Arsenal still in EPL title race after Chelsea draw?

Arsene Wenger declared that Arsenal were not about to concede defeat in the race for the Premier League title, even before we managed to beat an in form Hull City yesterday, so I wonder what the Frenchman thinks about our chances today.

The gap between the Gunners and the league leaders Chelsea had stretched to a massive and daunting looking 12 points after we lost back to back games against Watford and the Blues themselves, but Sean Dyche and his Burnley side did us a big favour today by holding Chelsea to a draw at Turf Moor, or did they?

Our manager may say that we are still in the EPL title race but do we fans share that same optimism? It would still take a miracle to be honest, or even two miracles because Chelsea have to hit a wall and drop at least 10 points from their remaining 13 league games and that would still need us to win all of ours.

That is not out of the question but it is fairly unlikely, as we still have away games against Liverpool, Tottenham and Stoke and home games with Manchester United and Man City. Chelsea have a few tough games as well but can you really see them dropping 10 points? That is the bare minimum and Arsenal have Champions League and FA cup matches to cope with as well.

So have Burnley kept our Premier League hopes alive or simply prolonged the inevitable?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Three cheers for Burnley… Hip Hip Hooo ??.
    We’re gonna need a lot more teams like Burnley for them to hand us the title under Wenger lol ? cause we sure can’t win it without their help.?

  2. Twig says:

    Spurs still in EPL title race after Chelsea draw?
    Man City still in EPL title race after Chelsea draw?
    Burnley still in EPL title race after Chelsea draw?

  3. Vlad says:

    Anything is possible… until mathematically no one can catch up to Chelsea, I’d say all of top 6 clubs are in the title race. As an example, last season Spurs needed 3 points from their last 4 games to secure 2nd place. Everyone and their grandma thought they had it in the bag, but they drew two, lost two, and we pipped them to it.

  4. JAmerican says:

    Seriously though. If we’re out of the title race not to say we’ll win it, how are the other teams better off than us looking at the table? If Arsenal are out of the title chase then you might as well crown Chelsea champions right now. Chelsea still have to face the other top teams and there are more teams like Burnley out there that will put in a shift, just like Watford recently did to us. This is why this league to me is the best in the world because anyone can beat anyone on the day. We just have to focus on ourself and take it game by game.

    1. Twig says:

      “how are the other teams better off than us looking at the table?”

      ‘cos we’re bottlers

  5. luvdaguns says:

    we are out of this title race because the way we are playing, not because we are down by 10 pts… must say, fun to watch LC go from first last yr to this garbage now, vardy & mahrez left a winning lottery tickets on the table, crazy

  6. truegunner12 says:

    No because Burnley have one of the best home records of any team in the EPL. I think the third best or second after Chelsea. It wasn’t too much of a stretch that Chelsea drew with Burnley away. Overall the weekend will have been a positive one for them as they have stretched their lead to 10 and none of their rivals gained a positive net outcome on their lead unless City wins and their gap gets closed to 8.

    That’s the team we should be wary of because City are gaining steam and will not only be two points ahead of us of they win but have the experience in their squad for a late title charge as they’ve done it more than once.

  7. fullmetalalc says:

    The only way WE have a chance(just chance) at the title is that we gain 39/39 points and end up at 89. That’s the only way. The problem is us having 0 mentality and not Chelsea being 10 points ahead. I blame the fans including myself just as Wenger. Our home crowd is really atrocious.

  8. arsenal_canada says:

    Nope. Should have shown up against teams we droped points against. Those crap results were down to either horrible perfmances or no spirit. I hope the players feel some regret and look back at what those results meant. I think we should try a 433 in Munich. Drop ozil and put ox in between Coq and xhaka. Welbeck and Perez either side of Sanchez.

    1. Bobbyraz says:

      this is the idealformation for arsenal sadly wenger will never change he will persist with his failed experiments

  9. Onochie says:

    I knew this article would come. Then am also expecting another article on how bayern’s late win in their last game can help Arsenal beat them. Some fans are very funny. If city wins tomorrow,then they would be the ones with a slight hope,as they can be better motivated than Arsenal players. Read Ferdinand’s interview about Arsenal and he was just spot on.

  10. tweety says:

    a win for city tomorrow we will drop to 4th place and only two points more then manu. say that chelsea lose three matches that it is impossible, the teams above us also have to lose. so where are the chances we will be champions = gooner for ever

  11. Juhi McLovin says:

    We are joint top scorers in the league. I can’t remember the last time that happened?

    However, that has come with a cost: we have conceded 10 goals more than Chelsea and Tottenham. 8 clean sheets in 25 matches. That’s Wenger should look at right now.

    Coquelin MUST return to his old self. No doubt Wenger has tried to mold him into a Pirlo-type of CDM, but it won’t work. You don’t learn to distribute long balls at 25-years of age, just forget it.

    Return Coquelin to his old self: interceptor, tough tackling, breaking up play, professional fouler, taking yellows for the team. That’s what we need. He really shouldn’t even be near the opposition box! He can’t shoot nor is he as quick with his feet as our other forwards.


    1. Nebsy says:

      Thank you for talking sense.

  12. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we had beaten Chelsea we would have been in the race.

    We would have been 6 points behind
    Then right now we would have most likely been 4 points behind

    Chelsea won’t lose 10 points from 13 matches

    And nothing from our teams performances shows me that we can win ALL our remaining matches

    We can just hope we win most and finish as strong as possible

    1. Budd says:

      You know, while nothing would made me happier by beating Chelsea, I have had enough of this media garbage spouting Arsenal lost the title by allowing champions free run. What the fsck are other teams do? Like last year, when we did our job to stop Leicester as we could. The irony is that they thought Spuds were challenging for the title after being miles away from the top spot for longer period. Idiots.
      Oh, forgot to say this. Stop with this nonsense that we will win the title. Not with this game, anyway.

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