Arsenal starlet set for Premier League opener?

I must admit to being a little surprised at the decision by Arsene Wenger to allow Chuba Akpom to go and join Hull City on a season long loan for the coming season, especially after the young striker had impressed during pre-season and been praised highly by his manager.

But once that deal was done and with Yaya Sanogo having gone to the Dutch club Ajax, it is no surprise to see the Daily Mail reporting that our young German international Serge Gnabry will also be heading out of the Emirates. Unlike Akpom who will be playing in the Championship though, Gnabry is set for some Premier League action as he will be working under Tony Pulis at West Brom.

I think this is a brilliant move for the young Gunner as he is likely to get plenty of playing time with the Baggies and we saw before he picked up that long term knee injury that the boy can cut it at the top level. I know some Arsenal fans will think that the boss should have kept him in case of injury problems, with the latest Jack Wilshere knock fresh in all of our minds, but realistically he needs to go on loan to get back to where he was a couple of seasons ago.

I wonder if Gnabry could be in line to feature in his loan club´s Premier League opener? It is against Man City on Monday night and if West Brom are in need of a goal in the latter stages, I have a feeling that Pulis might just give Super Serge the nod.

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  1. If your asking weather he will make an appearance… then yes making the starting line up is a completley different question. Pulis plays a one dimentional type football that see’s him play with a big man up front and the small fast foward in support or playing off him he’s done it at stoke, did it at crystal palace and is doing the same at West brom.

  2. Goes to show a lot of people on here are clueless when it comes to our players, Gnabry out on a loan as most sensible fans expected.

    Where’s all those saying he would feature for us this season and was “as good as Sterling”?? Surprisingly quiet now, shocker.

    1. Who the bloody hell said that?? I mean i get his good but.. with his lack bpl experience saying he is better than sterling is a bridge to far… he has potential to be far better by till he has the experience under his belt its meerely expectation and not reality.

    2. I think the majority of fans were referencing Oxlade and Theo as reasons not to pursue Sterling. Gnabry as our fourth or fifth choice on the right, I doubt would’ve been anything other than a fringe consideration.
      I’m also pretty sure a lot of fans were suggesting he’d cost too much money while there were a few saying he’d go for 30-35mil with reasonable wage demands?? Notably, your good self.

      1. Missing the point as ever Josh. Not suggesting for a second we should’ve bought Sterling, simply stating that fans on here hold Gnabry in the same regard yet one plays for City in a title challenging 11 whilst the other is off the WBA…

        Illustrating the ever present ability of Arsenal fans to think what’s at our club is better than the sliced loaf itself.

        1. If i recall exactly we had a whole argument over the valuation of Sterling, you refuted on numerous ocassions when i stated that Sterling would cost more than 35 million the point i made over 2 months ago and still make now and im sure most fans would agree is not that gnabry is better its just he is promising talent, and for the value City paid for Raheem (which is almost criminal considering Di Maria, cost PSG less) it would have been better to see Gnabry given a run out or sign someone actually worth 50 million

          1. Don’t try and pass off your assertions as fact on here, I didn’t say that. I said he was a 25mil talent with a 10mil english premium. Because Man City demonstrated embarrassing business practices YET AGAIN, it doesn’t change the fact a RATIONAL valuation of Sterling was how I presented it.

            It wasn’t even the subject of my comment, so yet again more demonstration that some fans will believe what they like and argue about something entirely different to what’s said.

    3. So who is clueless about what? Predicting which reserve players will go on loan or something? Which players Wenger will keep for 1st team action? Which players will be as good as Sterling?

      All of this “non-cluelss” nonsense involves PREDICTING. Is that the new standard of “clueless”? How many individual football predictions fail to come true? If so, I think the entire planet is probably clueless.

      I rarely predict anything in football because it is a fool’s game. None of us has a Crystal Ball ….. and that includes you @Mr. Charlie.

      But I am so glad to know that you have declared yourself the keeper of all Truth with a capital T.

      1. Clueless in the over-estimation of our own players abilities, I know basic comprehension can be tough but try your best. Gnabry was said to be better than Sterling and ready to play a part in our title bid this year by several fans on here.

        Just a reality check when…shock horror…a player with less than 20 games for Arsenal is loaned.

  3. Our number of forwards keeps thinning. Can’t help but looking at the squad and players I thought would be kept around for depth all seem to be moving elsewhere..
    Personally, I don’t think there would be this many loan moves for our youngsters who seem closest to being ready to contribute to the first-team without an incoming player being very, very close to completion.

  4. So, Italian reporter says (so it must be true:) that arsenal fly out to Madrid to try to seal Benzema signing during a meet that Benzema himself apparently requested.

    Look forward to that later today, along with the news that hell has frozen over!

    1. If you follow the transfer rumor media Arsenal have today signed Benzema for the 347th time this summer.

    1. So original. Yes, we get it. I have now read for the millionth time that Arsenal need a DM and a striker. Perhaps when I get to 1 million +1 it will magically come true.

  5. THis is Wengers final season..

    if he wins the league he leaves at the top..

    if he doesnt he has to go….he has so much time to strengthen and he didint

    1. Hafiz you’ve got a simplistic view of the way the transfer window works…. its not simply the case of we want this guy so he will come, there is the issue of intrest on the players behalf, we may want the player be he may not want to leave and then the one key factor money… See we have money to go out and spend but unlike the dumbasses that consider spending near enough £60 million on Fabian Delph and Raheem sterling as a good investment.. the intelligent manangers would enter initiate talks than pay the first price that comes to mind.. i hope it gives you a bit of an understanding as to whats going on now…

  6. we should have sign Sterling…

    if buy spending 49m we can win the title then spend the money!!!

    Sterling is quality and will strengthen the side

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