Arsenal still have everything to play for…. with the fan’s support!

The way that everyone is predicting that Arsenal’s season is already finished, you would think that we are all entering the final weeks of the campaign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are only two-thirds of the way through Premier League fixture list, we are set for a quarter-final game in the FA Cup against another non-League side, and we still have a small chance to keep our Champions League dream alive if we make an amazing comeback at the Emirates in a weeks time, although, as Sir Chips Keswick says, we have made it hard for ourselves. He wrote in a statement: “Everyone, including Arsene, our players, board and staff share our fans’ disappointment at out first leg result against Bayern Munich but we will approach the second leg with professionalism and a desire to reclaim pride.

“Unity has always been one of Arsenal’s strengths as a club.

“We are very focused on producing a positive and exciting closing run and with the support of our fans I believe we can achieve a successful and memorable end to the season.”

“At the time of writing, we sit in fourth place in the league and, with thirteen games remaining, there is everything to play for,” he added.

“We have progressed to the Sixth Round of the Emirates FA Cup and will compete to bring home silverware in this competition for the third time in four years and what would be a record-breaking thirteenth FA Cup trophy.”

Can you imagine if we DID beat Liverpool next weekend and then beat Bayern 4-0 four days later? And then if we cruised past Lincoln into the FA Cup semi-finals? Would everyone be then clamouring for Wenger to sign his new two-year contract?



  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Admini, what your last paragraph has said is totally in line with my thoughts and wishes for our beloved Arsenal. If Arsenal beat Liverpool at Anfield in the League next weekend, crush Lincoln at the Ems later in the FA Cup and knockout Bayern Munich thereafter from this season’s Ucl campaign, then it will be acknowledged in the football circle that Arsenal have steadied their staggering season on track which looked to be staggering in two competitions.

    1. rkw says:

      Anyone who thinks we are still in the EPL hunt needs medical attention fairly quickly … And if on top of that they think we are advancing in the CL …. Then electric shock treatment is probably the only hope …. What you are really saying is that as a wenger junkie I will be happy with 4th place and a shot at the fa cup …. Obviously 10 years of shooting up on this type of mind bending substance makes cold turkey .. Ie the departure of your supplier … a frightening prospect .. I understand that just don’t pretend there is any football logic in what you say …it’s the drug talking!!!!

  2. frank says:

    I like your optimism but even if we beat Liverpool, we won’t beat Bayern 4-0. I can’t see how we could lose to Lincoln and if we do, Wenger should retire that night.
    I really hope Wenger doesn’t sign on for another 2 years. Arsenal need to start fresh for next season and have any chance of winning the Premier League.

  3. hecmanx says:

    Even if we beat Liverpool and bayern Munich and lincoln ARSENE should still live at the end of the season unless we win the ucl. We have seen enough to that wenger us past it, afterall we beat chelsea 3-0 this season but dat was just 1 good result among many bad ones

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