Arsenal still in race for Schneiderlin transfer?

The Arsenal transfer rumours this week have been moving us further and further away from the hope of securing the transfer of Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, to the extent that the papers today had all but signed the Frenchman for our Premier League rivals Manchester United and moved Arsene Wenger on to the pursuit of the Chile international midfielder Artuto Vidal.

But as we know, it is not the football media that does the transfer business at Arsenal and until we hear for sure, we just have to wait and hope that the boss is on the ball. So maybe we should not be quite so quick to forget about Schneiderlin, especially after and ESPN report revealed that the player himself has not made up his mind on where to continue his career next season.

The report claims that the 25-year old is considering offers from a couple of clubs at the moment. Now one of those could be our north London rivals Tottenham, who have been linked with him and are coached by his former boss Pochettino. After Schneiderlin declared the wish to play in the Champions League was one of the biggest reasons for his move though, you would think that Spurs was not an option.

So could Arsenal still be in the running for this proven Premier League star?

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      1. Yes muff we would probably end up with none of them. Sad to say this but I just can’t see neither deals happening. Why do we have so many articlels regarding useless transfer rumours??? We need to put a stop to this

        1. I would still prefer getting Carvalho if he is available for less than 20 mil. He is a proper DM and built like a tank. Exactly what we need in a 3 man midfield alongside any 2 out of Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere or Ramsey.

          1. @Karansaga, we might just be the only 2 people who think we should get W. Cavalho.
            The guy is as you said, built like A TANK.
            And that’s an ARMOURED TANK.
            I hope we sign him at a reasonable price.

      2. I was excited about Morgan. Smart skillful player. Vidal seems like a red card waiting to happen. Mad skill, less composure. Would of preferred MS. We should be worried about the strengths of the other teams. Depay and Schneider. Mings, Milner, Firmino, and Clyne! Unless we sign quality players in multiple positions, it will be a tough year.

  1. We have bigger fish to fry..bring Arturo Vidal please..we need truly world class signings..Morgan is decent but I doubt if he is an improvement on Le Coq..Vidal please Man U can have Morgan..

    1. schneiderlin is an improvement over coq. slightly less so defensively but much better at the build up and going forward. He would improve our current squad.

      1. For stat fans out there… should look up Vidal v Morgan. Morgan is the better defensive midfielder, way more interceptions. Vidal won more tackles but he made considerably more attempts ending with 47% success rate. Schneiderlin didnt make as many attempts but pulled more off percentage wise. Aerial, Schneiderlin again… hands down.

        It was around the penalty box were Vidal shone compared the Frenchman. I was very surprised at how much superior Morgan was at intercepting than Vidal , blew him away. I thought Vidal would have been quite adept at this considering his high tempo pressing game. Intelligence or picking your moments might account.

        Do we even have to ask about passing… Schneiderlin. Morgan is also PL experienced, less adjustment.

        Vidal has been playing further forward than MS, however, there is defending to be done no matter your starting position and especially when being a midfielder and your team without the ball. Although the area where Vidal outshone MS (attacking) could be attributed to his further forward position.

        1. You offer a good example and explanation of the value and limitation of stats. “Vidal won more tackles, (but made considerably more attempts)” What has more value the #of tackles or the tackles-won percentage or do we disregard both??

          I like stats but it depends on the stat (not all created equal) and even reliable stats don’t always tell the whole story. Some combination of stats and pure analysis is probably the best way to go.

          Example: Poldi was the best finisher in the league with Arsenal (goals per minutes, goals scored vs. shots on goal, etc). That means he was better than many will admit, but it very obviously does not make him the best attacker in the league by any stretch of any imagination because those stats do not reveal his limitations and weaknesses.

          My favorite unreliable stat is PASSING accuracy. It can be revealing or it can mean virtually nothing. If a player makes all simple 5 yard back passes to open defenders he will have good stats and will likely help very little in the attack.

          1. I tend to agree. The only reason i went to the stats of these players is because of how Vidal is perceived to be a world beater by many. I was expecting some pretty great stats, even though they can be deceiving i was expecting top intercepting from Vidal giving the type player he is.

            Interceptions, it was that one that threw me. I dont think you can really go wrong with that kind of stat.

            The passing stat like you say that is not reliable, however we have all seen MS and his range of passing on a regular basis. But still, you have a point because if Vidal is further forward it is harder to pick a pass.

            One thing i will say in Vidals favor, i could envisage his stamina strength speed aggression and tenacity going a long way to winning a midfield battle. Morgan too, not as aggressively though. Vidals energiser bunny quality would help us bully opponents into submission, only if he can keep disciplined within DM.

