Arsenal star tells fans DON’T PANIC over Man Utd

Since Arsenal got over the slow start to the season and the injury crisis, we have had our mojo back and have blown most teams away. The odd bad result has proved to be just a blip which the Gunners have quickly bounced back from and the same thing will happen after the disappointing loss to Swansea, according to the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere.

Whether the midfielder starts the game at Old Trafford on Sunday remains to be seen, but Wilshere has de4clared in a Daily Mail report that he is confident that Arsenal will come away with a result, just as we did in the FA cup quarter-final in March.

Not only did that cup win end a long wait for a win against our old rivals, it gave the players another big reason to believe that we can stand up to any team, home or way. And when you add the fact that the Gunners only need a point while United must win and are hardly in great form themselves, you can see why Jack is feeling bullish ahead of the trip north.

He said, “We’ve been there in the FA Cup this season and won, so we know what it takes.

“Our confidence will be high going there, but we’ve got to perform.

“It’s no good just going there thinking that we can beat them again because we’ve beaten them before. We’ve got to put in a performance, work hard and earn the right to win.”

The fact is that Louis van Gaal will have to be positive and go for the win and that should play right into Arsenal hands. The last game we lost was that one against Monaco, also down to poor finishing and being too gung ho but we put that straight behind us and won the next nine in a row.

So listen to Jack, Gooners, and don’t panic!

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    same excuses every season for the last 10 years

    dont panic..

    bad day at the office


    1. Big Gun says:

      Hafiz we are lying 3rd with a game in hand and City have 2 tough games ahead of them. Every team has a bad day at the office. Even boring Chelsea has scraped through many of their games this season. Look at United – over 200million spent on players and they are faring worse than us. We are still in the F.A and our players have been far more consistent than theirs. Man City have had some shocking results yet go onto their forums and the fans are still extremely positive and supportive (I know this cause my Uncle is an ardent City supporter)

      Fans like you only come on here to bash the manager and players, but when we are doing well, you STILL have nothing positive to say. It is very sad. I am all for constructive criticism, but ffs Arsenal have done extremely well in the latter part of this season and one unlucky loss against Swansea and it’s the end of the world for fans like you.

    2. ljungberg8 says:

      Hafiz was too optimistic against swans – he predicted 1-1

      That’s something I never thought I’d say!

  2. Mk2013 says:

    There is every reason to panic especially when AW starts to mess around with the team in order to accomodate Wilshere,yet Arsenal lost the league to Chelsea for the same reason.Fans begged Wenger to let Ozil play no 10 but Wenger closed his ears.The team lost the league in the first few days when Wenger messed up team selection .Its worrying that Wenger never changes when it comes to Wilshere. In the Swansea game he strangely replaces Le Coq with Wilshere and as usual when Wilshere plays Arsenal lost the game.

    1. Big Gun says:

      Wilshere came on in the latter part of the second half, how can you blame him solely for our loss? Why not blame Walcott as he also came on in the second half? No logic. In actual fact, it was when Wenger made those subs that we started to put immense pressure on them and almost scored several times. We were just unlucky, plain and simple.

      What Arsenal should have done was get an early goal and let the pressure to score sit on Swansea..but it is always easy to say ‘WE SHOULD HAVE’ in hindsight. We have won so many games this season by breaking our opponents down and then scoring. Swansea began to tire out end of the first half and you could see the fatigue kick in again in the second half when we began to open them up and create chances. If we had scored I guarantee they would have fallen apart. Bottom line is they were extremely lucky. No reason to single out one player for our loss.

    2. frisco says:

      if you look at the stats,you wouldn’t play Wiltshire 33% chances of winning the game and 67% of chances of loosing the game that tells you what Wenger need to do or not do . The solution is simple give yourself a chance of not loosing the game against MU

  3. I’d have the whole squad excluding goalkeeper
    goalkeepers in for shooting practice and fine each player every time their within a certain distance from goal if they don’t shoot and on target.I also include that BFLG.(L is for lump)
    Fine money’s to Great Ormand St children’s hospital.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Fined if shots not on target? Arise Sir Ox, patron saint of St Ormond’s.

  4. davidnz says:

    Interesting you say United
    has to win so must attack.
    Looking back at the
    Barca – Bayern match
    Bayern panicked. After they scored
    early they could have defended for
    the next hour then scored the second
    and still had 25 min to get the equalizer
    and send it into extra time.
    Utd only need one goal to win so
    could defend for 75 mins before
    even beginning pushing for the goal.
    Could be more cagey than expected.

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I don’t think the manure game will be as difficult as the Swansea game. Arsenal will always suffer when teams decent teams sit deep unless something changes. For Manure, they will have to come out at some point and attack.

  6. Invincibles49 says:

    When going gets tough, the tough gets choking!! This is AFC for the last 10 years. Why did i expect anything different this season ??

  7. MjSayeed says:

    United is going down…. Swansea game was just an unlucky one

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