Arsenal still fighting Roma as PSG admit Rabiot is to leave!

It seems as though the reports in the last few days about the Serie A club Roma beating Arsenal to the signature of the central midfielder Adrien Rabiot may have been a bit premature. The Gunners had previously been said to be the favourites to seal the deal with PSG for their talented youngster and it now looks like the battle between the clubs is still on.

Sky Sports have reported that the French champions are still in talks with different clubs and that their president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has revealed that he does expect the 19-year old French midfielder to be playing elsewhere this season, so Arsenal fans will be hoping that it is the Emirates that will be his new home.

Don’t get too excited though Gooners, because the Italian club have already beaten the Gunners to ne transfer target this summer, assuming that we actually were interested in the Greek centre back Kostas Manolas from Olympiakos that is. We were rumoured to be willing to pay around £6 million for Manolas but he ended up going to Roma for around £10 million according to a BBC report.

So it still seems that Arsene Wenger is unable or unwilling to match the money offered by rival clubs for our transfer targets. And I thought that the dark days were supposed to be over…

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          1. We have such an amazing manager working on his hardest in the last day of the window.

            By taking a break off to referee a match…

            He needs it to take off the pressure of deadline day. By the time he finishes refereeing, the day is over and then he is going to see if his gamble would work out as usual. It is now very clear that Wenger and the Board lacks ambition as far as winning trophies are concerned. But it would be fair if he takes up a position as a Director or something instead of holding the club and her fans to ransom.

      1. great news for united fans, they suck but at the same time they don’t. funny how they will only be competing for two trophy’s and the amount of attackers they have. I am just speechless, how bad we needed Falcao and I was convinced wenger will get us Falcao on deadline day but he didn’t. I am furious. missed work today and been sitting my asss on the computer whole day waiting for news only to find out Falcao is joining united and we wont be signing anyone, not even a defender we so badly need

        1. United have a huge advantage in the fight for 4th place (the only honor we will compete for this year). Playing one game a week like Liverpool last year. We are doomed if we don’t add players.

        1. i wanna see empty seats lots of empty seats arsenal fans getting ripped off every year same lies prices go up



  1. @bbcsport_david: Arsenal very unlikely to sign anyone before deadline. Barring late surprise & a couple of squad exits, #AFC business is done #bbcdeadlineday

  2. Sorry but getting Rabiot will not make me happy this transfer window is turning out to be a disappointment No CF No DM No CB the players we actually need!

    1. Rabiot = another midfielder that Wenger does not know how to use. Just Great.

      The problem is Wenger acquired players with no apparent plan for how they will work together tactically – just a mass of CAMs. Now he wants another?

    2. To be honest i dont want Rabiot in, another teenage French midfielder, thinks hes the greatest player to walk the earth and deserves a place in the france national sde, his mums his agent and makes the demands on behalf of her little boy! God it would be like having a FrankeNASRI!

    1. no need to son..dont endanger your health while Arsene is enjoying life..I have concluded AFC is Arsene Wengers club..Who are we kidding

  3. 1st Sep 2014. A day which will live in infamy for all Arsenal supporters. So much was promised and so little delivered. And why in the world would a team keep its weak areas weak for over 2 years. Doesn’t make any sense.

    1. @Rabiul “1st Sep 2014.
      A day which
      will live in infamy for all
      Arsenal supporters”.
      C’mon man this is not
      the day after Pearl harbour
      Plagiarising is cool tho 🙂

  4. people people it doesn’t matter who we get its not the players its the manager this is the root problem symptoms of old age are all very apparent in wenger this man will always find a way to frustrate fans by ignoring to do the most obvious things and this wont change any time soon so save yourself the stress .

  5. So with RVP, rooney and welbeck united decide to get falcao, not to mention di maria. Talk about ambition!
    Yet all we have is sanogo and wengers reportedly a ref at a charity match haha.
    United have proved that it is BULL that the only way to attract top players is champions league football.
    If we dont get a CB, CDM and striker then i cant see us challenging for the title

  6. it seems winning the FA cup was worse thing 2 happen 2 us wish wenger had left & we could have brought in klopp this is getting embarrassing
    there is no ambition it’s all about balancing the books & making money fooloing us fans & yes there are some here who still believe in wenger

    whats the point in playing cl when we cannot win it we are like ajax or celtic who participate & then make early exists

    1. I’m just lost for words don’t kmow what to say we have the worst strikers I’m the premier leauge and we are arsenal

      1. @ Dan.M,
        Good point and that actually is the worse part of all this. We are a team named Arsenal and got cannons in our club crest, all that means firepower yet we have none…

    2. You’ve lost the plot if you don’t want the team to win trophies.

      You want change, I get it. But not at the expense of success. Wenger screwed up. But if you want change Klopp has much more in common with Wenger then against. Klopp plays players out of position even more so then Wenger. Klopp isn’t an X’s and O’s guy. Dortmund plays the same style regardless of opposition. Klopp has lost his best player every window for the past three years. Klopp must not have ambition if he’s been staying this long….

