Arsenal stars face tough qualifiers for Womens Champions League but we simply mustn’t fail again?

To qualify for next season’s UEFA Women’s Champions League, Arsenal Women must first compete in group qualifiers.

On September 4th, our Gunners will face Rangers, at our home ground Meadow Park, to begin the Champions League qualification mini-tournament. If successful, they will then face either Atletico Madrid or Rosenborg for a spot in Round 2 (a two-leg knockout).

You probably know this, but how strong is the Rangers women’s team? I looked at their last season’s results and couldn’t help but feel the Arsenal Women will need to bring their A-game if they want to beat them. Rangers failed to win the Scottish Women’s league solely due to goal difference. They finished with 82 points, the same as league champions Celtic, but 13 fewer goals. They won 26 games, lost two, and drew the remaining four. If those figures tell us anything, it’s that the game against Rangers might be as tough as they come.

Hopefully, we can get beyond Rangers; there’s a high likelihood that Atletico Madrid women will be the next obstacle in our path (though no-one can write-off experienced side, Rosenborg. The Spanish side, Atletico, which finished third in Liga F last season, is likewise a formidable opponent. Their stats aren’t particularly impressive, with 61 points in 30 games, but they’ll sure be tough.

Let’s hope that by the time the Champions League group qualifiers kick off, we’ll have a decent team. Coach Jonas Eidevall should know his best 11 to help us through each hurdle. In the 2024–25 UEFA Women’s Champions League, we must be there.

In the 2023-24 Women’s Champions League qualifiers, Arsenal Women did not get past Round 1 of the competition, which left Gooners stunned.

It would be soul-destroying for our Gunners to fail to qualify for Champions League football again, this season..

Your thoughts Gooners?

Michelle M

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  1. This will be the first real test for Eidevall. If he can’t get Arsenal into the group stage, he should be let go immediately, before he wastes the whole year again.

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