Arsenal stars double delight in World Cup qualifying

Those of us Arsenal fans that are based in England or even in different countries around the continent of Europe do not tend to pay all that much attention to what is going on with other parts of the world. So even though there are World Cup qualifying matches taking place in almost every corner of the earth,we are not that bothered.

The only thing that tends to get our attention is when these games include a player or players that play their club football at the Emirates \Stadium, which is why I have been keeping an eye on the games in the CAF group today, as our young forward Alex Iwobi and Egyptian midfield star Mohamed Elneny were in action.

And it was good news for both Gunners as they helped their nations to wins that put them top of their respective groups. It was good news for Arsenal as well, because Elneny and Iwobi came through their matches with no injury problems.

So that i9s two key players coming back to north London with their fitness intact and their confidence high. Is this more proof that things are going our way at last?


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  1. The guy Iwobi is becoming much more popular here in Nigeria even when in Arsenal’s duty, I heard some friends saying “Kanu is finally back”

    1. For me its a gratitude I have for them for that same reason you demanded apology @twig.
      My reason is that we need Santi as fresh and rested as possible to carry on the good job he’s doing for us.
      My apology to him (Santi though).

  2. Swansea can’t come soon enough. If we get past swa with our form intact well then I’ll start believing things maybe are changing for the better and luck is on our side for a change. Che Swa and Sou, these three gave us torrid days in seasons past, we have dispatched with Che and Sou, now we need to do away with Swa. Bur made it very difficult for us in our last game, luck does seem to be with us right now. If we keep going with the same line-up I don’t think we can hold out from losing someone from our attack. We need Perez to really put the effort in in training so Arsene brings him on for the last fifteen, hopefully he’ll bad a couple more goals. Our wings though, we don’t really have an option for Walcott Iwobi, unless Arsene intends playing Perez there. I think Ramsey could be an option but not without some game time first. We should’ve kept Campbell here, I don’t think him leaving bodes very well for his Arsenal future. This could be Arsene’s last season, his last shot at bringing home that crown. You would think players would put his benefit over themselves with it being his possible last season. We are not as blessed in the wide areas as people may believe, we are strong with back up and numbers but we could be stronger in the wide areas.

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