Arsenal still being linked with the Ox – Please no…

Oxlade-Chamberlain return to Arsenal? No, Arsenal no! By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends, the January transfer window is drawing near and as expected, lots of stories are being peddled in the media, with each of them linking players with various club sides, and Arsenal as a club in need of players to strengthen certain positions in the team, are being linked with almost every player on earth.
In the transfer rumours I read this morning, Arsenal are being linked with certain players in the January transfer window, and among those players are two former Arsenal players; Ramsey and Chamberlain.
Well, having these players in Arsenal is not really a bad idea; however should Arsenal think of bringing a player back to the club, Chamberlain should surely not be the player.
Chamberlain was an inconsistent rising star in his days at Arsenal. Whenever he played, he played with his heart, but many at times, he battled with injuries. However, there are times when he would be fit, and still not make impact in games. In all of these, Arsenal kept faith with him, as the club has always been known to always give players ample opportunities to prove themselves.
Oxlade had all the love at Arsenal needed to make him feel a part of the team’s future plans, but in 2017, the Ox decided to cut short his sojourn with Arsenal, and moved to Liverpool in search of trophies and playing time.
At Arsenal, the only thing that denied him of regular playing time, was his injuries! So him willing to leave Arsenal for the playing time he was never denied, hurt a lot of Arsenal fans then, including me. Four years later, has he gotten the regular playing time he sought at Liverpool?
So after four years, Oxlade suddenly realizes he is not getting what he sought for, and he decides to seek greener pastures somewhere else. He has a right to choose to try his luck elsewhere, but I am sure even himself would know that coming back to Arsenal, would be an unwelcome venture for him. To cut the long story short, I don’t think Arsenal needs Oxlade right now, do you?
We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. Akonteh Andrew says:

    Ox-Chamberlane should not be brought back to Arsenal. Let him remain in Liverpool or go elsewhere.. We can reconsider Ramsey and use his experiences.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @Akonteh Andrew
      Aaron is a buyer flush as well…
      I’m sure you’re aware of his salary at Juve…

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        A busted flush. Not buyer…

    2. Loose Cannon says:

      And Sanogo for Lacazette, add Ramsey, Ox, Wilshire and call Wenger home? Is this what the fans want?

  2. Mark 2.0 says:

    Probably a desperate agent trying to make blood come out of a stone. Arsenal is not a hospital anymore.

  3. jon fox says:




  4. Cj says:

    The ox to Newcastle?

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