Arsenal star warns Chelsea are NOT out of EPL race

Arsenal fans know that winning the Premier League is an unbelievably hard thing to do, so despite the Gunners recovering from a shaky start to be level on points with Man City at the top of the table, we are not getting ahead of ourselves. But with 13 places and 11 points between Arsenal and Chelsea, we have already seen them off haven´t we?

A lot of us have already dismissed the challenge from one of our main EPL rivals Chelsea, after West Ham did us a massive favour by adding the scalp of the Stamford Bridge club to that of Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal. The latest setback for Chelsea has also heaped pressure on their loudmouth arrogant manager, but while we are all loving the problems of Jose Mourinho, Jack Wilshere has warned us not to write them off yet.

Arsenal are certainly the form team but we know how quickly things can turn around in football and that is why Jack believes that Chelsea and Mourinho could still have a big say in the title race. In an interview reported by The Mirror, Wilshere reminded us that Chelsea proved last season that they have what it takes to win the Premier League and if they can just get over their recent slump, it is not too late for them to come back.

He said, “There is not really much talk about it, we’re trying to focus on ourselves. Of course, going into the game yesterday we’d knew they’d lost the game and we’re obviously delighted with them losing games like that because they’re a big team and for me they’re still not out of it. I’m not sure how many points they are behind but they still have great quality, great characters, great leaders [like] John Terry, Gary Cahill and players who won’t settle for what is going on at the moment so I expect them to come back strong.

“I don’t think [you could have predicted their start]. But I don’t think they’re out of it yet. I know they’re struggling at the moment and they are a long way off but they still have great players, still have great qualities. They have players from last season who won the league, they definitely won’t be happy with what is going on at the moment so it will be difficult for them but they have great quality.”

As well as respecting Chelsea´s strengths though, Wilshere is quietly confident that his team mates can keep their feet on the ground and keep getting the results that have sparked our hopes of the Premier League trophy.

He went on, “I wouldn’t say it is too early [to start dreaming about the title] because that’s what we all want to do – win the league. We feel week in, week out we get stronger and stronger. That’s all we can do, we can take each game as it comes. We didn’t start the Champions League well either but we got a big result in the week for that as well, we’re still in that and things are going well at the moment.”

Let´s hope that the Gunners are still up at the top when Jack is fit to play again. By then we should have a clearer picture of which clubs have a realistic chance of the title, but will Chelsea be one of them?

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  1. Another Chelsea related article even on match day. Lets focus on our team and if need arises to talk about other teams lets talk about those around us on the table or better still our next opponents.

    Leave Mou and his babies alone, down the table where he belongs. I myself don’t hate Chelsea as a FC really (hey they even sold us Cech recently, kikiki), I just hate Jose and a few bad apples like Costa and the way they usually throw money at every problem.

    1. So you hate Chelsea as a FC lol… Nothing to be ashamed of, most of us do, their philosophy is the opposite of ours in every way.

  2. okai even if they are in the tital race why should we look behind!!
    Just concentrate on our winning streak.and thats enough

  3. Lol @007…..itz like sayin I dnt hate ur face, I only hate ur eyes, nose, mouth
    n how itz shaped………anywayz, I think until chelsea are 15pts n above gap frm the top, n its 18games into the season will I write dem off…….dey a quality side, writing dem off naw will b a big mistake

  4. Chelsea won’t win the league and they won’t make the top 4… Maybe am wrong but that’s my wish. After our game against them, I hated Costa and the Mourinho for saying Costa was his man of the match..

    Having said that, we aint looking what’s behind, its Onward & Upwards…

  5. Listen Baby Please

    Enough with the Chelsea articles. They are 5th from bottom. When they are back at the top, still I don’t want Chelsea or Mourinho articles

    But yes Hazard, Fabregas, Costa, Pedro, Oscar, Willian, Matic, Cahil, Courtois are too good to stay at the bottom. They will come back sooner or later

    If you like Chelsea, why not do an article showing How correct Terry was when he said Cech is worth 10-15 points at least.

    Cech has been amazing so far

    1. Well, nothing wrong with an article on Chelsea, particularly saying they are still in the title race. #ComicRelief

  6. Yes, it’s not late for Chelsea to come back into contention for a 4th place finish in the table this season if they do the right thing. But one thing is certain, they won’t catch Arsenal in table this season anymore. Arsenal have gone far and they will keep going farther. Infact, I can see Chelsea going further behind Arsenal in the table by 13 points after the business are concluded for this weekend matches. The match between Chelsea and Liverpool at the Bridge will likely ends in stalemate. A 4th consecutives drawn game for Jugen Klopp in all competitions. I sincerely hope the Russian Billionaire Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, will not sack Jose Mourinho from his Job. But leave him there until he brings his Blues outfit to the Emirates Stadium by late January next year to receive a bashing at the feet and heads of the Gunners.

  7. Wenger and his arsenal team are decent people that’s why they talk responsibly especially about Chelsea and their meltdown. Chelsea can come back but not for the title. Let’s be concerned about the Manchester clubs for now. I hope that with our rotation we will win our match today it will give us more confidence. Good luck gunners!

  8. Chelsea won’t bounce back, while Mo is in charge there,
    He has totally lost the plot and the player’s respect since sacking their gorgeous doctor/physiotherapist ?
    He will be sacked if they lose their next two games against stoke and Liverpool.

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