Arsenal still has a more expensive squad than Tottenham

Arsenal has underperformed in the last few seasons and has been struggling without Champions League football since 2018.

While they struggle, Tottenham has made significant progress in recent campaigns and has been finishing above them in the Premier League table.

Spurs took the final European spot in the Premier League last season with a 7th placed finish and Arsenal settled for the 8th spot, which means they won’t play in Europe this season.

They have started this campaign poorly again and have three losses from their first three league games of the season.

CIES has now revealed the most expensively assembled squads in Europe and the Gunners still made the top ten.

Despite their poor form in recent seasons, the report reveals that Arsenal has spent more money assembling their current squad than what Premier League leaders, Spurs have.

The report claims that Arsenal has the 9th most expensively assembled squad in Europe after spending £542m on their current players.

Tottenham is 10th and has only spent £472m on their current squad.

Interestingly, Arsenal’s squad is also more expensive than that of Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid.

If money buys success in football, then the Gunners should do better in this campaign for their spending sake.

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  1. The article makes it sound like there is some massive gulf between Spurs and Arsenal. If I recall rightly, Spurs only finished ahead of us last year because of a blatant Harry Kane hand ball in the dying minutes of the season.

    I’m by no means saying we would, or should have been happy with 7th place but let’s not pretend we are in the far distance of the Spurs’ rearview mirror.

    Obviously spotting them nine points to start the season ain’t great but I’m reasonably confident that the gap will disappear by January.

    1. ‘Vogageur’ you are the reason so many fans laugh at us. Spuds finished above us because they are better, pure and Simple. We’ve been behind them for 6 years or so and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Get your head round it.

  2. @ voyageur- I’m with you to a certain extent. Our potential is far better than the Spuds. But despite our squad don’t forget we have a novice manager who has failed miserably in taking the club forward. We “should” be more than capable of making up the nine points by the end of the year. But if Artet is still on charge would you seriously believe it will happen? I don’t.

    1. Honestly Phil, I don’t have an answer to your question. I read some reports from folks who I respect that talk in glowing terms of what Arteta is trying to do and I want to believe them but then “my lying eyes” tell me something else. Kind of like with Xhaka…

      I’ve got more patience with Arteta than most folks on here and I like him. I still think he will make a very good manager for someone at some point but starting to think it sadly won’t be with Arsenal.

  3. This is about how much they’ve paid for their players NOT how much they are worth. Take a look at Transfermarkt and you’ll see that Tottenham’s squad value is about £134 million more than Arsenal’s.

  4. We may have spent more, but Spurs have a better squad than Arsenal in terms of quality & class. They spend less but buy quality & classy players.

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