Arsenal still have to improve to challenge for title

We are all very happy Arsenal chappies at the moment after seeing the Gunners win our sixth straight game in the Premier League, but we all know in our hearts that we have been riding our luck and dicing with misfortune. After totally dominating Swansea we let them back in and were struggling to keep our lead after being reduced to ten men in the last 20 minutes.

And of course in the previous game at Burnley we couldn’t break down the defensive set up and got a very fortunate goal in the dying minutes from Laurent Koscielny’s handball. If we are really going to challenge for the title we are going to have to learn to carry on dominating for the whole 90 minutes, and Arsene Wenger agrees.

“I think that we [need to] keep our rigorous attitude,” Le Prof said. “We are a playing side, and you see that when we are 2-0 up.

“Suddenly the playing takes over, but the rigorous attitude is always to do what the game demands. I believe that today maybe we were a bit too easy at 2-0, thinking ‘OK, we’ll win the game today’.

“In the Premier League, we have to be conscious in every single game.

“But after the first game against Liverpool, you could not predict that we would be where we are today. That means what is at stake for us is to show that we can maintain that run over a longer distance.

“We are all conscious that we still have some things to improve and that we have to go a step higher up.”

We have had a reasonably easy run of games to take us up to joint top, but once the more difficult games come along we are definitely going to need to step up or risk being exposed as wannabees without the killer streak.

How can Wenger stop the players from being complacent when we take the lead?

Darren N


  1. Maybe we could get the players to only take the lead when there are only seconds left in the game. Like against Burnley 😉

  2. OT when I click on home button or an article I get a full page advert for ford ka which locks the screen for about 10 seconds. Been happening for a couple of days. Very irritating, does anyone else have the problem?

    1. I have contacted my ad supplier to find out if it’s anything to do with them. If so it will be removed immediately. I hate popups…

  3. If Arsenal can maintain the way they play now then it’s OK for me so long as they are wining games.The only thing I’m concerned about is that at 2-0 up complacency sets in and they start making costly errors so they(Arsenal) should try and work on this aspect. One thing I have realized with Arsenal is that they like things the hard way, they would play better and show more hunger if they were losing ?

  4. Of course, it is not possible to dominate all games through out the 90 minutes as the opposite teams are also coming to the pitch to play and win it. However, it is possible to avoid complacence by being focused and conscious at each games and moments. Moreover, having a proper game plan and tactical approach is vital for visionary team. Keep it up Gooners.

  5. For the first time in 5 years I feel we have an amazing first team and we have also plenty of players we can rotate with. If Ramsey/Giroud/Welbeck are all healthy we have an amazing amount of depth. We can properly compete in EPL, FA, CL and EPL.

    It is paramount we keep rotating. So against Ludogoretz we should play.

    Bel Kos Gab Gibbs
    Xhaka, Elneny
    Ox Ozil Iwobi

    Bench: Alexis, Mustafi, Monreal, Coquelin, Cech, JRA, Cazorla

    If we go ahead comfortable take of Ozil and Koscielny

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