Arsenal still a part of European Super League and it will resume soon

Arsenal is still committed to the European Super League and they could restart the competition next season.

The Gunners are one of the Premier League’s top six clubs who agreed to form the breakaway competition in April.

They pulled out hours after announcing their membership, following protests from their fans.

The proposal has since suffered serious blows and the Gunners and other English clubs have already returned to UEFA and have pledged their allegiance to the governing body.

Arsenal finished last season outside the European places and if the competition had succeeded, they would have played against top European clubs next season.

UEFA, the English FA and the UK government have ensured that the idea is dead and cannot be revived.

But The Daily Mail is reporting that it is still very much alive and that Arsenal and other teams who announced that they have pulled out have truly not done so, at least legally.

A senior source reportedly told the report: ‘The owners know this is not the end — it’s just the beginning.

‘We will resume dialogue, whether this year or next year. It’s just financial gravity. Football can’t survive in its current form.’  

Having been fined by both UEFA and the Premier League, it would be interesting to see if the Gunners will still move ahead with the proposal.

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  1. I don’t for a second doubt that this is 100% true. I like things the way they are and like most fans am against the European Super League. However if it becomes an eventual inevitability (Billionaires wield a lot of power and influence and are good at getting their way in the end) then I’d rather Arsenal benefitted from being in than getting left out in the cold.

    1. Yossarian. So you have no principles then. You would take unfair advantage over teams without our world status and that is a disgrace! I shun people who think as you have written here and want nothing toi do with them or their ways.

      If you had an iota of guts you would stand firmly and at all costs against this monstous and bogus idea that would, if it happened, destroy the game we have all loved for generations. SHAME ON YOU!

      1. I hope fan power prevails, but I’m also a realist and in this world not much can stand in the way of money and power in the end. At the end of the day football is a huge business nowadays and that will eventually have it’s consequences.

        1. It is laughable that you think yourself a realist , yet still believe this bogus idea , which is opposed by the entire football world outside those who own those clubs in question, can possibly happen. A ridiculous thought!

  2. This bogus plan has been defeated by mass fan power around Europe. It is gone and will not be allowed to come back There may well be still remaining technical reasons why the administration of the original unworkable plan is still to be finally set aside. But it will be done, make no mistake!

    But to imagine that it has a hope in hell of ever coming back in any way that sets aside fair competition is for only fools and gullible folk to believe.

    Not a hope in hell and thanks to all us fans everywhere for standing firmly against it. Be proud of yourselves for defeating an evil and bogus plan.

  3. Premier league clubs have been warned they will get a 30 point deduction for joining any non approved competition in future. This is a non story, the ESL is dead in the water and will never happen. True football fans just would not stand for it.

  4. The FA are determined TO RUIND arsenal football club and has been doing so for long so I don’t Bleme ARSENAL if they joined the super league.There’s greed and corruption EVERY WHERE.The whole thing is a DISGRACE,there same people who wanted SEPP BLATTER’S throat for FOR CORRUPTION are ten times worse than him.

  5. I’m not convinced that a couple of hundred protesters outside a few Stadiums had that much affect to be honest, it remains a bit of a mystery for now as to why it was announced at that time and then folded so quickly

    If (and it’s a big if) it has now come back as a serious talking point the timing makes a little bit more sense as Season Ticket Renewal deadlines have come and gone, if no fan had renewed their ticket and those on the waiting list then declined to take up the vacancies and effectively taken themselves off the list then that really would have been fan power in action

    I would be very surprised if that has happened though

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