Arsenal star wins a deserved award for his activism

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been one of the most outspoken players against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which has lasted for most of this year.

The Ukrainian has been passionate about his calls for the Russians to leave his country and now it has earned him an award.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February and since then both countries have been at war on Ukrainian territory,

While remaining in England and playing for Manchester City and Arsenal during that time, Zinchenko continued to protest against the invasion of his homeland.

And now he has won an award for his activism, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

They reveal he won the Media Diversity Champion of the Year prize at the UnitedHealth Group’s European Diversity Awards on Friday.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Zinchenko has been an amazing player on the pitch and a great human off it.

The left-back’s support for his country during this tough time has been very admirable and it will surely win him many awards.

He has shown he cares about his people back home. Hopefully, the invasion will be halted soon and life will return to normalcy in Ukraine.

When that happens, Zinchenko will be one of the happiest people and it will mean his efforts have paid off.

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    1. As Low-key says in one of his songs”it all depends on who your nemesis is..”.if it’s Russia,China/Qatar…it seems to be ok even encouraged but the US/UK/EU.. it’s a completely different story as usual.

  1. Will be longing to see how he perform in is favourite position central midfield during the world cup break in the absence of Partey and Xhaka

  2. So now you post about Zinc and activism for speaking out against the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. But if we want to talk the facts of the war now you’ll censor us. Anyways hope the war ends soon.

      1. Russia invaded Ukraine, that’s a fact.
        Russia is right to invade Ukraine, that’s an opinion.
        Russia is wrong to invade Ukraine, that’s an opinion.

        Maybe you meant to say opinions. Facts are not different, opinions are.

  3. Congratulations to Zinchenko, sympathize with him and my prayers remain with the Ukrainian people.

    Hope you remain strong lad and help to neutralize Wolves press today

  4. I agree with Chapo
    ‘But if we want to talk the facts of the war’
    Nathaniel Rothschild..’without Ukraine our global order may not survive’
    Sorry Nathaniel your NWO is dead
    “War is the continuation of politics by other means. War is not simply a political act, but really a political tool, a choice that comes after politics, one of continuation by other means”. Carl von Clausewitz
    btw Russia invaded eastern Ukraine only
    South Africa also had observers in eastern Ukraine
    Most countries ‘Deliberately’ did not sanction Russia instead they are doing business amongst themselves using their own currencies ABANDONING the dollar
    Don’t know if admin will allow this post

    1. “Don’t know if admin will allow this post”

      Perhaps he’ll ban it when he’s done trying to understand it.

      Wish I knew the code for a head-scratching icon on here.

  5. Good man Zinchenko, I’m sure all right-thinking folk are hoping Ukraine wins this and fully restores its territorial borders asap.

    They’ve won my respect for sure. It makes me happy that Arsenal has a Ukrainian playing for us and that he’s doing what he’s doing.

  6. I hope for this war to end
    This is the reality
    There are 5 countries awaiting entry into BRICS and more to follow
    The main players in BRICS are Russia and China
    Of all the NATO countries only 36 are for sanctions against Russia
    This is reality…it’s real
    We now have a multi polar world order where America..Canada..Columbia..Briton..Europe..Australia..Japan and New Zealand are on one pole and the rest of the world on the other
    Most countries Deliberately did not sanction Russia….this is a fact..the whole of Africa did not as well
    The new generation Arab leaders turned there backs on America and are doing business with Russia instead…and this is know what I say is very real
    Russia has converted it’s currency to the gold standard destroying the’petro doller’
    Once BRICS has enough members China will also convert to the gold standard…..this is very serious for the dollar and her partners
    All this is very real
    I’m not going to go deep into this but know we are heading for a nuclear war
    Read the transcript of Xi Jinping and Biden’s conversation which was published in the Chinese ended with Xi Jinping stating…’you play with fire and you will perish with fire’
    I really want this war to end but I cannot see it happening

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