Why are Arsenal still getting rough end of referee decisions?

It did not matter too much today because Arsenal were too good for an Everton side that looked as though it was they who had played an away game in Europe less than three days before, but Mark Clattenburg was the latest in a long list of referees that have been hard on Arsenal this season.

The two major incidents were the penalty claim from Alexis Sanchez and he was clipped so whether he fell straight away or after trying to stay on his feet for a set does not make a blind bit of difference. And then the man with the whistle saw something that nobody else did when he ruled out a perfectly good goal from Giroud.

There were other contentious referee decisions as well and they all went against Arsenal, which backs up the theory that they just do not want us to win. Mistakes happen but when they are continually on one side you have to wonder whether there is not something more to it.

Okay we still won today but in a tighter game these sort of decisions would have been costly, just like in the Swansea game recently. And if Giroud’s goal had stood it might have given the striker a much needed and timely injection of confidence for the rest of the season. Instead Arsenal fans are wondering what we have done to keep getting the wrong side of the referee.

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  1. I see FIFA is talking
    bringing in Video
    reviews in 17/18.
    About time.
    All goals should be reviewed.
    All penalties reviewed and all 2nd yellows
    confirmed before a red can be shown.
    Plus all teams should have one challenge each per half.

  2. There was a lot of pushes, kicks and shoves on us that went unpunished – and they were given everything. It looked distinctly biased to me, as Clattenburg couldn’t miss everything. He even gave a goal kick when it was an obvious corner which even Mr Magoo would’ve spotted that.

    It was good that we didn’t let it get us down and lose concentration, as we have done in the past. I think Everton realised that they were not getting penalised for fouls, and were getting the rub of the green on all decisions, so became bolder in their infractions.

    I can only hope that Ozil is OK, and there really should be some sort of FA body to which consistently bad refereeing decisions can be reported.

  3. A good example was the “handsdown” penalty shout when alexis was fouled in the box, but was waved away!

  4. As a general comment, referees have a difficult job, one single view of the incident, not multiple views from all different angles with slow motion and replays. The play acting of the players does not help, trying to con the referee.

    I think we remember bad decisions which go against us, particularly if they affect the result but soon forget those in our favour.

  5. Everton’s Roberto Martinez
    commenting after his sides
    8th home loss said
    “This was a one off ” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Clattenburg. Another in a long line of wa**ers who are useless at their jobs. he would be better employed writing for the exchange and mart

    1. Except Howard Webb said he should have sent mascherano off and given us a penalty when he tripped iwobi

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