Arsenal star the subject of complaints to the refereeing body

Kasper Schmeichel has complained about Alexandre Lacazette’s run-up for his penalty goal in Arsenal’s win over Leicester City this month to the PGMOL refereeing body.

It is a part of the rules that states that a player cannot stop or pause during his run-up to take the penalty kick, and while the referee and VAR had no issue with the taking of the penalty, the Leicester man clearly feels that the decision was wrong.

A number of players have begun to use a stunted slow down as part of their penalty run-up, with some of the most successful of those such as Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho enjoying the fruits of that, and Lacazette was deemed by the goalkeeper to have come to a stop.

The Danish shot-stopper initially complained to the referees after the full-time whistle, but moved to bring it up at a later date with the DailyMail reporting that it was then raised at a captain’s meeting call which including the PGMOL.

It sounds like sour grapes to be honest, but I have seen some suspect run-ups in recent seasons, and an argument could be made to even the playing field, although I don’t expect anything to come of it.


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  1. Rather than complain about that, perhaps he should get after his teammates for underperforming and sitting so low in the table.

    Concentrate on himself and his teammates about finishing strong this season.

    Unfortunately, he choose this to whine about. The ref and VAR didn’t see an issue, yet he knows better I suppose?
    THIS is an example of a sore loser, not Ashley Young or Neves talking about our celebrations.

    I hope we score 4 or more against him next year just to see him cry that much harder.

  2. Kasper Schmeichel had both feet off his line before Lacazette even kicked the ball. I do not think Lacazette’s stutter was illegal, but if Schmeichel wants to complain about it he should also reread the rules for goalkeepers during penalties.

  3. If it is Arsenal, it’s always a problem. Other players from other teams have been doing this consistently.

  4. I dont think Laca has broken any rules. Players like Gheorjinho are much worse in their penalty takes If Laca had broken any rule, the on field referee or VAR would have spotted it. This GK is just a bad loser, thats it. Lets make the top 4 and make them feel even more bad.

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