of Chelsea and the 2 nil at Crystal Palace,
      Anything on we against Pool in your Crystal bal ?l

    2. That’s spot on – I think we’re capable of winning this game in convincing fashion, but if we’re not ruthless, there is a *big* chance we’ll be punished. Confidence is crucial, but equally so is to avoid being arrogant and complacent.

  4. Liverpool is still Pool but Arsenal smell blood, and fans in my neighborhood can smell it too.

    It would be unlike Klopp to come parking the bus even in our back yard.
    He is a nice guy that would enjoy a 3 – 3 score line with his traveling fans at this time , but something tells me the gaffer will want blood and with Saliba looking more asure than Klopp 75 mil signing, anything less than three points is going to disappoint the gaffer .

  5. But notwithstanding the Gunners brimming in confidence ahead of their Epl home match against the Reds. And with their topping them by 11 points (3/1/2 games) in the Log but found themselves in 2nd to MNC who moved to 1st albert with a game played more Than Arsenal after the end of today’s proceedings in the Epl.
    Nevertheless, the Gunners MUST be very careful to not over brimmed in confidence in their quest to at home beat Liverpool tomorrow in the Epl.
    But be very confident in the game as it pans on. And remain totally confident in it to beat the Reds and beat them resoundingly well in the match by 4 goals to nil at fulltime of the it.
    To forewarned is said is to be forearm. For, the fact that Liverpool are yet to win at away in the Epl this season, and coupled with the fact that they have been beating us at our Ems home backyard. Has make it dangerous for the Gunners to not take their beating the Reds for granted they MUST warn themselves.
    Rather, the Gunners should make sure that they have armed themselves totally to their teeth before taking on the Reds in the match.
    So that they can thwart off any kind or form of gengenpressing tactics which the Reds’ manager Jurgen Klopp may have instructed his Reds team to play press against the Gunners in the game. But hit the Reds with a irrevocable 4 goals to nil scoreline at fulltime of the match.
    But if the Gunners are to achieve the 4 nil match win over the Reds, they MUST as a matter of strict adherence to discipline in the game, eschew any kind of falling to profigacy in front of the Reds’ 18 yard Box. But hit the Reds’ back of the net severally in the game without conceding any goals including penalties at all to them in the match.

    1. Klopp is the master of high pressing he defend by going on the front foot, to make any kind of adjustments at this late state at the Emirates is a risk.

      But Klopp is a coach of pedigree who will get his act right at some stage.
      It is for this reason now is the perfect time to play Pool.

      1. Most managers seem to have a lifespan at any one club – ferguson is a major exception, as he was able to reinvent and roll with the times at utd.
        I think klopp dropped off eventually at dortmund, and is likely to at Liverpool at some point. Whether that time is now is the question imo. Either way, they are still a very dangerous side today with top players that will need to be taken seriously.

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