Arsenal star talks Premier and Champions League glory! Too soon?

It is always a good thing to have confidence, especially in football as in any professional sport it helps the players top get the best out of themselves and be more relaxed going into big games or competitions. And after Arsenal beat our Premier League rivals Manchester United with such a convincing showing last weekend it is easy to understand why the Gunners have plenty of self belief right now.

On the other hand, you cannot simply ignore the fact that Arsenal have not been great all the time this season and have already had two or three periods when the word crisis was being brought up all too often. So I would definitely take a little pinch of salt with the words of Mesut Ozil this week, reported by the Daily Mail.

The 26-year old midfield star has been talking up our chances of winning the EPL title this season and he believes that a relatively injury free campaign would give us a fantastic chance, thanks to the quality and squad depth available to Arsene Wenger.

The play maker has spent the last five years in Spain and England but he is well aware of what goes on in the Bundesliga and as a Germany international he trains and plays with the likes of Mario Gotze, Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer on a regular basis. So his claim that Arsenal know how to get the better of our Champions League rivals Bayern Munich is certainly a bold one.

Ozil said, “It is true that there is a lot of pressure on us in the Champions League. We can beat Bayern, though, if we play at the same level as against Manchester United.

“I was a bit surprised to see Bayern beat Dortmund 5-1. Bayern’s results show that they are in great form.

“We have a lot of respect for Bayern, but we are not afraid of them. We are playing at home and we know how to score goals and be successful against Bayern.

“Of course, it will not be easy, but we have the potential to beat any team.

“We have a great team with a lot of world-class players.

“Our goal is to win the Premier League title. I think we can achieve it this season if we do not get any major injuries.

“But the season is still long.”

It certainly is Mesut and there is a lot that can happen between now and May, although I do believe Arsenal have a chance. But when it comes to beating Bayern and qualifying from the Champions League group, is Ozil´s belief just a bit too unrealistic?

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    1. why cant ozil just say: we’re going to try to replicate that intensity for the next 5 games?? do that, and lets chat after that.

  1. that whole world class thing is so subjective
    so when mesut says ‘we have alot of world class players’

    who is he referring to? do we have alot of them?

      1. In the next 2 years : Coquelin, Gabriel, Bellerin, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Wilshere (if he makes it). So yeah, that’s quite a lot

  2. I believe him, I believe they might be having that whole “lets get this job done between themselves again” yea Bayern are in great form but who’s impossible to beat? Celta Vigo scorin four against Barca who believed it? Seasons ago Dortmund kicked Madrid out of the champions league, who believed it would’ve been possible? Instead of saying its impossible lets be the 12th man against them, lets support and strengthen our players. that’s what passion for a club is about

  3. We have got a better shot at winning the league title! But beating bayern munich will require us digging extra deep with keeping our shape at the back at all times, switching off with the likes of douglas costa, lewandowski, vidal can be fatal! we have got to be at our very best! Hard but not impossible!

  4. Why do our players like to talk about winning the league after every big win? I know players from other teams too do it but its unnecessary and adds pressure to the team altogether. I mean you don’t see a barcelona player talking about the league after a win over madrid.
    Lol UCL win is just too far fetched to be realistic

  5. What’s this l hear about a Din Zagreb player failing a doping test after our match with them… So what next fo the Gunners?????????

    1. we get beaten by doping cheats (zagreb) and referee cheats (chelsea). our real enemy is ourselves: when we want to, we can produce a hell of a performance. its totally up to us: how often can we show up?

  6. If we want to beat bayern, we will have to dig extra deep and play the game of our lives for 90 minutes! Hard but not impossible!

    1. We’re a very strong counterattacking side. We struggle when we have to break teams down, but when we counterattack, we’re lethal. A huge part of that is the pace in our attack with Walcott and Alexis in particular. That will be a big strength of our against Bayern. Therefore it is 95% certain that Wenger will start Giroud instead.

    1. we were always waiting for ozil to do pass throughs to fast players: finally the ozil/sanchez and ozil/walcott combos are working. i feel a bit sorry for giroud, but then professional football is a dog-eat-dog business. hopefully we can keep going like this for a few more games and iron out that maddening inconsistency.

  7. Landing on the moon is no longer an inordinate ambition as man has conquered the moon by landing on it and also walked on it. Arsenal beating Bayern Munich will not be an inordinate ambition as they have beaten them before at the Allianz Arena. And they can beat them again and will surely beat them at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday’s night 20th Oct; 2015.

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