Arsenal stats show Wenger is NOT a great coach

Wenger REALLY isn’t a great Coach by PA

I do not consider myself an AOB or an AKB, I just call it as I see it. I am simply a fan who loves this great club and thinks the club should be greater than any one man.

It is a passionate game, we follow and the clubs we support can come to mean so much for most of us. So it is understandable when emotions heat up the debate and reason takes a back seat. But regardless of where you fall on the divide, AOB, AKB, or neutrals, the truth remains the truth no matter how much we wish otherwise.

In my last write up I suggested Wenger was a better manager than coach. A casual look at his coaching credentials should convince anyone. From 1996 to 2005 when the trophy drought began, Arsenal under Wenger won only three premiership titles and two FA cups. And this was when the Premiership was basically a two horse race. Only four seasons out of nine saw us finish with a trophy. When you add the drought years it becomes even bleaker. These are not the stats of a great coach.

With more competition from big spending Chelsea and Man City we totally lost out in the chase for titles. In that same period from 1996 – 2005 Sir Alex and United managed to win five premiership titles, two FA cups and one Champions league. I do not want to even compare him to Van gaal, Mourinho, Pep, Klopp, and Ancelotti.

These stats say something, even when we were winning titles under Wenger and playing scintillating football, we really were not a great team. We played exciting football but we failed to win titles, we did not win the champions league and we never successfully defended a premiership title. That is how the world measures success or greatness.

Let me give an example to show what I mean. The 2011 FA cup Quarter-final defeat to United. Ferguson fielded a United with 7 defenders and they emerged victorious. I do not think that any of Wenger’s Arsenal teams could emulate this feat. When his regular players are not available Arsenal suffers.

I do not think Wenger should be fired but I do think we should be allowed to show him our displeasure, if only to let him know he could do better. It really can be frustrating, we always seem just a step away from greatness. I truly wish this present Arsenal team could win a load of trophies while he is still manager, but it requires him to change and I think he is too old to change.

There is a lot we should be grateful to Arsene for. As a manager there is none quite at his level and we should all hope that when he gives up his track jacket, he continues to play an active role in the club’s administration.


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  1. Did any of the coaches that you mentioned oversee the building of a stadium?
    were any of them put on a budget of 9mill in 10 years(net spending)?

    1. While the money spent on transfers was quite low, Wenger did waste a lot of the club’s money through his so called socialist wage policy. Remember how much the like of Silvestre, Djourou, Squillaci, Chamach, Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia were earning?

      1. Statistics is a good way of judging the performance of managers, however, they seem to ignore important factors like the fact that wenger had to rely on the likes of bendtner, chamakh, arshavin, denilson, squillaci, ramsey (back then) for trophies. it wasnt by choice, it was due to financial constraints but he still managed to keep the team in the title contention….against teams that had the likes of aguero, drogba (back in the day) tevez, ronaldo, rooney etc and yet you say he is crappy.

        further, stats dont mention that his star players like ashley cole, nasri, fabregas, RVP, clichy etc, left him for money, leaving the team in disarray…but that didn’t stop wenger from keeping the team in top 4.

        Stats also dont take into account the fact that on top of losing his key players (the traitors) he was constantly deprived of the remaining key players such as theo, ox, jack, diaby, gibbs, aaron, ozil due to long term injuries. Truth is; unlike other guys who are regarded as best managers, wenger hasnt had it easy at all. I think he has been doing a great job to keep the team in top 4 despite all challenges he had to deal with.

    2. I use to use that excuse too lol..
      Before I said we didn’t spend money because of the stadium.
      Now the stadium debt is supposedly paid off, but we still are not spending the money, or enough money anyways (net spend).
      Which leads me to believe that Arsenal FC are simply not ambitious enough to compete with Chelsea.
      For instance, we were crying out for a world class striker as we only had Giroud. We signed Danny Welbeck. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been really impressed with him and is proving me wrong. However, is he a Diego Costa? a Falcao? a Rooney? a Aguero? no he isn’t at least not yet. Unfortunately these are the player who win you games, and ultimately tittles.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. P.S According to a lot of sources Walcott wont be available for the United game due to a new injury 😀 😀 😀 😀
        Excuse my Haywil.
        But if this is true, I will actually go crazy.

      2. Yeah man. Would totally love to have Falcao. He is tearing up the Premier League. 265,000£ a week aren’t even enough!!

