Arsenal stars urged to rethink ‘life or death’ decisions

Four Arsenal players have been exposed this week for breaching lockdown rules, and former Cardiff manager Neil Warnock has urged them to take more responsibility.

Coronavirus has put a halt to Premier League football, as well as most leagues across the globe, with countries put into lockdown to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Spurs players, along with their manager Jose Mourinho was slammed a few weeks back for failing to stick to the rules, with pictures of a training session held in a park, and now our players have come under scrutiny also.

David Luiz, Granit Xhaka, Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe have all been caught breaking the rules, and Warnock has urged them to make better decisions.

He said: “They’ve got to be responsible, haven’t they?

“Already a few weeks ago there was something like this with the Tottenham players in the park, so you would have thought everybody would have learned by now.

“We’re talking life or death here; I don’t think people realise.

“It is everywhere and you’ve just got to be so careful.

“It’s just horrendous when the end of your days come in these circumstances.

“When I looked the other day and there was a three-year-old dying and the parents weren’t allowed in, I just don’t know what’s happening…

“It’s absolutely frightening and that’s why we’ve got to adhere to what they are saying.

“Like the Arsenal lads – there’s no need to get publicity like that.”

Players are being exposed but in reality it is everybody who needs to be doing their utmost to limit the spread of COVID-19, by wearing protective gear and minimising contact with everyone until the pandemic is over.

I for one am sick of being stuck indoors, made 100x worse by having no live football to watch, so I urge all of you to follow the guidelines for lives all over the world, and more importantly, for football to return.

I jest of course, but please just take care.



  1. I’m so fed up with people doing as they please, totally oblivious to what is going on! With that ‘I’ll be alright, it won’t happen to me’ attitude. Where I am, it seems too relaxed for my liking.
    This past month or so has been horrendous, we are fast approaching 20,000 lives lost…my colleagues and I are shattered and feel like crying for the patients…Just praying we don’t lose anymore…..Just stick to the bleedin’ guidelines and stay at home…yes, it may be boring, but just be thankful we’re still alive.

    1. Keep safe…and carry on!
      You are seeing the devastation at first hand and then four players, 3 of whom are certainly old enough to know better behave like idiots
      It makes the good you are doing so much harder

      1. @sue ,having to deal with this from a partners viewpoint ,my misses being a physiotherapist and having to work in ICU day in day out ,and watching her come home (some nights in tears )exhausted is quite painful to see .
        At the moment where we live we are quite lucky as in its still low cases (Herefordshire) but won’t go into details as she doesn’t tell me much ,but she’s still seeing patients dying daily where she is .
        Front line staff are our bread and butter in this country and should all be proud of the sacrifices they are giving.
        These 4 players should be setting an example but they are fit and young so they flaunt the rules .
        im champing at the bit to get out but my weekly excursions go as far as the local Tesco .

        1. Steady on Dan. I know what you mean- a trip to the supermarket is like a day out!
          Well done to your wife for doing her important work

        2. Well there’s a blast from the past! Welcome back Dan.. nice to see you again! 🙂

          I feel for your missus, that must be absolutely awful.. no wonder she’s been in tears…
          .. I’m in a rehab hospital.. we currently have 5 cases… we’ve lost 2… low numbers, but heartbreaking all the same.. especially being told by a colleague (I was off shift at the time) at how they were taken away – I couldn’t help but cry…

          I would say it probably won’t be long until you can venture out again, Dan, but I’d be lying… going to be a long, long time before things return to normal.. if they ever do.
          Take care, Dan… and stay safe! And give your missus a big hug when she comes in, as I bet she could do with it.

        1. I got banned Sue ,think I called someone a bellend I was in the wrong so no excuses ,just hope Pat And Martin lets me stay .
          Yea it’s awful and I have the upmost respect to you and everyone else working in these shitty times .
          They have been losing about 3 a day on her covid ward and we are in a low infection area .
          She’s home now ,2 days off so we are on the gin and Prosecco for the night 🤪.

          1. Everyone is doing their bit, well bar the idiotic few, so hopefully we’ll come through it……
            3 a day… that’s terrible… 😔

            Well I hope she has a nice relax…why not after all it is thirsty Thursday!! Hic!! Have a good one 👍

  2. They made the decision easy for senior Arteta, who have suffered from this lethal virus: Sell Xhaka, Pepe, Luiz and Laca in the summer. It will give us some dough. What do you say, Jon, do you think these guys have a brain? Maybe a small one. A birdbrain. Yeah, I remember a magic night at Hotel Subrovka in Dubrovnik, in former Yugoslavia, October 1980. Allen and Peter were out of drugs. Just pivo (that’s yugo-beer). Both got high anyway and in the early morning, around 4 AM, Allen had a creative outburst and wrote several great poems. Among them “Birdbrain”. Two years later I saw him recite it at Kulturhuset in Stockholm during a memorable session. Late August or early September. And he added a line from a newly made experience of my native country. It goes: “Birdbrain of Malmoe put his hand in the a*s of Peter Orlovsky looking for heroin…” Malmoe is Sweden’s third city on the border to Denmark (approximately 300 000 inhabitants). Birdbrains.

    1. Declaration: I didn’t mean to say that the people of Malmoe are birdbrains, even though I think most swedes are. What I meant was these four guys, XPLL (expel).

