Arsenal stars seeking assurances over Arteta’s future before signing a new deal

The uncertainty around the future of Mikel Arteta is stalling the progress of talks over the renewal of contracts for some Arsenal players.

The Gunners are facing an unpredictable summer with the contracts of key players running down.

The club expects to sell some and sign other new players when the transfer window reopens.

However, some stars have earned the right to be given new deals, but the club isn’t negotiating with anyone in this tough campaign, at least for now.

The Athletic says despite Arsenal’s struggles in this campaign, Arteta still retains the trust of most of the players in the dressing room.

The report says because they trust him, they have suspended talks of extending their deals until it becomes clear that the club will not fire him at the end of this season.

Arteta is expected to remain the club’s manager until next season, but his team will need to make a fine start to the 2021/2022 campaign.

Last night’s win over Chelsea will have relieved the pressure on Arteta a little, but the overallseason performance has left a lot to be desired, and maybe Edu will have no choice but to fire him, althoug it looks unlikely at the moment.

Arteta has enjoyed more grace than most Premier League bosses and he will know that starting next season well and sustaining at least a top-four charge would be the minimum the club would expect from him going forward.

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  1. Arteta still retains the trust of MOST of the players in the dressing room.


    Well, that is interesting

    If he is going to be backed in the summer and he moves on the players that dont have that trust in him, gets the players HE wants and we still struggle ( considering we probably wont have any european football = less games) then he really has to go, but i will give him the season to try and get things right, especially if we are expecting a ”normal” season with fans back, a pre-season and all that

  2. I dont get the article? He retains the trust of SOME of the players? We have had the worst season for a quarter of a century? Ive read that Xaka, Leno, Willian, Luiz, Bellerin, Lacazette, Torriera, Amn, Saliba, Mavropanos, Willock and others are looking for ways to get out of Arsenal. Players, whatever you read do not sign because the manager (whom nobody will give any guarantees about) is staying or going, all players know things change quickly, there are no guarantees. I believe this article like few that will appear are started by spurious agencies with agendas. Total BS.

    1. The trust of most of the players who have let him down ,him and most of the players need to go

  3. Arsenal surrounded by mediocrity, no desire to be winners personally or win trophies as a Club, just retain a comfortable existence from KS&E, the Board, senior management, Arteta and many players down.
    How long will the supporters put up with this when they open the gates to the Emirates. Maybe we’ll all be brain dead by then as far as Arsenal is concerned, won’t care like the ownership and have moved on.

    1. I will tell you what will happen Ozzie (my opinion ofc)
      We start the new season all full of hope ,Alls been forgiven about Arteta ,mid October comes realisation kicks in that we should have sacked him this summer ,hold on till the new year (“have patience” some idiots tell us )(“trust the process “more idiots shout out )mid table (oh it’s to late to sack him now ,may as well wait till end of season )mid April ,out of all competitions as finish 11th
      End of season -season highlights ,got to a FA cup semi and managed to hold on for dear life for 90 mins to get a draw against Chelsea 👍
      New season upon us -let’s give him till Xmas
      Trust the process 😂😂😂😂
      All my opinion .

  4. What a debacle and unreal things.

    I think players will actually not commit without a real coach announced.

    Chelsea game against a weaken team was a debacle.

    We should have lost as we look for almost 2 seasons with a ridiculous wannabe coach.

    To announce him next year is the most scary thing…Hope music comes saves us with Spotify !

  5. With all due respect, players have to do their jobs and shut up.
    If I am in a company, and my team is not developing well to acheive organisation targets or pissed off the customers, I do not have a say whether boss is good or not. If he is good and players still do not make it, then it is simply their fault.

    1. The opposite is valid too most of the times, every time I read about players complaining from boredom in training or other kame complains when the manager assignment took the team forward.

  6. “Trust the process”…Very good article today on espn…. There has been no process since arteta arrived…. Look at their assessment in the article about last year moves “This was simply a poor offseason that misinterpreted and overstated the team’s strengths and potentially resulted in the hindered growth of younger players. Oh, and the short-term gains it produced were minimal at best.”

    So what’s next. I don’t say arteta need to be sacked now. We already lost one year. At this point we can wait another few months until the fall 🤷🏻‍♂️ hopefully this year will have helped him grow as a manager and realize things… And be less stubborn about his players selection or favouritism

  7. Turn the canon around and give us our badge back . The glory will follow . Remember the old board !!??. We had….passion…discipline …determination… Skill and success…every one pulled there weight. God bless gunners aureus xx.

  8. “Still retains the trust of some players!”
    Almost fell for that.
    In my opinion, Arsenal’s problem lies within the board as a whole. Some say investment, but in four consecutive seasons, Arsenal have actually invested in some players, the problem being that they always make the wrong choice. As for the manager, it doesn’t take a genius to see that new management will achieve no miracles under the same conditions. Maybe, a season away from European competition would actually serve them well: give Arteta time to find the right balance for his team with no pressure.

  9. Arteta,s inexperience is costing arsenal alot. Over 12months in th job n he does hav a first starting 11. Every match is a new gamble.
    No hopeseven next season

  10. Well, you can see Arteta’s inexpe’ by winning the FA cup, comm’ shield & failing to build on same players. Time 4 change

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