Arsenal still have as much chance of making Top Four as anybody else

The title is literally anyone’s this year!

After only six games in and only now does it feel more like a title race and I am sure that it is going to be an exciting season. Look at Leicester who destroyed Man City at the Etihad, then lost two home games, only to bounce back against us yesterday. It is a totally unpredictable season!

After Everton were the last team standing in terms of winning streaks this season, they soon fell to a 2-0 defeat to reformed Southampton, to blow this league wide open yet again.

It appears that whether it is down to the current climate or not, and the fact that all players have hardly had a break or preseason given the unprecedented times due to the covid-19 pandemic all teams in the league are inconsistent so far, and all teams have lost at least one game if not more.

On a plus side for Arsenal there will be no unbeaten invincibles season for any of teams in the Premier League this year, so for now the title is still at the Emirates and I hope it always remains there for as long as possible as that is it’s true home.

This is the sort of league us fans thrive on. This is the sort of league we enjoy watching because it is not one sided, anything can happen on any given weekend and nobody is that consistent that you can call them champions.

I know it is still early in the season but last year we grasped the fact that Liverpool looked strong and a lot of people backed them for the title that they eventually went on to lift after going 44 games unbeaten, five just short of our record. However, this season is a little different, this season it is too hard to call on who will take that number one and even those top four spots.

This is how we like it, fair and inconsistent and the longer it goes on the more chance Arsenal has, despite yesterday’s defeat, to get into that top four spot if not first.

This season it is anybody’s title, and long may the competition continue. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. It really is a strange season so I’d never say never to a top 4 place only due to the weirdness of the results across the league so far. Not good enough yet in reality so your view is more than likely. Sitting on the fence springs to mind

  1. They have as much chance as everyone else if everyone else drops points against their closest opponents in the way that Arsenal do. So far this season it’s nine out of nine in three matches lost.

  2. what have you been smoking ?? havent you watched the last 6 games ?? top 6 is even a dream !! 9th at best !! Arteta is going to stand by Laca and that is going and has cost us !! Arteta will play players where he thinks is best pmsl ! Xhaka center back pmsl Auba on the left Saka on the right ?? pmsl !!

  3. Not if they continue playing the way they have been playing in the league – lame, lethargic, listless and without passion.
    Arteta should revert to back-three defending and unleash Bellerin and Tierney as the creative outlets since we lack creativity in the middle. He should stop the tinkering and inject some passion into his players.
    If the overpaid senior players have lost the motivation to play because of their bulging bank accounts, he should deploy the younger players to produce the goods.

  4. Its possible but doubtful, Managers have to stop thinking Xhaka is something special he is not that good a player just mediocre at best Give AMN a crack ,why talk him out of a move if you aren’t going to use him.

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