    2. Robert, an interesting and unusual post of yours and of course there is no excuse for the selfish attitudes of these four players. BUT if you think we should sell ALL footballers who have “birdbrains”(except in their feet), then ALL clubs would struggle to field a team. By and large, though there are noble exceptions, pro footballers and intellectual capacity do not go together.
      I have been attending football grounds for over 60 years and the number of times I have had the opportunity, even with fans, to discuss serious life mattersin depth, are almost negligible. Horses for courses then Robert. I do not expect scientists and psychologists to score a screamer from 30 yards. Equally, I do not expect footballers to discuss the meaning of life. Many are virtually monosyllabic and plainly embarrased in interviews and in anything outside their personal comfort zone. Just one reality of life I am afraid, Robert.

  3. I’m not sure if any of these stories are true, and what exactly our players are meant to have done, but I did hear that Laca was talking to someone on his driveway. Well hold the press! What a disgrace Laca is! How dare he talk to someone on his driveway!

    I knew this would happen. Anyone breaking these new draconian “so called rules/laws” would be made out as some kind of monster. People…listen to yourselves!!! You’re doing exactly what these governments want. We’re being conditioned into thinking this is the new norm.

    They are taking our freedom away from us, and we’re now going along with it. Tracking our every movement in the name of fighting Covid-19 isn’t enough? What next…we cannot speak to anyone, or travel 10 minutes down the road? Medical passports, not just for international travel, but even interstate travel. Forced vaccines, or you go nowhere, you get fined, lose your job, jail time?

    Are we not just doing the same, or even worse than Laca just by doing a food shop? Think how many people you’re in close contact with doing that, yet we must punish Laca for talking to one person on his driveway?

    1. ThirdMan
      Laca was just talking to someone on his drive but Pepe was playing football in the park with friends which is against every piece of advice we’ve been given
      In my supermarket the distancing is observed
      Believe me, I’m not enjoying this forced isolation. No one is. Your post sounded as though you are fearful of a police state scenario but I believe in our democracy. It is in nobody’s interest to keep us in lockdown. We just have to for now.
      If others don’t abide by the rules then they are just figures in crime reporting as they are not PL players

      1. I was only talking about Laca, and one could argue that Pepe was wrong, but that’s only if you believe the lock down is a good idea.

        I have been listening to many experienced epidemiologists, nurses, doctors, etc, that are completely against the lock down. Obviously not in the mainstream media, because that would go against the narrative, exactly as we see with climate change. There are two sides to the story, but we only ever told of one.

        Don’t think for one minute I don’t want to do all that is possible to save people. I have worked in care most of my life, but I do think shutting down the world economy is a mistake. More will suffer, and already are, from the panic of Covid-19, rather than the virus itself.

        In terms of the flattening of the curve, well it’s hardly surprising…no ones allowed out, and as sad as it sounds, another reason the curve is flattening is because the sick and vulnerable (the ones most at risk) have gone first.

        I feel everyone taking extra care, and precautions, and keeping only the sick and vulnerable in lock down, would have been a better course of action. I think already 22 million in America along applying for employment benefits.

        1. The awfulness of all this that by doing nothing the virus could easily wipe out 250,000 people very quickly, therefore overwhelming the NHS rapidly You are well read on this, as it appears to me that Covid is something we are going to live alongside for months and months. I do get your point about lockdown but the Prof on tv made the options pretty clear. The NHS cannot be allowed to become overwhelmed and relaxing the rules has to be measured. Just want the government to come up with a glimmer of hope and a rational plan…please!

          1. The NHS gets overwhelmed every winter, due to the other pandemic that happens every year, yet we’ve never locked down before. So what is cut off point then in regards to saving lives? Say we lose 10,000 in the next flu season, is that enough death to lock down or does need to be more? Or what if a brand new virus pops up next year, that again, only is a real danger to the already sick, another lock down do we go for?

    2. TMJW, your views on this whole subject are well known to those who regularly read your posts. If I may say so, you appear to be in the Donald Trump camp on social distancing. Clearly we are NOT being conditioned by governments into thinking this is some sort of “norm.” That is nonsense and is made fromyour political standpoint rather from than a truthful standpoint. NOT A SINGLE person in authority has ever, to my knowlege or hearing, EVER said this is a “normal” situation and to even imply that would be a silly own goal for any such person. Your third paragraph reads like a science fiction from a novel of nonsesne that very few, planet wide, would give serious credence to.
      It has been widely repoted that LACA was standing right next to thr man who was jet washing his car andhe has not enied it, which he surely would have had it been untrue. Stick to facts then is my advice and leave right wing political claptrap to those on the nasty side of politics!

      1. And how many people have been right to in the super market, even by accident?

        I don’t think you realize how conditioning works. Of course no sane person would willingly give away their liberty. So that’s why with propaganda, the media, now this medical emergency, people are being convinced that is perfectly fine that the government can track your every movement.

        Do you not find it interesting how quickly so many governments had new laws and legislation in place during this pandemic? Almost as if they had it ready and waiting. Exactly what we saw with 9/11. Next you’ll be telling me a third building didn’t collapse, just because the media told you so.

        1. This is not an answer but a lame attempt at an excuse for your views. Whenever I have gone to supermartkets there are serious attempts by all to keep as far away from our fellow humans as possible, given the narrowness of aisles which is difficult but the attempt is seriously made. To lamely attempt to compare this inate thoughts of others with the selfishness of Laca, needlessly and thoughtlessly standing right beside his car washing man is totally different .
          I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT TOO BUT YOU CHOOSE TO PRETEND IT IS NOT DIFFERENT AND I DETEST SELF DISHONESTY, AS YOU HAVE SHOWN Your own right wing political agenda in your posts is nakedly obvious and odious too.

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