    3. This isnt even balancing books we’ve underspent by about 65mill.
      This is just pure negligence the board need to have a stronger approach with wenger, get in the top 2 or get sacked and just like mourinho you’ll be surprised by how quick he’ll put together a World class squad, but as of right now hes under no pressure so is happy to play half the season with sanogo as our only ST, arteta as our first choice CDM, 6 players covering our 4 defensive positions and change formation and play players out of position in the hope jack comes good.

  7. uno if wenger just bloody gave campball a chance from the start to see how he does in that cf position maybe fans would not be going mad today instead he plays hes sonogo wake up you old man there will not be another henry
    MR BEAN!!!!!

  8. all the fans here need 2 protest stop going to arsenal games stop paying money 2 watch sanogo play we deserve better we may do well next week then like lasts season fade away next season expect ozil/sanchez/ramsey to leave

    ozil can barely play an entire game at Madrid he used to paly an avg of 63 mins (pl is more tough) mourinho used substitute him while some players can barely stay fit how can we challenge for title

    1. you are right about Ozil. Wenger needs to either stand firm and bench him when he cannot perform or get rid of him and take the financial loss. he needs to earn his pay like every other player. but wenger could start by NOT playing him on the wing.

    1. Second that. Wenger knows best!!!!!

      We did just win a trophy and signed Alexis on top of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Surprised people forgot that.

      1. Like i said on the previous post to you. We will see.
        Dont worry as we win i will mention it to you.
        That is how optimistic i m.

        1. How many times do you plan to run away in your hole in shame and then coming back from time to time to babble some bs?

  9. in the midst of this transfer window, I said Wenger ‘s miser mentality is in-built, he ‘s not going to change at 64 & he won’t sign anymore player after Chambers, there’s this @Tony saying he’s sure Wenger will have further signings coming in soon & I should retract my comment !
    Where are you now @Tony, shouldn’t you come out & retract your comment now ?
    P.S. any new player now is panic buy again !

  10. Gooners, it is that time of year again. Place your bets on which excuse Wenger is likely to use his window:

    – I didn’t realise today was the deadline but I have already booked today as an annual leave day
    – My alarm didn’t go off
    – I forgot my wallet at home
    – I had a puncture
    – Car battery was flat
    – Oyster card ran out
    – I was abducted by aliens
    – I had to take Transfer Kitty to the vet
    – Oh its 1 September today? Shit I thought it was 31 August. Oh boy is my face red
    – Remy didn’t accept my friends request on FB
    – Who is Falcao?
    – I began a 15 hour flight sim and didn’t want to leave in between. 238 people would have died. You say its not real but the passengers don’t know that.
    – My phone ran out of battery
    – I accidentally picked up my wife’s phone today
    – I had shampoo in my eye
    – I couldn’t find the right tie for this shirt
    – I was quarantined. Cant say why
    – Fax machine broke. I had Falcao, Remy and Khedira in the bag until then
    – You see in England people think you can fix problems by buying players. Oh wait that is true? No no I realise I am of the opposite opinion. That is why……………oh shit City won because they spent the most. Then may be it is sensible to conclude that I could win the league by spending lots. Am I making sense here or have I gone off on a tangent? Sorry never thought about this before. *stares into space*

    1. So do you think having only 3 CB and Sanogo as our only ST for half the season is acceptable?? Do you think having arteta as our DM for the 3rd season running is acceptable??
      Not everyone is able to plough their head in the sand like you, if people venting their frustration bothers you so much then f*ck off.

      1. And what if i don’t fcuk off? Complain me to your mommy than. Go on.
        And if people are so frustated go on use a lotion and jerk off in your bed ar*sehole.

    2. What are you talking about? This is not about deadline day. This is about ignoring positions that need to be filled while other top teams have no problem filling vacant positions. He has had all summer? And the summer before and before.

      And Wenger will now probably get another CAM he can’t really use.

      There is nothing knee-jerk about the fans complaints on this site today. This has been going on for YEARS.

      1. You should have seen the site after Sanchez signing,
        Comparing today and that day,
        Yes it looks like a knee jerk reaction,
        And ading that is the draw we played out yeatrrday.

        1. It is not a knee jerk reaction. Everybody took the Sanchez signing as a sign of better things to come but they never did. Debuchy and Chambers are not even signings but replacements, Campbell was always an Arsenal player and doesn’t count as a signing either so Sanchez was the only one.

          Even some of my friends who support Manchester united are getting mad and confused at Arsene for not doing the obvious! When you have rivals telling you they hate Arsenal but do not understand why your manager is purposely ruining your club, you know something is definitely wrong here.

  11. Wenger is taking the p#ss big time today! Instead of signing the three players we need he is in Rome to referee a charity match.we pay le fraud eight million pounds a year to lie to the fans year after year.

  12. Wenger may still have something awesome up his sleeve that he has left for the last minute

    Maybe he has Bought Cavani, Khedira, and Reus or Carvalho, Huntelaar and Messi.

    You owe it to him to give him until 11pm tonight

    You owe him that much at least.

