Arsenal star’s EPL assist record safe after Man City injury?

The Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil is currently way ahead of the chasing pack when it comes to which player will provide the most Premier League assists this season. In fact the German attacking midfielder is on course to break the long standing EPL record of 20 set by our very own Thierry Henry 13 years ago.

At his current rate of 0.8 assists per 90 minutes, and assuming he completes the final 15 games of the Premier League season, Ozil would add another 12 assists to his current total of 16 and that would smash Henry’s record. You can see on the stats website that Ozil beats his closest EPL rivals in terms of chances created and key passes as well. But we saw another former Gunner Cesc Fabregas fail to break it last season when his early stats for Chelsea made it look inevitable.

And earlier this week the Man City and Belgium star Kevin De Bruyne, as reported by the Evening Standard, suggested that the same thing could happen to Ozil. De Bruyne is second in the charts with nine but he was backing himself to add a lot more in the latter stages of the season. Well if he is to get anywhere near Ozil it will have to be an almighty flurry as he has just been ruled out for about 10 weeks.

So is that Ozil’s record for the season safe and will he go on to set a new all time tally?

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  1. Ozil would be safe even if de bruyne was not injured

    I think Ozil will match or beat Henry’s record by the home game against Leicester
    Just before Barcelona match

    Who knows maybe he will get it at Bournmouth or even Southampton lol

    Ozil has been an assist beast this season

  2. He will set a record that will not be broken for many many years, unless he beats it himself next season!

  3. Leave it out! ??
    Before you start popping the champagne,
    Or singing too soon, theres still plenty of games to go and the last thing that we need, is someone to be jinxing Ozil with a long term injury!

  4. Let Ozil improve in other areas of the game as an attacking midfielder, assist alone is not enough…see iniesta, Silva, de brune, yaya, santi, payet. These guys are also very creative and at the same deadly in other areas of the game…they can easily beat a man and can do anyother important things with the ball… Ozil can hardly beat a man nor move with the ball at a fast pace, he drops possession easily unlike this guys have mentioned…. He has to improve in other areas, good passes alone is not enough. Easily the fabregas of Arsenal is better than Ozil.. Fabregas can spot a pass like ozil and at the same very good with the ball unlike Ozil. My favourite midfielders in Arsenal is rozza, santi and jack wilshere, these guys are very dynamic and so blessed with ball skills.

    1. What are you on about ? Iniesta gets less than 10 goals a season and Xavi who was nominated for ballon d’or never got more than 5 a season in the Spanish league, heck even Modric doesn’t score. Midfielders are not strikers, just because they’re skillfull does not mean they should be making 30yard runs like Messi, please use your brain before criticizing, Ozil didn’t win Germany player of the year 5 times for no reason.

  5. I dont care if you guys dislike my first comment, cos have spoken the truth…. Sentiment has taken over you guys. majority of arsenal fans rate ozil ahead of Silva and yaya just because of his assist rate without taking cognisance of other inputs that this guys gives to their team…. Assist is one of the inputs, and not just the only input….

    1. Hahaha ?? Why lie?… Of course you care,
      Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come back for second helping’s! ???

      Now, who’s being sentimental? ?

    2. Ozil has more than double of Silva’s assists with a less clinical striker in front of him, in addition a midfielder’s job is to assist the striker so our German is clearly the better player. And Yaya is a b2b which happens to be a completely different role from being a playmaker, and even then Ozil is the better midfielder in every single department excluding physical strength, if Yaya was as good as you claim then he wouldn’t have been used as a CB when he was at Barca. This isn’t FIFA mate, keep your delusional thoughts to yourself cause you clearly don’t have a football brain.

  6. @fatboy, i came in to read replies and comment against it because i expect guys who judged things based on names to comment against it….. Santi will do better if deployed in Ozil role, because he has better footwork and techniques than Ozil….. Santi is world class and so complete. I believe most Arsenal fans will rate Ozil ahead of Iniesta, Modric, silva and yaya… What Cesc did for Arsenal, Ozil has not even reached 2% of it…

    1. I know Özil isn’t famous for his work rate but yaya toure and David Silva r even worse. Özil this season has been absolutely immense in defence. Yes he loses the ball, but compare his attitude to doing that compared to yaya and silva

    2. Cesc was top drawer for us and showed he still is last weekend, he ran the show even though its in Chelsea colours he proved he can still do it. now if Ozil wins the league this year then he will rank above cesc (my eyes already does with back-back fa cups)as to what he did for Arsenal as Cesc didnt win it with us or anything for that matter and turned his back on us when we needed him most. Ozil will be a legend of Arsenal with our almighty Dennis Bergkamp if he achieves the league this year as he came to a club rebuilding (1st big signin) with not many stars that have not won anything as a team in over a decade and he startd the change, now look hes runnin the show for us.

      My opinion even if Ozil doesnt win the league he has done more for Arsenal than Cesc did. 2fa cups, big change in direction and changed our whole club when he arrived. He will break Henrys record and that will make him a legend at the club no matter what happens. Cesc ruined his legacy at Arsenal going to Chelsea, Same as Nasri, RVP and Adebayor!

  7. Kevin De Bruyne is an believable player and tbh the way hes going he will outshine all players like Ozil, Silva, Fabregas etc… in the coming years. He can score, assist, pass and is pretty strong for all the age of him… rate him very highly from what iv seen so far from him, near guarnteed 10+ Goals and Assists in the season from this kid already. Wolfsburg last year look at his stats and is no easy feature coming to England (again af chelsea mess up) from the Bundesliga, arguably 2toughest leagues atm and shining brightly.

    Ozil was in trouble of having a battle on his hands for the Assist record no doubt, he needs to get back at it also and take advantage of what he can do and thats by more assists means more goals which means more chances of bringing the title to the Emirates for the 1st time and basically becoming a legend at Arsenal.

    This run in is going to be full of a few ups, alot og downs but just maybe a league title to celebrate for all the heartache so far.. COYG

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