Arsenal star WANTS Chelsea to sign Falcao!

I guess there are many Arsenal fans that are of the opinion that it would be good for the Gunners if Chelsea sign Radamel Falcao, who has had an unbelievably bad season at Manchester United and if he keeps misfiring he will hardly be an asset to our rivals.

But there is another thread of opinion that is worried that Jose Mourinho will get the Colombian striker back to his best, as to be honest, look what Mourinho did with Diego Costa, who was also injured all through this season. It is a little known fact that the aged Didier Drogba actually played more games than Costa this season….

But one Arsenal player that REALLY wants Chelsea to sign Falcao is his Colombian team-mate David Ospina, who thinks he is a brilliant leader for his country.

“He is a great leader on and off the field,” Ospina told FourFourTwo. “It’s the kind of person that he is, he has always been an example, and now in the national team, he demonstrates to us that despite what happened at Manchester United he’s always been positive, always trained to his maximum.

“So we are very calm, because we know we have the best striker, we know his importance for the squad.

“And if that chance arrives, of going to Chelsea, to share a city with him would be very positive for both of us.”

It would be amazing (especially to Man United fans!) if Falcao could regain his old form at the Copa America, but it could also be very worrying for Arsene Wenger. If Chelsea have a fully fit Falcao AND a fully fit Diego Costa for the whole of next season, then Mourinho’s team will be very very hard to beat…

Please David, persuade your captain to go somewhere else please….


  1. I am not sure where will he go, liverpool, chelsea or any other club. He is really lot better player then what we saw in last season. I know one thing form is temporary and class is permanent. He can be a lethal striker if he gets back his confidence. I hope he will not go to any PL club specially to Chelsea and return to his best form.

    OT I am not sure what Wenger is planning. May be watching Copa America to sign few players (Vidal, Martinez, Hinguain etc). I hope he has realization that we need few signings specially WC Striker and DM

    1. All the players you’ve mentioned are proven at the highest level of Champions League,Wenger shouldn’t need to watch them at the Copa America to be convinced of their talent and world class status!

  2. Any Falcao move now is risky one. It may work in our favour with Chelsea makes the move permanent, it will consume at least 1/2 of their transfer budget and they will have a player on the other end of his career but on top wage of at least 200k/week. Great for Maureen to talk about giving chance to youth players, then go and sign a expensive big name at 29 years old
    For Ospina, I know he divided opinion but some statistics does not lie, we conceeded large number of goals from crosses in the 2nd half of the season – he is a consistent goalkeeper and fine shot stopper but never a commanding one. Opponents think they can have better chances putting cross as close to our goal as possible – the ones that a commanding goalkeeper would go out and catch all with ease.
    Highest Priority this summer is to get a commanding goalkeeper – and it seems we are very close to get Cech (finger cross)
    I agree with most that we need to improve our strike force, either central or from the wing. The way the market is going is not helping us much, no real big name (Reus, Benzema) available, a few good ones got attached with huge overrated price tag (Sterling – 50M come on).
    We can make do with another DM too, but it is not as urgent as last season with the emergence of Coquelin (Arteta is reliable backup for one more season, Flamini for urgency). I can see why Arsenal is reluctant to let go 25M (a large chunk of this season budget) on a DM early in the transfer window – as we will very well need every cent of that amount to enter the bidding war for any attacking big name later in the windows.

  3. I have never believed in grabbing players so one of your rivals cannot. There are just too many players to make that game profitable.

    It is not like Chelsea will give up on quality transfers if they lose out on any one specific player. They transfer players as often as I sit down for supper.

    One most recent revealing example is Schurle. Mourinho boasted repeatedly that Schurle was HIS choice, HIS player. He even boasted that HIS player Schurle would become a Chelsea legend. A few months later, Schurle was gone.

    1. Agreed, Schurrle was a strange one. For all the talk about Chelsea’s depth you only have to look at their bench to see he didn’t have too many potential game-changers, he had Remy but after that not too much eg: Cuadrado, Mikel, Loftus-Cheek, Ramires – bit of a mixed bag and for my money AS offered more than any of them as an impact player with a great engine to boot. Must have been some small detail JM didn’t like/rate. Similar story for De Bruyne as well. Could have been Mata on the bench as well. I know a lot are on Welbeck’s case on here but for me Schurrle and Welbeck are decent squad players and very decent options.

  4. Saw an article on the net yesterday


    Reading thru the article, i discovered

    south american -> JoeL campbell

    Nature of transfer -> away from Arsenal

    and there i was thinking we were in for some sort of south american player who would be wearing our colours next season *smirks*

    I swear, these muskrats(who thinks they are writers) are ruining it all in the bLogosphere and their articles are not totally worthless…..what Nonsense!

    1. Too true SoOpa AeoN. I am getting more disciplined in not clicking and denying them the 0.0001p per click or whatever it is they get in advertising revenue. I play a game where I try and guess what bulls**t misrepresented story the headline refers to.

  5. SoOpa AeoN, you should be aware that they put up those captions to grab us to read their stories. OoO – Out of Order! Is Ospina becomig out of order or is he playing a game? I think he has become out of order because this is the 2nd time I will read another comment by him that amounted to disloyalty to Arsenal. I think the Boss should sit him down and talk to him about the Arsenal football club policy on ethics and loyalty. If Falcao goes to Chelsea or not should not be a concern of Ospina to start publicly clamoring for his country man going to Chelsea. Or could it be Ospina is hitting back at the Gooners who have been agitating for d signing of Cech that could bench him on his arrival at Arsenal? I don’t think so. Because this is not Ospina’s first anti loyalty comment. Nonetheless, the Boss should forget about buying Cech as it could become a fiasco but could sign a commanding keeper. Cech is not a Patrick Jennings that kept up to 40 years. He is past his prime, that’s why Jose dropped him for Courtous.

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