Arsenal still have NLD advantage despite Bayern blow

There was not much for Arsenal fans to cheer about last night, as the German champions Bayern Munich more than made up for losing to the Gunners in London two weeks ago. The 5-1 defeat has the football media and the fans full of criticism for the Arsenal players, especially the defenders, and wondering whether this awful result has given Tottenham a big boost ahead of Sunday┬┤s north London derby.

Well I am here to tell you that it has not, for a number of reasons. Firstly and perhaps most importantly there is the fact that form often goes out of the window in a fiercely fought local derby. How often have we seen a struggling club get back on track by beating their big rivals who were on a good run?

So when the Arsenal and Spurs players run out onto the Emirates pitch on Sunday, any thoughts about what happened in the previous game will be put to one side. Also, the Gunners have proved already this season that a bad night in Europe does not carry on into the Premier League.

After the disaster of losing our second Champions League game at home to Olympiacos, Arsenal produced arguably the best performance of the season to blow Manchester United out of the water and canter to a 3-0 win.

Finally, there is the heavy legs factor and being in the Europa League means that the spuds have one day fewer to recover and prepare. There is a theory that they will rest a few big players, such as Harry Kane, but after losing to Anderlecht last week they really need a result at home to the Belgians.

So if anyone is going to be put at a disadvantage by the games this week it will those from down the road. And if the Arsenal players cab forget about the UCL woes and focus on the Premier League chase, can the fans do the same and make sure that home advantage counts on Sunday?

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  1. Both teams will be tired especially us… we had to chase the whole game against Munich, we have an extra days rest but our main man Alexis isnt firing in all cylinders and understandibly so, Per not good enough to play another game be his 4th in a row, Koss is Inj n Bellerin out along with the rest so not all rosey here for us unfortunatly going into sunday! Ozil/Giroud/Santi will be shattered and thats our main threat incl subs…

    Im worried tbh but keeping optimistic we can grind this one out before the break…
    Arsenal 2-1 Spuds!

    1. suddenly , sanchez is a scapegoat………. But the real goats out ere are mert and debuchy!…… Garbage on the team

    2. But we didn’t chase the whole game. If you check out the mileage done by our players compared to bayern it was almost 50% less. In fact position to position the only player on our side who chased the ball more was cech who put in more mileage than neur.

  2. Nothing says ur ready like being anilihilated 5-1.

    Bothers me our useless defence ruined the game.
    Going forward we could threaten anyone . But lose kos an bellerin an we r screwed

    This cloud will go soon. Until then im gona mope like a punk biznatch.

  3. Your argent went out the window with “form means nothing in a derby” statement.

    Although we got our bottoms spanked by the big boys in the big league we still are the form team in the Premier League and have been for some time.

    Perhaps we should be careful!?

  4. I’m just worried some of our players will starting getting tired and burnt out since we’re missing so many players and can’t rotate. I hope they all don’t play during the international break, and we should be getting 3-4 players back by then. Let’s put our all into smashing spuds then hopefully we can rotate in the coming weeks

  5. Listen Baby Please

    We need to get over that loss quickly
    I don’t want to lose again to Spuds

    We can not let the Bayern loss put us on a road to miserable form. Lets focus on our next match and get back on winning streak

    Lets also hope Ramsey, OX, Walcott, Ospina, Welbeck, Wilshere and Rosicky come back as soon as possible.

  6. Well.. At least the spuds are playing with their strongest 11 tonight… I know its not a nice thing to say but…
    Here goes. … I hope our injury bug blows over to the shadowy parts of north London tonight ??

  7. – Send Chambers on loan
    – Send Iwobi on loan
    – Bring back Akpom
    – Bring back Jenkinson
    – Bring back Gnabry
    – Set Debuchy free
    – Set Campbell free

    1. @Twig
      Chambers just needs a run of matches to sharpen up. You are terribly mistaken if you think either Akpom or Gnabry is better than Campbell.
      Jenks is sorely missed right about now…

    2. Can’t bring back Jenkinson or gnabry under premier league rules.

      Akpom is not playing well and looks way below the level required.

      Chambers, iwobi, Debuchy and campbell are simply not good enough.

      More importantly we need to replace players taking up squad places that are not fit enough, arteta, rosicky, flamini. Then we have injured players like the British core, we canmot keep carrying these 5 Walcott chamberlain, wilshire, Welbeck and ramsey. 2 or 3 yes, but 5! Really?

  8. when fans cried out for an attacker to be signed in summer, i thought they were nuts.. turns out we dont have a capable enough right wing option for us.. as good as ramsey ox maybe welbeck are, they just arnt there.. a tireless skillfull and fast player on the right is surely needed.. but for now, i cant wait for the international break..

    1. I saw a post here yesterday bemoaning our squad depth, saying we have shown our reserves are not good enough.

      The fact is against bayern we were only missing what I consider to be 3 of our first team – bellerin ,koscielny and ramsey, some might argue Walcott is first choice over giroud or Walcott is first choice over ramsey. But for me giroud is our best no.9 in most games, Walcott really is a false 9 or right winger.

      Our problem is and has been for years, injuries and the failure of our manager to recognise that. First he runs with a 22 man squad, then he loans out some 12/13 players that would usually fill in for injuries to that 22. Instead thinking 17,18 year olds can do the job of 20/21 year olds.

      What we need is for wenger to recognise this, write off the old boys that are always injured, sign some new players and stop loaning out players that we bloody need.

      Still roll on Sunday, beat the swampies and then take a deep breath. The title is well in our grasp and so is champions league qualification. If we cannot beat Zagreb and olympiakos by 2 goals, whilst bayern secure top spot by beating olympiakos, I will be really surprised. if we don’t we don’t the we don’t deserve a place in the top 16 of europe, it is as simple as that.

      1. After watching the total rubbish we served up in the first two games and the game in Munich, I would say we don’t deserve to go through now. It was embarrassing, they couldn’t have beaten a championship team playing like that.

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