Arsenal start the year as we mean to go on

Is this Arsenal starting the year as they mean to go on? by Shenel

Finally we have had a positive few games and it seems as though we are turning a corner. Well I hope so because we need to be up there where we belong. Every team goes through their bad spells in a season and I hope we have gone through ours and are putting those not so good days behind us.

And of course beating West Brom was not a surprise but given how our performances have gone of late it was nice to do it in a convincing way and keep a clean sheet despite the treacherous conditions.

But could this be the start of something special, although we won’t be winning the league this year, unless a miracle happens this is the sort of performance we should be putting out week in week out, and with a few tweaks and additions this really could be a good team within time!

One thing I loved about the starting line up was that Lacazette and Aubameyang were starting together. Something that I have been wanting to happen for a long time and I hope it continues.

Despite not scoring though Aubameyang actually had a good game, but was rather unlucky with his chances not finding the back of the net. I have said though as long as we win and we keep that momentum going I don’t care who score,s and I for one am happy that Lacazette got another couple of goals, especially given some of the negative press I have heard about him not being good enough. But his penalty against Chelsea was the turning point for us to get nine points in three games, and we know that Arsenal is not a one man team and we cannot put all our expectations on the shoulders of Aubameyang. And Arsenal as we have seen over the past few games are a TEAM and that is how it always should be.

So we ended 2020 with two wins on the bounce and we started 2021 as we hopefully mean to go on, although I don’t doubt there will be more twists and turns to come. I thinks it is finally safe to be able to say we won’t be getting relegated..

Here’s hoping hey Gooners!?

Shenel Osman


  1. LABASS says:

    Yh we won’t bro 😂

  2. Sue says:

    OT.. Gerwyn Price World Champion!!! 👌
    Man, that was tense!!

    1. guy says:

      OOps I missed it Sue. Were they respectful or was there a lot of needle?

      1. Sue says:

        No needle tonight, guy! Gerwyn just got on with it – heard a few roars though 😉 Well deserved… missed 24 for a 9 darter!

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