Game Preview: Arsenal star’s injury blow to ruin France’s Euro 16 bid?

Giroud Euro 16France have a fantastic record in tournaments played on their own turf, having won the World Cup in 1998 and the European championships in 1984, so it is little surprise that they are favourites to win again with 888Sport euro betting odds. They are just one game away from making the final again this summer, but they have the formidable obstacle of the current World champions Germany to get past first, so the news that the Arsenal centre forward Olivier Giroud could miss the match with a knee injury is a huge blow to their hopes of lifting the trophy in Paris on Sunday.

It is a massive blow for the striker as well, especially coming on the back of Giroud producing his best performance of the summer so far with two well taken goals and a standing ovation from the French fans in the quarter-final win over Iceland. Arsenal fans are only too used to injury problems hitting our players, so perhaps the report in The Mirror about Giroud will not come as much of a surprise to us Gooners.

The paper is reporting that our striker is not definitely out of the semi-final tomorrow and is hoping to come through a light training session today, but he apparently missed a training session behind closed doors with his team mates yesterday as he needed treatment on his knee.

Giroud will be desperate to play and the France boss Didier Deschamps will want him in the starting XI as their chances of beating Germany are smaller without him leading the line. Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans will be hoping that no risks are taken with him. But how typical would it be if they do risk him and his injury gets worse and Arsenal have to do without him at the start of the season?


Updated: July 6, 2016 — 3:33 pm


  1. When Giroud is on his game he’s excellent the difference between him and op strikers like Aguero is Aguero has more consistency and can get the goal agains a top team when its not sure any of the strikers mentioned are what we need, we need an aguero type player which none of the mentioned are. i would prefer to take a chance on a young striker in that sort of mould , we struggle when half decent teams play 10 behind the ball which means we get another big man and throw crosses in. very unlikely with wenger or we find a small technical goal scorer. maybe there is none out there at the moment.
    personally i don’t expect to win the league but if we go back to playing top football and having a go at winning trophies i will be happy
    penny pinching and top 4 targets are not for top teams

    1. That is a joke of a comment.I wonder what Arsenal fans can defend him apart from his stats when he’s at his best.He is average when at his best and very very average at his worst.Stop overhyping this guy.Just so you know I’m not scared to say it like people here.I rank him with the likes of Chamakh and other average strikers who are just being given world class service upfront.I wish he never plays for Arsenal again and its agonising when I ever see him play.France is going out to be honest and it aint because he isnt gonna play.

      1. i tell u what makes me laugh, people laughing at zlatan as he scored 40 goals in a ‘mickey mouse league’
        but now lacazette is linked, suddenly half that amount of goals in same season is valid.


        1. @muffdiver at times I wonder what’s wrong with some Arsenal fans I tell ya.Did I ever mention that arsenal fans are very good when it comes to contradicting themselves too.One day they will come and say this then tomorrow another different thing.Why can’t they be honest about a particular player.Trust me if Giroud is sold he wont be missed.People here will bash me but hey I said it here first.By the way Lacazette well I dont are about people who laughed at Ibrahimovic scoring in a so called mickey mouse league as going by that logic would mean not to sign any young player from a very small league or not signing anyone at all from a smaller league.I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.Just get this guy out of the club and bring in someone who can do the job because he is a failure.

  2. I am not happy Giroud is injured but it will be nice to see how France can cope without him,if the do badly and end up losing, maybe their fans wil appreciate him even more..

    I hope he makes it though…

  3. France should’ve taken the lacazette
    Stupid mistake

  4. giroud is not used properly by arsenal, our system doesnt utilise him

    an hes a second striker anyway, at 10 million hes given us an excellent return.
    its wengers fault for not buying what we need in that department

    all these transition years for several teams was our shot at the title.
    should have took the incentive

    now all we will take is a shot of tequila off a mexican womans navel.

    not so bad 😉

    1. Do you remember when Giroud was bought?
      Who was our main CF then?
      Who said “Arsenal need to show ambition if I am to sign a new contract”?

      Giroud was bought not as RvP replacement but as his cover, nickname of glass legs kinda gives away the reason why we bought OG to cover RvP.

      RvP leaves

      12 months later the Arsenal board bollox up the Suarez deal, a CF…
      12 months later the Arsenal board buy Wenger Welbroke, a CF…
      12 months later we have a tight transfer window, we had spend close to £100mil last year…
      This year Wenger has admitted to wanting a CF…

      Ivan Gazidis has said Wenger is clueless when it comes to players value, indicating that Wenger would waste money, Ivan Gazidis controls the spending for his boss Silent Stan.

