Arsenal star talks tough as England v Wales row rumbles on

We all know that the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere is a proper Gooner, as he proved a couple of times in recent years with his little sing songs about the Tottenham supporting side of north London after Arsenal won back to back FA cups. And I suspect that Jack’s anti-spud feelings might just have been part of his response to their former star Gareth Bale last night.

Wilshere got into hot water with the English FA over his Spurs bashing song, but that did not stop them allowing the midfielder to respond to the derogatory comments about England from the Real Madrid and Wales forward, as reported by The Mirror.

Bale has suggested that the Three Lions do not have the same sort of passion about playing for their country as the Welsh lads and that England tend to be arrogant and assume they will do well before they get a chance to play, so it is hardly surprising that his words have not gone down well in the England camp.

This meeting is just one of the many local rivalries between countries, and if you want to know more details about the competing nations and fixtures then check out the UEFA European Championship Information at When asked about the upcoming game against their neighbours, Jack Wilshere said, “We know that Wales don’t like us. Do we like them? Not really! We know it is going to be a tough game and there are going to be tackles. It is going to be like a Premier League game.

“It gives us a chance to show the nation we have got a lot of passion. We are here to win and we are here for business. If we go out there and put in a good performance and win the game we are in a great position.

“If you put both teams down on paper, we would win the game but it doesn’t work like that in football. Everyone knows that. The Premier League is the perfect example of teams beating better teams at the end of the day.

“We have got to prepare right and put the work in, get the recovery from Marseille right and get everyone back training, fit and ready to go on Thursday. Then we have to work hard on that.”

Wilshere also spoke about Bale as a great player and clearly the main threat in the Wales team, but in talking about stopping him, especially in the aftermath of Bale’s comments, is our Jack warning the former Spud to watch himself and to expect a bit of rough stuff out on the pitch?


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  1. I pray Wilshere doesn’t get injured during the tournament, he looks like he’s coming back into form slowly. Once fit I expect him to compete with Cazorla for that deep playmaker role, he has potential to be as good as our spanish maestro.

    1. He’ll never be good as cazorla, to have half of santi’s ability he needs a right foot and be less selfish

      1. What makes you think so ? You don’t need to be two footed to be a top midfielder, everyone has their unique style. Wilshere’s style is more similar to Modric which is why I say he has potential to be a very top midfielder like Cazorla currently is. He just needs to learn how to be less rash with his decisions and that comes with age and experience, when he’s composed he really is a high quality player so as long as he matures his playing style he will have the ability to be one of the best. The problem is he needs to say fit to gain more experience on the pitch.

  2. Only if he plays the same way he talk we should become champions.Bale can talk and he can prove it ,he is a world class player, Wiltshire in another hand is…….Wiltshire nobody care, he can’t get in to Arsenal 11,a future bench warmer at Arsenal and look like a present bench warmer in England team. Just praying he doesn’t get injury warming the bench maybe some crazy Manchester city will pay for him and this time Wenger should take the money and run .

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