    1. If he acquires a top striker, a Lwinger he actually will use, a top DM and a decent CB then he will have done a good job on the last day. Do you really believe all that will happen?

      Then what happens to the 3 or 4 existing gunners (midfielders) who will then never get onto the pitch.

      Not only a problem of missing players – but also a problem of having a wrong mix of existing players.

  13. Turn down cesc fabregas because hes position is covered only to sign a 19 year old french attacking CM.
    Unreal banter from wenger.

    1. Wenger signed or at least
      we were informed
      of Ozil’s signing at about
      10 pm on the last day
      so it is relatively early.

      1. By this time ozil had already had his medical and Jerome boeteng dropped a massive hint.
        If we were signing a massive player the media would be all over it by now.

  14. Fans are naturally focused on the shortage of transfers. But I fear the problem runs much deeper.

    1: Wrong Mix of Players: Wenger has acquired a mass of attacking midfielders without any real consideration for how they would be used? How are Ramsey, Wilsher, Ozil, Cazorla intended to fit together as an attacking force? How is Sanchez to be used? or Walcott when healthy? What about Poldi, Rosicky, Ox, Gnabry or Diaby – how do they fit in? Wenger has several players who actually CAN play LW (Campbell, Poldi, Ox) but he has no intent to use them on the LW apparently.

    Wenger has acquired a mob of midfielders but FEW SPECIALISTS. He sees them as interchangeable parts – but it does not work. No striker, No DM and LWinger he actually uses. Not even a plan for CB backup. If Debuchy is out, who is now backup CB??

    If Wenger acquires the missing 3 or 4 specialists then what of the many midfielders who become instant deadwood??? No possible way to use them all effectively.

    2: Backup Striker/Sanogo Saga: Why is Wenger hung up on a young player who has never proven anything while the reserve strikers at least have impressed at a lower level. Akpom and Afobe are FAR more qualified than Sanogo.

    I have tried to support Wenger and his wild plans out of respect for his past successes, but I fear Wenger is really losing it – this does not make any sense.

    1. How about this one time let us respond to what Wenger actually does and not respond to the rumors that come in by the thousands.

      I made a list of the players coming to Arsenal this summer but gave up when the list went over a hundred. We should be up to 200 players acquired by Wenger this summer if we believe the transfer media.

      I don’t believe one word of it. If it happens, the club will let us know.

  15. Who else is starting to believe Falcao to Man U is bs…read a couple of articles and they are all citing metro as the main source. Buh let’s wait and see

    1. None of us would like that of course – but really only because it means Arsenal won’t get Falcao.

      ManU has a good striker force already – Falcao does not change that significantly. They are hurting mostly in the midfield and are lost with Van Gaal’s tactics. Even Di Maria does not fit in well with the 3 man defense / wingback approach.

      Keep in mind also, Van Gaal’s record is not at all perfect. He left Bayern in disgrace after many players demanded to leave and he completely messed up their defense – even Lahm was lost under Van Gaal.

  16. Falcao to Man U is bs..Read a couple of articles and they are all citing Metro as the main source. #until it’s confirmed

  17. I will give Wenger this window.

    After that I will be hoping we go after Klopp next season.

    I’m sick of Snail-ball.

  18. David Ornstein on twitter:
    @bbcsport_david: Arsenal very unlikely to sign anyone before deadline. Barring late surprise & a couple of squad exits, #AFC business is done #bbcdeadlineday

    Prepare for the malaise because we are not fighting for the league title or CL anytime soon. Everyone will still show up to the games, buy the merchandise, etc. Nothing will change till Wenger leaves.

  19. Got the feeling we’ll end up with Khedira and some obscure striker…it is worth mentioning Diame is now up for sale.

  20. @muffdiver. Mendes is laughing all the way to the bank after Manu say name your price, here’s a blank cheque, how do we compete with that ;-(

  21. 1, No one knows for sure where Wenger is.
    2. No one knows where Dicky Law is.
    3, Falcao loan deal was nuts for anyone – Manure desperate and not fixing their core probs.

    yes – wait until 11.45pm tonite…and then cast your stones as you see fit.

  22. can london-based fans please start boycotting Arsenal matches? First off, you’re being ripped off anyways, and the board doesnt react unless they start losing money. This old man needs out of our club, out dated and is taking a vacation on deadline day. Unambitious, and we are heading straight towards 4th place again. Every gooner knows that already we are going trophyless this season, and were all tired of 4th place, UCL R16 exits, but its going to happen again. Tired of this old fart who is ruining his legacy every year he stays longer.

  23. we should of just got mario when we had a chance he wanted to come to us aswell hes like a giroud but more gifted technically : (

  24. I travel a long way and pay over £200 when I sit in the cheapest seats at home , I am entitled to an opinion as all fans are, I won’t be going to any more games unless he changes what he does or he leaves – wenger out

  25. Puma wanted Falcao at the Emirates?
    Did we spend all our time and effort on this one deal?
    Balo Puma, Reus Puma who else?
    Maybe Puma don’t care now after sanchez shirt sales?

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