Arsenal star Wilshere set for Euro 2016 start ahead of struggling Alli?

Because of the usual and ongoing injury problems in the Arsenal camp, the England squad at Euro 2016 has way fewer Gunners in it than it would normally have had, so Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are all having to watch the tournament from the comfort of their sofas rather than hoping to help the three lions out on the pitch.

And because his own injury woes have left Jack Wilshere without any game time for Arsenal to prove his fitness and form ahead of the summer, our only representative in Roy Hodgson’s squad is yet to feature and has had to see the young Tottenham midfielder Delle Alli take his place.

Wilshere will be pleased, of course, that England are now back on course to not only qualify but top their group but he must also be a bit pleased that his rival has so far failed to nail down his place and has been a shadow of the player he was for the spuds as they chased Leicester City in the Premier League title race.

The idea of putting a lot of Spurs players in the England team looked a good one but, for Harry Kane and Alli at least, it is not really paying off. Meanwhile Jack is continuing to train and gain fitness and we know from the past that Hodgson is a big fan of his, so in the last group game against Slovakia I think that Wilshere can expect to feature and I reckon he will start.

Do you think that the injury plagued Arsenal star is set for his first involvement in Euro 2016?

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      1. Y’all should say that to Roy Hodgson.
        He’s gone for Alli also.
        Don’t go backing Wilshire because he’s an Arsenal Player. Being in first team is based on performance.
        Nothing against Wilshire. If he performs better during training, he should definitely be on the first team sheet.
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        1. AND Roy Hodgeson is NOW the Oracle of all things football? He kept Faith with both Kane and Sterling. I expect him to do the same for Alli. Doesn’t mean Alli had 2 good games.

          He had one poor one and one average one. Nothing special.

          As for training, apparently Sturridge has been ON FIRE in training, Woy’s words. NO START for him, why? Because Roy is a bottler.

          He had BOTH Sturridge and Wilshere out warming up. I suspect Wilshere has done just that like you suggest but Woy will bottle putting him on.

          Woy doesn’t have the guts to go with his convictions.

          1. Good thing neither of us are the team manager.
            If Roy went with Alli instead of Wilshire, I’ll stand by him. Neither of us attend the training sessions, or team meetings.
            I actually expected Sturridge to start…but what can you say, coming off the bench and getting the winner (2 subs, 2 goals). Roy got the tactic spot on. It might not work for the next match…Credit should be given when it’s due.
            Again, if Wilshire is doing great, then by all means, he should be on the first team sheet…but I still stand by my statement. ALLI HAS BEEN PRETTY GOOD DURING BOTH MATCHES.
            πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  1. Personally, I don’t see Wilshere starting ahead of Alli. But on the other hand, I think Jack’s involvement in the EURO’s is helping condition Jack ahead of next season. I see him hitting the ground running when next season kicks off.

  2. I think both Alli and Kane look tired, neither of them played well yesterday and Kane has been poor in both games.

    Woy has also got to bench Sterling.

    I’d like to see Wilshere in for Alli, Vardy in for Sterling and Sturridge in for Kane. Vardy and Sturridge can rotate positions, as Sturridge is good at coming in from the left flank, we might be able to get some good overlapping runs from Rose as well. I don’t think Rose looked comfortable going forward while Sterling was on the pitch yesterday.

  3. Jack Wilshere needs competitive matches before the season starts hope to see him on the pitch for England though England did we with the changes to win the match so in essence keep that formation going if all is fit and bring on Wilshere in the second half England need to win their next match to get the confidence needed to push them through the next round

  4. Hodgeson is scared to start Wilshere for Dele Alli because of all the criticism he will get. You can tell he really want to start him and he wanted to start Sturridge but hasn’t got the guts. Also Gary Neville will be in his ear to start Rashford as he probably told him to play Rooney deep.

    It worked yesterday because Wales bottled it but England can’t play 4 strikers, along with Dele Alli in attack.

    Vardy and Sturridge need to play. Kane is dropped to the bench. Rooney NEEDS to take Dele Alli’s place but that will not happen.

    Lallana or Rashaford out wide doesn’t matter.

    Wilshere for me needs to start next match because this England team lack the quality to win this competition.

    England do look very physical. Impressively so and that is due to the FBs. I show NO BIAS.

  5. The curious case of Jack Will-share, an injury or two. What happens if Jack picks up another injury before we even get properly going in the league. There has to a point when we say enough, we need players on the pitch, dressing room is useless no matter how good you are. This season he has to show us something.

    This Goetze business, I believe the rumour. He looks an Arsene signing. But we have too many players that like the ball to feet. We need some players who like the clever running off the ball. Even our top striker is a ball to feet guy. Alexis is probably a bit of both, but he does more looking for the ball to feet than he does running in behind. So now Goetze would be another one, maybe we should ask one of them to stand behind the goal-line.

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