      “its wengers fault for not buying what we need in that department”

      Oh.. really?????
      When faced with reality do you still claim the same thing? Or are you going to throw reality out the window and claim Wenger is the fault even though he has wanted a top CF ever since RvP left and it appears he has tried each year since RvP left…

  5. Giroud’s injury could be a blessing in disguise,
    If anything, it may persuade Wenger’s other braincell to buy a decent striker now! …. fingers and toes crossed. ?

    1. Good point. One could have hoped Welbecks injury and Girouds terrible disappearing act last season would have been enough for Wenger to put a top striker on the top of his wish list but judging by his transfer activity or lack there of we have reason to doubt that. An injury to Giroud might force his hand. Although you never wish an injury on any player and in the past injury has not always lead Wenger to take appropriate action.

    2. Wenger has wanted a top CF since RvP has left but the Arsenal board have been 2nd rate in acting.

      RvP leaves so 12 months after we try for Suraez, yes you can joke about the failed bid but I will point to the board for that, show me another time in Wengers history that he has failed like that in a transfer? You cant and I know you cant!

      Wenger still wants a top CF and he is away at the WC, Wenger convinced Alexis to join us over Liverpool ^.^ and then returns to seeing a new CF… Welbroke. A player he didn’t want, £16mil wasted! Arsenal spends nearly £100mil in that season…

      Surprise Surprise …. we had a tight transfer window, only buying Cech and then getting a cheap Elneny in Jan. No CF…

      It isn’t Wenger that needs convincing, it is the board to put their hands deep enough in their pockets to pay what is required to get their managers top target.

      ADMIN COMMENT – Slow down on the insults or you will be in moderation very soon….

      1. @Admin
        So people can insult people who can not defend themselves?

        “it may persuade Wenger’s other braincell to buy a decent striker now!”
        That is insulting but what… Wenger isn’t here so you let it slide?

        seems a bit like double standards.

        1. Call it what you like.
          But I still will not accept personal abuse or swearing between readers

  6. If they do poorly it might not be because of the mighty Giroud, it might just be because Germany is not Iceland and Giroud tends to struggles against good teams and in big games.

    I hope Giroud plays, if France can dispose of Germany they should be favorites to win the tournament. For Giroud this would mean his best chance of winning a major trophy as I don’t think he will win one with Arsenal.

  7. OT

    I smell a done deal with lacazette(might be wrong)

    He has impressive stats, atleast 20 goals scored in the league over last 3 season.

    The guy has pace , seems prolific , and is about to peak(25yrs right?)…Is he the right guy?…well we need goals and something different…he offers that. Rivalry with Giroud will be hot…which brings out the best out the 2….Lukaku seems ideal..wenger saw 70mill, lacazette can be bought for 40mill…his french…and sanchez,ozil,cazorla, behind you must wet your appetite.

    I have a feeling this deal is in the process of being wrapped up..if not..Wenger is waiting for a bargain.

    Lacazette, Xhaxa , CB?…spine kinda sorted?…welll we not far from it…pre season underway, wenger neeeds to wrap em up.

    Zlantan,Mhki,(maby pogba)-Mourinho aint playing
    Gundogan,Nolito,- Pep serious
    mane-Klopp wants to revive liver
    michi,(possibly gomez)-Conto aint playing to

    All in all the prem this season going to be explosive, with the competitiveness of managers, quality of players and drama too lol.

    I cant wait….for the season to kick off


  8. mika confirmed for manure.
    cannot understand why we didnt get him, his first choice was arsenal, as he has said in interviews , he loved our football.

    mourinho for pogba or matuidi next- pisstake of a window
    dont look sideways…focus on us? what for…nothing happenin son

    might start smoking again, dis some bull**** mannee

    1. I know I’m gonna get down thumbed a lot for this but Theo could be like a new signing on the right.

      It looks like Theo has decided to put his efforts on the right instead of being a CF, missing out on England seems to have been a good thing for him as he seems to have grown up a tiny bit.

      When Theo was dedicated to the right he was improving and doing a good job, not the best and his def duties have always been questionable BUT he had 3 consecutive years breaking into double figures for goals scored and then he thought he wanted to move back to CF and forgot to give up the right wing mentality.

      I know there are better people who could do the job but maybe Wenger thinks the CF and CB are more important to resolve?

      Plus having Theo on the right means it should be easier for players like Iwobi and maybe even Jeff R-A to step up, it would be easier for the youth to rep Theo compared to someone like…. Messi.

  9. Sanchez, Lacazette and Mahrez will be my ideal front three

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