        This article is dumb. All those other managers have had almost endless budgets at their disposal. The stadium is not paid off. I don’t get where you people get that from. We still owe a little less than a 100 million. We have cleared interest and made some capital repayment. So the term and the rates are a bit lower. However because most of you lack the ability to research simple facts you seem to think we have like 200 million at our disposal. You can blame Stan more than Wenger. We could have had the stadium mostly paid off if he would have freed it up to the responsibilities of the shareholders…… That would have brought Usmanov back in the picture though to help control something, and we know that frightens that putrid old prick. Instead they chose the self sustaining debt method which has crippled our spending.

        You’re all looking at numbers of money coming in, while falsely assuming the stadium is paid and we have no debt. The fact is, you don’t know how much we have to spend and I wouldn’t trust anyone upstairs in what they say because it’s always the opposite.

        Wenger is taking a lot of shit for not buying a defender however there aren’t a lot of defenders that moved that I would like on this team. You think real life is at FIFA where everyone is available. It’s not. It’s not a perfect world where you say we need a defender, hey Dortmund give us that one you have, thanks! That’s why none of you run football teams, you would suck at it.

        So before you scream about all the failures and cry about Wenger at least educate yourself, most of you just sound stupid because it’s clear you’re clueless

      3. Totally wish we had Falcao. What was Wenger thinking?! He is tearing up the Premier League!!! 265,000 a week isn’t ENOUGH. 90% of you said Rooney was washed up when we wanted him 2 years ago. Costa was never coming here, his agent and Jose are BFF’s. So what other “world class” striker moved that you would have gotten?? Curious.

        1. Bottom line is, all the players I mentioned are better than welbeck?
          Or are they not?? Curious.
          And I didn’t say we should have signed those players, i’m comparing the quality.

    1. So long as I don’t see Cazorla on the wing I will take just about any lineup. I have maintained my boycott of any game that uses Cazorla or Ozil on the wing. Wenger has 3 or 4 better choices and he NEVER uses them.

  2. Stats can be helpful but……..

    I don’t need stats to know that Wenger WAS a great coach who has completely lost it. He makes the most basic of mistakes in nearly every game.

    Not to mention his recent neglect in the transfer season (DM, CB etc) will be the stuff of ridicule for years to come – it is embarrassing. The lowest division football clubs have CB backups – not Wenger, he is too smart for that.

    1. He Needs to hire a better coaching staff he has added a good youth coach and physio this summer now for better defensive and attacking coaches, we need a strength and conditioning coach at world class level

  3. And you’ve just realized this now!!! Come on.

    Wenger has done all he can for this club but its time he moves on before a total calamity occurs. His not the man he was 12 to 13 years ago, his lost his passion and technical awareness clearly. He now just throws players on the pitch and expect them to figure it out. He is not moving with time and he has become more and more stubborn now. He was a genius and I adored and praised the man but seeing him make school boy era’s such as going into the season the season with 2 defenders and not filling the gaps which our team has which even a blind man can see is unacceptable.

    This building of the stadium and having a small budget issue is overrated, its not like he was doing it alone, people talk asthough Wenger was the 1 putting up bricks, tiles, and laying the pitch at the Emirates by himself and not building the squad. Weve seen other coach’s with lower budgets work wonders too.

    I still love the man, but not as Arsenal manger anymore because my beloved team comes 1st.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  4. Before the drought finally ended-
    There were Three finals lost due to individuals not the manager-
    1. CL final, mad Lehman moment.
    2. League Cup 2007- Mourinho making his do circus
    3. League Cup 2011- Szczeany and Koscielny fcuking up.
    5/4 semis and in numerous Quarter finals.

    But this won’t fit the narrative.

    1. will always blame u lens- will never forget the heartbreak of that day.

      was worse than nayim from the halfway line

  5. ‘For a team, it (a trophy) is the biggest thing to get and we got it (last season with the FA Cup), but as a player, there are other things – being the best player in the world, other cups, the Champions League. 🙂

  6. OT: Wenger should stop answering journalists who ask him questions about how close he came for him to signing Messi, CR7, Ibra, Pogba, and a bunch more of players. Doesn’t he know his been taken for a ride and been turned into a laughing stock and as the fans we are affected too.

    Should I tell my family of how close I came to having certain girls who I missed out on and there all fine as hell now. I rarely hear other coach’s speck about the 1’s that got away.

    Next time you are asked such stupid questions say ‘No Comment” Wenger, the media is making us look like fools!!!! So clueless.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!!

