Arsenal star’s move to Man City confirmed

Arteta joins Man City!

It’s official, Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta has joined Premier League rivals Manchester City. But as you will be more than aware, Arteta has joined the Citizens as a coach rather than as a player.

It has been confirmed by several media outlets this afternoon that Mikel Arteta has finalised his deal with Manchester City, which will see him officially move to the club on the 1st July 2016, after his contract with Arsenal expires.

Arteta joins new incoming boss Pep Guardiola in Manchester and will become a part of his fellow countryman’s backroom staff, although it’s not been confirmed which position Arteta will take up.

Arteta becomes the latest Arsenal man to swap The Emirates for The Etihad, although of course he doesn’t join the likes of Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy and Sagna, but rather follows in the footsteps of Patrick Vieira, who went into management with Manchester City.

It was never officially confirmed whether Arsenal offered Arteta a position to be a coach at the club, although there was also interest from rivals Tottenham. It would be disappointing if Arsenal didn’t offer Arteta a role at the club because he did wonderful things to stabilise a shaky situation at Arsenal when he joined. Arteta then of course showed true leadership qualities and management of the team when he became the captain of Arsenal some years later. If Arteta had stayed on as a coach with the Gunners, he would’ve been able to offer his professional advice and experience at Arsenal as a means of managing players at the club. However he will instead be offering those qualities to the Manchester City players instead.

If Arsenal didn’t offer him a coaching role then we cannot be disappointed that he has gone to City, but even if the club did offer him a deal, can we blame him for moving on? I think he has moved on from Arsenal because he’s already learnt under Wenger and now wants a fresh insight under Pep. Anyone agree?


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  1. Good luck to Arteta,judging by his professionalism as a player I think he’ll make a top class manager in years to come.

  2. And people still wanna say Jack is better. Ramsey gets a lot of criticism but he’s a talented player… and he ACTUALLY PLAYS. Glad both teams are going through, but Wales will probably go further if England continue to be so stale.

    1. Jack Wilshere is over rated like every other English player,I’m not surprised by his shocking performance he’s never done anything for Arsenal since that season where he played 50 games but yet some fans on here will still defend him and have you believe he’s Iniesta!

    2. I don’t know if Wilshere will ever be right simply because he has spent his entire career injured and trying to recover from injury. We may never know what could have been.

      But I do remember that YEARS after Ramsey was injured his ardent fans were still demanding he be given more time to recover. Somehow Wilshere does not seem to warrant that kind of fan protection and support.

      1. @mohawk
        Arron suffered a broken leg from a nasty foul.And he fought back from it. Jack, is the orchestrator of his own injuries, for the most part. Jack has had more chances than most.

  3. Judging by the poll on here it’s laughable that fans think England can win the Euros ahead of Spain and Italy even Belgium who I don’t rate as a team but have great individual players have a better shot of winning the Euros than England!

    1. Hahaha ? ? Welcome to the delusional world of the Patriotic biased fan’s! ? ? 50 years and counting, won’t discourage their butt hurt votes! ?

  4. wilshere ramsey mertesacker giroud walcott chamberlain sczezsny gibbs and campbell need to find their own team.

    Wilshere should have been left at home like gibbs and walcott

    1. You may be right – there certainly is logic behind your list but…. there is no way that those 9 players will leave this summer on top of the 3 players already departed – that is just reality.

      It might be wise to pare the list down to those who must depart immediately vs. those who will remain to serve as backup players.

      Ox should stay. It still think Ox can help Arsenal. Fans seem to forget that his form was so good in the 2014/15 season that he was the only player to appear in every game prior to his injury. There is great talent there. The question is his ability to stay healthy and thus match ready.

      1. Most fans have a biased opinion about the players. club football is very different from playing for your country. I wish Wenger should be flexible with his formations next season. Our players should work on their fitness Levels. Our defending should start from the front men. Most times, Giroud would lose the ball and just keep strolling. Waiting for his team mates to win it back. We need runners. Bellerin and Monreal dont cross the balls early enough. The urgency only starts when we are looking for the goal in the 85th minute. This has been a pattern. Irrespective of who we bring in, the team needs to change their approach.

  5. From what I understand, Arteta wasn’t offered a role at Arsenal. as Wenger said they already have a full compliment of coaching staff, and he wasn’t going to sack anyone to make room for Arteta.

    1. I read that Arteta turned down offers from Arsenal and the Spuds, in order to link up with his old Barcelona buddy.

      1. Who knows, maybe Arteta is on a double agent mission ?
        Hopefully he will talk Pep Guardiola into buying all our injury prone flops!… Starting with Jack wheelchair! @ £50 million ??

        [Warning! This comment contains sarcasm, which may offend ass – O’s! with humour’s dryer than a Camel’s ring piece ]

  6. Arteta found a job coaching. Good for him. But we all have known this for months. Nothing new here.

  7. Wilshere looked like someone who needed games to get his rythym. Off the pace, not his fault like. Always a worry having played so little.— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5)June 20, 2016

  8. Arteta wasn’t offered any role at arsenal,wenger confirmed this weeks ago,and besides Mikel is used to the arsenal system,I think man city is more lucrative in terms of facilities,new system,different challenge and most importantly bigger pay,let’s not forget that a man at Arteta’s age needs a better future.

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