Arsenal star tipped to make Barcelona move for €15 million

Alexandre Lacazette has been tipped to move to Barcelona before this transfer window closes for around €15 million.

The Frenchman has been on the cusp of leaving Arsenal for much of this summer.

He has entered the final 10 months of his current deal with the Gunners and they have no intention of giving him a new one.

They will happily cash in on him now instead of allowing him to leave them for free at the end of this season.

Lacazette filled in well for the Gunners when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was absent in some of their matches last season.

A covid-19 infection delayed his start to this campaign and he still looks way off his best in the minutes he has played so far.

Transfermarketweb says Barcelona wants a new striker and they have made him a target.

The Spanish club has lost Lionel Messi and they also cannot call on Sergio Aguero who has been nursing an injury since he joined them.

Lacazette will give them a good attacking option and they could move to secure him before the transfer window closes in the next day or so.

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  1. it is money and the contract is running down. Personally, I would keep him over Auba. If he goes to Europe then I won’t have to see him scoring against us.

    Sometimes you just really like a player, warts and all (and he has some warts) and Lacazette is one of those guys for me. Olivier was another one for me.

    I will be sad to see him gone but I hope that he has a great run (especially not against us).

    1. Same here.
      I have always rated Laca above Auba. But there is no way we are giving him another contract. So I think it will be understandable if we sold him right now and at least get something for him.
      His contract is running out and next summer we will get absolutely nothing for him.

    2. Who do we replace him with. There is no time to sign another striker. They should also have renewed his contract for 2 years. Otherwise he will walk away free in May

      1. The season is going to be a fight anyway might as well give the youngster a chance in “slim hope” of next year being able to do better

      2. I prefer Laca over any other arsenal strike for now. Please I plead for you to keep him and always play him . He ll definitely help usoooooo

  2. Augba, chamber, william, Elnany, pepe, saka, should all leave so that we should acomadate some fear powers into the position

    1. I can see that you don’t know what you are saying, for including Saka, you really don’t get yourself.

      1. I think he meant Xhaka and not Saka.
        Many people keep confusing the names because they all sound the somewhat the similar.

    1. A player prefers Spurs above Arsenal.

      Never thought the day would come.

      A known sporting director Paratici with pulling power in Europe or a complete rookie?

      He actually chose over his countryman. Let that sink in.

      1. If that’s not a warning sign to how bad we’ve become then I’m lost for words look at our history compared to them they haven’t won a trophy since the Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage 😜 to be fair I would much rather play under nuno than Arteta but of course I’d set myself on fire before opting to join Spurs

        1. Kev.

          The problem is you’ve hit the nail on the head.

          Our history as a pull for perspective incomings is rapidly diminishing.

          Once players worldwide would have walked over hot coals to join The Arsenal – but did we capitalise on that ……

          Emerson simply looked at the league table !

          This debacle has been over a decade in the making., and culminated in our current situation.

          1. It’s Tragic AJ but not unexpected.. wasn’t that long ago we could attract players like Ozil and Alexis but those days are now gone! I can imagine players preferring to go player under Benitez at Everton than Arteta at Arsenal but those of us with our heads beneath the clouds saw this coming for a long time. Bottom of the table Arsenal with an egotistical manager is simply not an attractive move.

          2. Agreed, the problem has become to bad to fix now. I think Arsenal have secretly accepted that.

  3. take the money and run, as this club can ill-afford to allow another player to leave on a free

  4. A little bird has told me that Man City may move for Lacca for 15m.His style of play could well suit City as he has the ability to hold up the ball and link with attacking midfielders.Could be an interesting final day in the transfer window.

  5. I also rate him above Auba, in that he is also good off the ball. Hard worker and agree a good hol and link up baller. I’d hate see him go but I understand.

  6. Can Barca sign more players when Pique and the other captains had to take significant pay cuts just to be able to register their new players Depay,Aguero….?

  7. i see arsenal is the biggest club but the CEO, director of football and the manager should do something to save this club by signing extraordinary and famous players …

    1. You are under the assumption we still can attract those players?

      We can only attract players with no ambition in their twilight years. I understand their policy to sign youth who are hopefully ambitious enough to get us back to where we need to be, but this isn’t an over night fix and the owners are to blame for that. For too long they boasted about being a family, stable club who have certain morales. But the reality is they just didn’t want to spend until its too late and the only reason they are now is because arsenals value is going to start to depreciate. Look at Kroenkes handling over all of his other clubs. I live in NY and have seen first hand the hatred a lot of fans of the LA rams have for Kroenke. He’s a businessman first and foremost and has completed misunderstood english football vs NFL where its okay to not get to the play offs and still make lots of money.

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