    1. Damn!!!!!!!!! Some guy on just burned Wenger, happy reading mates, here goes:





      .Gianluigi Buffon
      The Italian legend was linked with a move to north London after declaring his desire to join the club if Juventus were to show him the door. A deal never materialised and the Gooners were stuck with Manuel Almunia.

      Micah Richards
      OK, so things have gone a little sour for Micah in recent times. But depsite a persistent link to Arsenal over the last few years, Arsene Wenger still only has approximately 0.66 right-backs available to him at present. Regrets? He’s had a few.

      Gerard Pique
      It’s reported the Barcelona defender was a failed work-permit away from joining the Gooners with fellow Spaniard Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal signed young defender Philippe Senderos instead. Smart.

      Vincent Kompany
      The two-time Premier League winner was almost signed by Arsenal as a youngster from boyhood club Anderlecht. Wenger was keen to find a long-term replacement for Sol Campbell but wasn’t keen on the £5million transfer fee. FYI, Johan Djourou made 30 appearances that season.

      Roberto Carlos
      The Brazilian legend revealed that joining the Gooners would be a ‘dream’, claiming that he wanted a move to the Emirates once his contract at Real Madrid had expired – he signed for Turkish side Fenerbahçe instead. Fortunately, the Arsenal faithful were later treated to the man dubbed the ‘new Roberto Carlos’. You remember Andre Santos, right?

      Cristiano Ronaldo
      The story goes a young Ronaldo was shown around London Colney and given an Arsenal jersey with his name on the back. A £4million deal with Sporting Lisbon was agreed, only for Sporting to host Manchester United in a friendly. Ronaldo tore the United defence apart, Sir Alex Ferguson was impressed… and Arsenal never got their man.

      Yaya Toure
      He was on the club’s radar from a early age only to be declined a work-permit in 2003. Despite featuring in a friendly against Barnet, securing a permit proved tricky work for Arsenal and Wenger’s patience eventually ran out. As it has done many times against Man City in recent years.

      Xabi Alonso
      With Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez hoping to lure Gareth Barry to Merseyside, Alonso’s feared his Liverpool career was over, Alonso headed to London hoping to secure a £15million transfer. The Barry move apparently fell through… and Mikel Arteta now plays for Arsenal.

      Lionel Messi
      According to Spanish football expert Guillem Balague, Gunners scouts not only identified the 15 year-old Argentine alongside Barca rising stars Fabregas and Pique – they even offered him a contract. Needless to say, it didn’t pan out. Stop laughing, Spurs fans.

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic
      Zlatan was on the verge of a £3million move from Malmo, back when he was 19. All was going to plan until Wenger asked him to play in a trial match. The Swede replied with: “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.” Arsenal signed current West Ham full-back Guy Demel instead – back in the days when he thought he was a striker.

      Didier Drogba
      Wenger claims that he could have signed the Ivorian for as little as £100,000 way back his Le Mans days. After watching the Chelsea hero on numerous occasions, the Arsenal manager didn’t feel Drogba was ready for a club of Arsenal’s stature. So that worked out well…

        1. Atleast other teams managers don’t always come out in the media to talk about the 1’s that got away like Wenger does. When last did you see Pep, Mou, Fergie, Del, Ancheloti, Cappello, hell even small team managers don’t keep talking about players they almost signed.

  7. I’ve been a mugg for a decade. Finally, seen the light. Wenger has proven to me that he can’t be trusted to sign the right players or use the right tactics.

    Wenger out
    Guardiola in

    1. Man u always want the best , i like your taste, why don’t u try ur girl or wife out Katy Perry in, i think the easiest would be telling yourself arsenal out chelshit in. Be a fan for once and think reasonably,

      1. For once? I have been a fan a million times
        I have been loyal to Wenger for over 15 years.
        While people dig into Giroud, I’m always defending him.

        Also, I’m a fan of ARSENAL
        I want what’s best for Arsenal, not Wenger

        Being a fan shouldn’t mean excepting anything blindly. I’m not a sheeple kind of guy.

  8. *OT
    We’re damned if we do. Damned if we don’t.
    We beat MU and everyone and their barber will shout about how injury ravished they are, not giving a word to how injury ravished our defense is.
    We lose and everyone and their dope dealer will go on about how much we suck and that AW should leave immediately etc…

    So, our best bet is to whoop the sh*t out of em and let the haterz go on and hate, as long as we get them damn 3 points…LMFAO

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