Arsenal still have a fight ahead – Support them!

We must aim to finish above Tottenham! by Sam P

Yes Arsenal lost last night’s game against Barcelona, but it was fantastic watching the Gunners trying to pit their wits against the best team in the world. We even created many chances and if a bit of luck had gone our way then we may have even beaten them. But no team in the world can compete with Messi, Neymar and Suarez so it was no surprise that we were outclassed in the end but the lads made the game worth watching.

I would certainly rather have been watching that than see us getting beaten by Midtjyland on a rainy Thursday night! Which is exactly what I’ll be saying to Man United fans today when they start jeering.

And although Watford inflicted our first FA Cup defeat in three years last weekend, it was yet again a great game to watch. Watford gave us a game of chess in tactics and strength and that second goal of theirs was spectacular and deserved to be the matchwinner in any game. It’s not nice to finally lose, but after three years its not such a bad run.

My point being is that we don’t watch football for the moans and groans, we watch footy for the excitement. The tension, the pressure. The pleasure when we win and the camaraderie when we go down fighting. The banter with our mates where you give a bit of stick and you take a bit of stick. It’s not serious because you know next week the roles may be reversed. I’ve been giving Chelsea fans some serious banter all year, but the rule is; don’t give it if you can’t take it…

Lately, because of a little run of bad form or bad luck or whatever, everybody on JustArsenal wants to sell all our players and kick Arsene Wenger out on his ar$e. This is not how reality works. Okay we are out of the FA Cup, and somehow we managed to lose to Barcelona as well (shock!), but we are THIRD in the Premiership. There is still a QUARTER of the season to go and 27 points up for grabs. We can finish anywhere between first and seventh, and I assure you if we boo the players in the remaining games, they will play a lot worse than if we cheer them on and show our support right until the end.

It’s been a bit disappointing so far, but we still have a very big target. Tottenham are above us, and we MUST catch them. We must give every ounce of support to the team for them to reach that goal. Stop whining and griping, and judge Wenger and the team at the end of the season. If we can finish above Tottenham and come second in the League, I’ll be happy…


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  1. I understand what you are saying, and I know that every time the lads step onto the field I will support them with every bone in my body, but there is also part of me that is saying Arsenal has to want my support too. I feel a little unloved at the moment as a fan.

    1. @colin
      Exactly. The players as well as the manager have to understand that we as fans/supporters feel that they owe us as much as we owe them…

      1. hehhe, are you saying that we fans where not supporting the team till now? wenger needs also show some support, and move out and dont diss fans and claim things like i made you and such, haha.

        players have their paychecks for that matter, this support is enough to them. who i support is campbell and co. who play their hearts out and still face the bench way to often, who do you guys support

    2. @Colin,
      I feel you buddy.
      Some how, this is not about us supporting the team. We’ve always done it. It’s time for the team to start supporting us the fans.

      1. Yeap, and it’s not about knocking a few quid off of a ticket price either, it’s about recognition of our love and support for Arsenal through thick and thin.

    1. Wenger ought to have put a ban on going out at all until the end of the season by now. Anything else is just unprofessional

  2. Away at Everton will be interesting test of our players. I would start Welbeck up front and Campbell/Alexis on the wings and put Theo and Giroud on the bench.

    Watch out for Lukaku, Kone, Barkley, Mirallas

  3. Our big problem was letting Bendtner and Sanogo go. They would have changed errr well nothing probably

  4. We need to table in an offer that Dortmund cant refuse for abomayang we need to secure it right away

    1. @summerbreez
      It ain’t so simple dude. He wants to go to either RealM or Barca, just as Suarez did. So no amount of money is changing that, as much as some think it will…

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