Arsenal star slams calls to change his approach

From what a lot of so-called football experts have been saying about this Arsenal star, even this season when he has arguably been better than he was for Real Madrid and Werder Bremen and in the form of his life, you could be forgiven for thinking that Mesut Ozil was struggling to live up to the transfer price the Gunners paid for him.

One look at his stats, though, and the direct effect the German international has had on Arsenal flying high in the Premier League, qualifying for the next round of the Champions League and defending the FA cup and you get a much different story.

The problem that some have with Ozil is that his stats are excellent in almost every category of the game such as work rate, passes made, passing accuracy, chance creation and of course providing assists, except one key area. He does not score enough goals they say and that stops him from being a truly world class number 10.

Just five goals from 32 games in all competitions last season and just five so far this time is certainly not a great return compared to some of the other top players in that position. But according to a Daily Mail report, Ozil could not give a monkey’s, as long as he is helping whatever team he is in to win matches. In fact he thinks changing his style and being more focused on scoring could actually take away from what he brings to the team.

The midfield star said, “At the end of the day, I try to be as successful as possible in every single game – to win the match.

“It doesn’t really matter if I’m scoring or assisting, as long as we win. I don’t think I will be doing myself any favours if I focus on scoring more, or becoming more arrogant in front of goal – and certainly not my teammates.

“I hope to fight for a title with both Arsenal and Germany [in 2016] – no question.”

If Ozil keeps up his form he will break the Premier League assist record and Arsenal will win the Premier League and if he takes that on to Euro 2016 and provides a few assists but no goals and Germany win it, will people still criticise his lack of goals? And will he even care?

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  1. They say that because he’s no longer playing for Madrid. People were happy to call him world class when he was assisting Ronaldo to his ballon d’or nominations. But now he’s in Arsenal he’s suddenly not world class even though he’s turned into a better player, smfh. If you think every midfielder should be playing as a second striker then you are deluded and no nothing about football, every player has their own type of style. Based on the logic of Mesut’s haters you might as well claim Alves isn’t world class because he isn’t assisting enough like a winger is supposed to.

  2. I will be elated for mesut ozil to win all 3! League title, FA cup and of course the assist record! Coyg!

  3. I would love nothing better than for mesut ozil to shatter the premier league assist record, by a country mile and silence his critics!Coyg

  4. Ozil = assists.

    Haters are always going to hate. Keep breaking them down smooth Mr. Ozil.
    Change nothing, you are a boss.

  5. Ozil should continue doing what he is doing
    He is pure world class

    The problem is with forwards not finishing well. Ozil should have had well over 20 assists by now

    I really want to see improvement in finishing by Theo, Oxlade, Campbell and even Giroud (Giroud is playing well but with Ozil’s help he can be Pl top scorer)

    I can’t wait to see some Alexis goals as well.

  6. Nothing on my mind but wanting to beat Chelsea. Seems like forever since we’ve beaten them in the league. What’s more embarrassing is that we haven’t even scored a goal against them in the league since the 2012/13 season.

    Chelsea may be 14th, and yes, it’s funny. But Chelsea have become a direct, quite local rival to Arsenal – head to head results are very important for bragging rights too, and to say we’ve struggled against them in recent years is a big understatement.

    The Community Shield win was good, back in August at least, but now it means very little to me. Time we beat them in a game that really matters.

    Still, I’m reasonably confident we’ll get the win. Hoping Alexis and Özil come back with a bang.

    1. Only Reasonably confident? ?
      Hahaha.. We both know that Chelsea will be fired up for this one mate and if we are still without Ozil and Sanchez, then
      we will all be crying in our beers come Sunday Evening.

      @Fingers crossed. Com

  7. Some wise word for Mesut from my country:
    – Live is sometime like a tree, more taller you grow bigger wind you’ll get.
    – Barking dogs won’t stop gypsies.

    COY Mesut!!! COYG!!!

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