Arsenal star wants goals but will he even play?

Arsenal fans have been known to accuse Arsene Wenger of having his favourite players that he will keep playing whether they are in good form or not and one of the players this has been said about most in recent years is the Wales international midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

As we know, Rambo proved his many critics like Piers Morgan wrong and his manager right when he enjoyed a storming season and really found the knack of scoring goals. I still believe that Arsenal would have won the Premier League that season if Ramsey had not strained his thigh on Boxing Day and missed around three months of the season.

But he has had a few injury problems and has now lost his place in central midfield to Santi Cazorla and although Wenger has stuck with him and kept him in the starting line up, it has been out on the right. Whether that is the reason or not, Ramsey has struggled to influence games as much and has yet to score, something he is desperate to put right as soon as possible, as a Daily Mail report reveals, and he is trying to use the case of Alexis Sanchez to keep his confidence up.

He said, “That’s how it goes. You get frustrated and then all of a sudden a few games down the line one comes and the next thing you know you’re scoring on a regular basis again.

“Hopefully I can be there soon as well. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last goal, I just know I haven’t got off the mark yet this season which I’m disappointed with.”

Ramsey may find it difficult though, especially if Wenger does what many Arsenal fans want and drop him. With the dynamic and dangerous Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain pushing for a place and looking a lot more dangerous on the wing, the Welshman could soon find himself on the bench.

However, he nearly changed the game when coming on against Olympiacos, but that was in central midfield, proving again that this is clearly his best position. So how does Wenger get the best out of one of his favourite players?

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    1. Rambo doesn’t do flank. If we look closer it was Ozil, Alexis, or even Theo interchanging position to work that right side when Rambo on duty.
      BALANCE of play that AW key words to select Rambo over Ox. Funny, many suggestion of Ox for starting line up but letter find out that he didn’t do defensive well like that Olympiacos night. Ox provides the team more aggression and pace, but Rambo provides more possession and stability. Choose one.

  1. Fingers crossed we win, but history tells us there is more chance of losing.
    Anyway winning just papers over the cracks, and Wenger is a crevasse.

  2. If we are on top of the league and have our best run, it is immediately assumed that we will wither at some point and end up in position 4, if we are having a bad run, it is the most talked about topic and they make up stupid statistics. Chelsea is having a bad run but some how it is expected for Mourihno to turn it around and challenge for the title, Man United has only played only against one top 5 team but everyone on tv is talking about how good they are and the new boy is compared to Messi after just scoring 4 goals. I hate just how Arsenal have lost the RESPECT.

    1. True.. But to be honest there’s very few pundits that ever really back us.
      There’s obviously places to criticize our squad, but the same can be said for the other contenders as well.
      United? Have 1 quality CB! 1 FFS! Smalling is playing out of his skin, but who else?? Jones? Rojo?
      City? Silva and Toure go down and the wheels come off completely, they look a different side. They have the best player in the league in Aguero, but what are the chances of him staying fit all season? Struggling to find his most dangerous form as well. Like us, they can simply demolish teams, but previous seasons have shown complacency can get the better of them..
      Chelsea? Their core is not performing… Where they are on the table speaks for itself. Lost that fear factor and incisive counter-attacks. No creativity and teams are a lot more willing to come at them while leaking goals..
      Arsenal? Fairly criticized for not having a world-class striker. Theo and Giroud are still managing to get on the score-sheet more regularly than the other supposed world-class strikers in the league, but the bigger games will give a lot more indication where they’re at.. Injuries seem to always pose a problem as does consistency. Coquelin’s back ups are a drop in quality. I personally don’t think it’s as much of a liability as others suggest though.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is there are question marks about every team, not just ours. A win against United would put us right there at the top. Champions league has been horrible, and our form hasn’t been close to our best… Though I still think we’re genuine contenders for the league, we can lift, and will. Just a question of when and for how long.

      1. You right. None of the big sides unbeaten. This isn’t gonna be a one race horse like last year. We’ve a chance. Our problem isn’t in creative side like other team have. If we can work up that conversion rate, we can do it.

    2. Like I said before we performed better as underdog.
      Respect? It should be earn and gifted. Lets ManUre walking in the sky before we gun ’em down!

  3. We need to dig deep and do our talking on the pitch at the emirates on sunday against man united! I would love to get that 3 priceless points so much! Coyg!

  4. Ox is more dangerous on the wing? Neither Ramsey or Ox are good enough for RW. Ox should be on the bench until he is ready to play more than 45 minutes physically. Bellerin is the real deal in RW.

    Return Ramsey back to CM alongside Coquelin. Cazorla needs rest or put him in AMF. CMF doesn’t suit him in most games.


    1. That’s the problem. We don’t have any deep lying playmaker better than Santi. Rambo doesn’t have enough discipline to stay deep. He might has the vision but doesn’t possess long pass accuracy as good as Santi does. Same story goes to Jack. That’s why Santi have been pick to this brand new role. He’s the one and only.

    2. HA559: i love this lineup!!
      caz could replace ramsey and i’d still love it.
      wenger has the solution right under his nose.
      he does not need to play either caz or ramsey on RW when he can have bellerin.

  5. This team lacks bite. Like someone said above me, I can’t stand it that arsenal have lost respect. Big teams think we’re pushovers and all of the smaller teams think they can get a good result against us. How nice it’d be if we were ruthless in front of goal and the home fans were obnoxiously loud. I wish I could see a little more than this ‘belief’ the coach goes on about. I’d like to see fight and attitude from these players but I dnt think that’s going to happen. The team is a reflection of the coach and he seems to much of a nice guy. No balls, no one to motivate. Arsenal go into a game hoping for a result instead of going for a kill. I can’t stand it. We have such a good group of players finally but they just can’t seem to play well when there’s something worth playing for. Just a bunch of babied internationals that should take as much of the blame wenger does. Wenger was foolish for not strengthening over the summer but these players can’t repay any of the faith put in them. Rotten from top to bottom

  6. The problem with Ramsey is thats he seems in my opinion to be doing too much at times: over dribbling, taking too many touches, giving the ball away!! Sometimes he looks like he wants so much too replicate his best season 2 years ago. I love the player…when on top of his game he is world class: the touches, the vision, the ability to score on occasion, the participate both offensively & defensively he’s the full package as a box-to-box midfield. But he lacks discipline & again seem to be doing too much sometimes which causes the team to lose balance

      1. The Annie Schwarzenegger of football punditry!!! Yes he can get back to being a decent utility player … All clubs need that ..but he should not be a starter in a club that wants to compete with the elite in Europe .. He is second string to santi and coq but bcse wenger has to play him he destabilizes the team by putting him RW …

  7. Arsene once again will guide this team to top 4. The only difference is this team will crash out of the champions league and will be in the europa league which will be another black mark on wenger’s legacy so what good does that do for him? This will be the year that he is divoced and goes to play in the europa league? come on wenger, i love this man he’s a great guy everyone says this, all his past players love him to death but his obsession with this club is his downfall. He needs to let go, sometimes you have to know when its time to let go of your baby so your son/daughter can fly on their own but he’s not doing this. Let the team go wenger and watch them fly even if it’s without you sit back and enjoy the show like fergie is doing. Sorry i’m drunk tonight but i just don’t get wenger why tarnish your reputation? and lose your lovely wife because of a football club? you’ve already established your legacy, let ancelloti come in, if not give it to klopp … much love wenger but i have a bad feeling this year won’t go well for you.

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