Arsenal stars showing the love after recent fracas

Love is all around after the Fulham pre match bust-up!

Dani Ceballos and Eddie Nketiah looked as loved up as ever when celebrating the winner against West Ham over the weekend. A complete contrast to how things were just last week, when the pair were seen to square up prior to kick-off.

Of course it is a nice for Arsenal fans to see the players playing as a team and looking happy together, on and off the pitch, but after seeing them at each other’s throats during the pre-match warm up against Fulham, it was obvious that tensions were high after Ceballos went in a little too rough on a couple of challenges on Nketiah and he rightly so, wasn’t best pleased with the nature of the challenges.

But fast-forward a week, and while Ceballos had a quiet game, managed to wake up in time to produce an assist for Nketiah to put Arsenal 2-1 up against West Ham. The boys were then seen celebrating together, and even posed for a picture shortly after the goal to show that all is now well in both camps, and that the little scuffle has been laid to rest.

Speaking after the game Nketiah even told SkySports (via the Express) that what had happened last week was sorted now and that they moved on as teammates: “We had a bit of a coming together. The reaction was there. We made up and got on with it. It was a great pass across, good vision. I tried to stay onside. It was an easy finish from there. It was nice for him to make the assist – it’s all love now.”

It is nice to see this particular thing, as we never want there to be animosity between players, especially as this season is a going to be key in determining a lot of players’ positions and showing fans the level of attitude that they hold.

With a manager like Arteta though, we know that he will not let anything like this get in the way and if it is not sorted, we know what he will do don’t we Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. “Ceballos had a quiet game…” Did you bother see all the defensive shift he puts in even on an bad day for him? That last minute tackle to get the ball before the opposing player was super ball reading from Ceballos and shows how attentive and committed he is to Arsenal. That guy practically saved us and won us the game.

    Show some respect! Say thank you!

    1. Stephen my brother some will only see what they want to see, someone was even saying that there’s nothing special in that Ceballos assist to Nketiah and if I remember correctly that was the same type of assist ozil gave to aubamayang against Leicester last season at the Emirates where all of us was saying wow to the pass. That last tackle would have definitely been a goal but for Ceballos to have read that and win that ball is top class, that was the same ball that Thiago fouled Wener for yesterday against Liverpool, I am very sure if ozil had made that Ceballos assist, we will not hear the end of it, the same way some are still talking about his corner assist before lockdown last season.

    1. Lol we’ll never recoup or make profit from player sales 13 for mustafi is too low! He has improved under Arteta to warrant at least 20

  2. “I’ve been assured once again that Arsenal are confident of landing Thomas Partey before the transfer window closes.”
    Nice seeing this on Twitter, as all the talk recently has been of Aouar…

    Some good games tonight – rooting for Luton and the O’s…😜
    And praise the lord for Jesus last night, his late goal meant my prediction was correct!! The only one though, this start to the season has been crazy!! Raining goals!!

    1. Hi Sue.

      Said on here weeks ago now, something tells me it’s 1) Aouar 2) Partey in that order.

      M A absolutely loves Aouar, and I believe has made him his number one target.

      This despite the positional needs we may think are a priority.

      “Apparently” both players would come – again it’s the dosh (fee – hard cash).

      The retention of Elneny (if he stays) may be a pointer – insurance on the Parety deal ?

      With all due respect, we can do better than Mo’ (squad player).

      Can Lucas come into play here ?

      But yes, both Aouar &Partey would be fantastic and with the right “housekeeping” in getting the deadwood out we would be left with a very strong squad.

      Neither would be a great disappointment, and alternatives are no beginning to surface – this could be gamesmanship however.

      1. Hi there A J! Yes I’ll be amazed if we get both. You’re right, MA has been a long term admirer of Aouar’s and feel he’ll come first (if we’re lucky!)
        Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy with him, but have had my heart set on TP for so long and we definitely need a monster like that in midfield!!
        Yes, Elneny may have thrown a spanner in the works, although I’m hoping not…
        I think we’ll just have to hope our window isn’t done and dusted… much to be done, both ways!! We wait with bated breath, once again…..😆

  3. One of our old players also showing the love ;

    “Ralph” Lauren –

    “If I was born again I would sign with Arsenal 10 more times because I played with top players, with a top manager, at a top institution with top human beings all around.

    “Arsenal is my family and it will always be my family because it’s the place I grew up as a person in so many ways.

    “If I had to sign for Arsenal again, I would sign every single year for the rest of my life.

    I’d sign for Arsenal over Real Madrid 10 times over

    It’s not only about the trophies, it’s not about money. It’s more than that. You see now with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: it’s not about money, you love the place, you love the people and they way they treat you. This is Arsenal.”

    Not sure about the “Trophies” & “Money” bit nowadays, but great stuff – top man “Ralph” !

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