Arsenal stars ALL happy with Wenger´s transfer summer?

It may have been completed a little late for some Arsenal fans, I know that I spent a lot more time than I would have liked worrying about whether the transfer window would be another very disappointing one, but in the end Arsene Wenger did spend quite a lot of money this summer.

He also addressed the three main areas os the squad that most Gooners and football watchers thought the Gunners needed to strengthen. Granit Xhaka came in to boost the central midfield and add grit as well as guile to our spine. Rob Holding and Shkodran Mustafi were added to the back four and our striking options were increased by the signing of Lucas Perez.

It remains to be seen over the course of the next few months if these new players will give Arsenal the squad we need to challenge for major trophy success, but it appears that the boss has at least done enough to suggest they will.

Many people felt that the delay in the contract negotiations with Mesut Ozil were because the German wanted to be sure that he would have a chance of winning things, so with Sky Sports reporting that the contract talks are back on it seems like he has been convinced by Wenger´s purchases.

We also have a report by the Evening Standard in which the former Arsenal star Robert Pires talks about how happy he is with our squad and how Wenger has boosted it this summer.

He said, “I believe always in this team and this squad and of course in Arsene Wenger. I know a lot of fans are particular about Arsene. But this is our philosophy.

“We spent a lot of money, maybe not as much as Man United, Man City or Chelsea.

“But I think the quality is there. This is my opinion, but when you see all the names at Arsenal, the quality is unbelievable.

“Believe me, because sometimes I’m training with the guys, and the team is very, very good. We need maybe a bit of luck for this season, and I hope less injuries.

“He [Wenger]spent a lot of money, not like Man United or Man City. But he chose good players with good quality.”

Do you agree? And more importantly do you think he has convinced everyone at Arsenal that we have a real chance of winning the Premier League this season?


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  1. chaitanya0411 says:

    This will be our season !
    You heard it first here !

    1. jonm says:

      I hope you are correct

    2. RSH says:

      Our squad is up there with the best in the leagues, still question our mentality. It’s what lost us the title last season.

      1. bran99 says:

        and cohesion

  2. mohawk says:

    Watching England game and Skrtyl sent off. He stamped on Kane’s? leg after the foul. Been fouling all game.

    Sadly, Skrtyl did this game after game in the EPL and the refs just let him do it. I was screaming about Skrtyl for years. He can only defend when he cheats. Smalling does the same though. If the refs start calling these transgressions, Smalling is in trouble. He must push,pull, mug,grab and wrestle to defend – otherwise he is lost.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Sadly. That is the M.O. of the English defender. Many foreign defenders who come to the League adapt that style also. They rely on guile, instead of developing the ability to read the run of play. Our boy Chambers suffers from this very same affliction. He doesn’t bother to read the play and get in front of an attacker. He would rather wait, pull on a shirt or place an arm around the waist or neck, in order to stop the attack…

  3. JAmerican says:

    They should be happy, we fixed the spine in 1 window.

    OT: this might sound a greedy but I was hoping for Griezmann on deadline day for the RW. Way it looks though he might be Utd bound next summer. Shame

    Lastly give Özil the #10, it just might be a determining factor in him extended. Easy choice for who should be wearing it for me out of him and Wilshere. I really never understood why Wilshere was so privileged to get it after RVP left in the first place…

    1. RSH says:

      he’s always been the Arsenal “golden boy”, but even Wenger has gotten tired of it apparently. Now Jack needs to perform, and stay fit. It might be too late to change squad numbers at this point too, so don’t know if Ozil can get it until summer… maybe January, but that’s pretty unheard of.

      1. JAmerican says:

        Shame if it’s too late for Özil to get the #10. Wilshere’s loan decision must have been something being mulled over for a little while and not a last minute decision, especially before officially announcing the squad roster with assigned numbers. Like I said though it’s a shame because the same thing happened last summer when Podolski left the #9 vacant for a whole season even though it’s now claimed by Perez, but now the #10 will be vacant as well for a whole season. These are 2 numbers to me that are very iconic in the history of football. The #9 the striker and the #10 the playmaker.

        1. Jan says:

          Maybe he can put this “give me no 10” in the new contract demands.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Holy Moly

    England scored in the 5th minute of injury time

    1. Jan says:

      Yeah it was long time coming!!
      BTW you saw Walcott’s contribution to England squad?
      Hahaha man ..he is lost,Finished!

  5. Jan says:

    I don’t think Wenger can convince anybody of anything anymore!!
    Buying was not that bad…problem is not loosing off the deadwood….
    so IMHO transfer period was 50:50 success.

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