Arsenal still in but Man City and United OUT of title race?

If the current season ended as it is now then Arsenal would continue the remarkable record of qualifying for the Champions League, but you would have to see it as a disappointment as we would have slipped back from runners up to the same old fourth place that had people calling it the Wenger trophy.

On the other hand, there are six very strong clubs fighting for the EPL title, or at least there were until recently, so it is likely to be harder than ever to get one of those top four spots and there are going to be fans of two clubs set to be disappointed in a few months from now.

The reason I say until recently is that Metro has reported the theory of Jamie Carragher that there are now just four of us left in the title race. After the weekend’s games saw Man City heavily beaten at Everton and Man United held to a draw by Liverpool at Old Trafford, Carragher feels that the current top four are the only teams capable of winning it.

United are four points behind Arsenal and 12 off the top while City are two points better off, but as the former defender points out their vastly inferior goal difference counts as another point, but is he right? Only two points between us and City seems a bit minimal but perhaps the fact that they have had some awful games and results should be taken into account.

City just do not seem to be able to get it together on a consistent basis and although United’s form is better they are a long way back. If Carragher is right it is good news for our own title hopes but can Arsenal stay in touch and maybe even close the gap and make things interesting when we face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in a couple of weeks?



  1. PRINCE AFZ says:

    All 6 teams are still in the race depending on how accumulate points before the end of the season.

  2. Vlad says:

    When you mention Carragher’s name, it pretty much loses all credibility right away. It’s like saying “Metro is reporting that Wenger has resigned”. There are still 17 games to play this season, and the way I see it, there are still 6 teams that remain in the title race. Chelsea look to be favorites at the moment, but I’m sure there’s going to be more twists and turns come end of May.

    1. Jansen says:

      I think there will be many twists and turns like you say Vlad, but Chelsea look the part even without Costa. I expect more twists and turns between ourselves, Man U and City (and possibly Liverpool) than between Arsenal and Chelsea. I could see us close the gap to 3 or 5 points but to win the PL we would possibly have to gain 9 points on them whilst we have looked inconsistent.

      An absolute MUST for the scenario in which we catch them is that we beat them head-to-head IMO.

  3. Jansen says:

    I have to agree with Carragher. Although of course mathematically even Everton are still in it. Realistically City and Man U face a big battle. Not only do they need Chelsea to drop double-digit points, they also have to hope none of the teams above them make a run for it.

    Chelsea look strong and don’t look like they will drop too many points, they can afford to draw against the other top 6 teams whilst we need to beat them.

    I would consider a top 4 finish the best we can do and half of me would be very happy with that outcome. Finishing outside the top 4 would be a disaster for a club like Arsenal. We don’t have the money, ambition (of the owner), or the reputation, to spend and attract the world’s best players like Man U or City could should they finish outside the top 4.

  4. gmv8 says:

    Of course they’re not out of it. It wasn’t that long ago that the Spuds were 7 points behind us, and Citeh were winning every game with plenty to spare. Things turn around so quickly, even more so with all the egos and volatility that brings, in the Premier League…

  5. Wayne Barker says:

    It’s Chelsea ‘s title to lose, just as it was Leicester ‘s last year. We can all pretend to comoete but the battle is for 2 -4 and we better be in that. United and city can easily swap positions with us and spurs so let us not relax and pretend we are in the race.

    1. Wayne Barker says:

      To be a contender *

  6. georgie b says:

    And lets not forget Le Spuds.

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