      1. What makes you so sure we aint getting Vidal? Well, if the deal is about to go through please try all you can to stop it, (not hard to distinguish spurs from true gunners)

        1. he’s just not deluded is all. Can’t believe people are buying this Vidal rubbish. Stop getting people’s hopes up for no reason. He’s not coming.

          1. Guys guys guys. ..The secret about remaining sane during Arsenal’s transfer dealings is to have very little or no expectations at all.
            Trust me, it works.

      2. The chances of you being correct is about 99.999% because that is the reliability rate of transfer media stories.

        Yet at least the title of this one article is technically correct. Unless another club or league OFFICIALLY announces a contract signing, Arsenal is still technically “in the race” for Vidal.

        (Of course this also assumes that Arsenal were ever even interested in Vidal. Has Arsenal publicly expressed an interest? I doubt it).

        1. Exactly mohawk and the problem is now when we don’t get him the knives will be out – for “failing” in something we never set out to achieve. Vidal is one of the few players specifically named in recent interviews with Wenger and he straight-batted it with a “not interested”, “we have quality midfielders” etc. Not quite as dismissive as when Wenger was asked last year about Balotelli coming to Arsenal – first time I’d seen him look almost indignant he was asked something so stupid.

          This has all the hallmarks of that geezer in the know at Napoli saying Higuain was a 90% certainty and the Secret Agent dude giving it large about Schneiderlin to Arsenal was in the bag a long time ago. Whatever Wenger does we won’t see it coming – he is the stealth bomber of the transfer window.

    2. Vidal is a box to box he is not a DM and a DM we need… let me put it like this Vidal will try grab glory by getting goals (much like flamini) we will not take up true glory like Coquelin who knows his job is not to attack but to protect our back 4…not go for gaols but look hold up play when we are getting hit with a counter until the rest of the team get back into play…Someone who will get battered and bruised but not lose his temper or cool but instead battle get in good tackles and disturb the opponents Rhythm…

      1. Now with all that in mind can you really really say Vidal can do all that mainly the not attacking and keeping his head cool??

        That’s why I personally don’t think we can bring him in as DM…

    3. I know coquelin was solid last term but you doubt if Schneiderlin is better? That “doubt” is just the bias clouding your judgement, schneiderlin is a significant improvement on Coquelin. If roles were reversed every Arsenal fan would want to see more of Coquelin before attempting to sign him, 5months is nothing.

  2. i trust the fact wenger let morgan join man u , when he preferred move to arsenal, is because he believes le coq is good enough an we can have cheaper alternative as a back up for a hurt or limp coq

    1. that cheaper alternative is Arteta and Flamini :/. We won’t survive one month in a title race without a quality CDM.

    2. Sadly true, Wenger thinks lecoq is enough…he would say we got jack no DM this summer guys, don’t get excited for nothing. Keep your hopes down low….

        1. Sean is no doubt not an official mouth piece for AW. But I too suspect he is right. With Arteta, and other possible makeshift solutions available I believe he will not be boosting us in this area.

          It’s a Shame, but conversely, a lot of the positive ideas on here will also not be AWs thoughts.

    3. thats like when Wenger passed on Gareth Bale because he didn’t want him to interfere with Clichy’s development.sigh

      1. How could we know that Clichy would turncoat and Bale would become a powerful striker slash midfielder. I know Wenger is special when spotting talent but some do sneak past the eye. Hes only human after all… “judge not lest ye be judged”, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

    4. Your reasoning is solid except………

      We don’t know if any of these media stories are true or not. What makes these stories any more reliable than any others?? Maybe NONE of it is true?

  3. If we get Schneiderlin than no need for Vidal. Unless we sell wilshere to City. My favourite line up with Schneiderlin.

    Bel, Gab, Kos, Mon
    –Walcott, Alexis

    4,4,2 If we get Vidal & Schnederlin Wilshere gets dropped.

    Again a squad that allows us to rotate freely and get us many goals.

    1. You always come up with a line up once we are linked with almost anyone. Just wondering…

        1. We want goals but don’t want to play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 because we need to accommodate Coq or Cazorla. Even with our 4-2-3-1 we don’t have width. Width comes form our left back and right back.

    2. I suspect you just have selected your favorite players and tried to fit them on the pitch together. The big problems – no Cazorla and using Wilshere and Ramsey on the wings. Seriously??

  4. an please lads…stop with the vidal bs…

    he and his family love turin (his words)
    the club an fans love him there (there words)
    juventus constantly win titles an compete properly in europe

    why would he leave! its his agent causing this mischief
    arturo vidal for 21 million…hahahaha yeah right

    1. Exactly, the 21 mil part is fishy….he’s worth at least 40-45 mil in today’s market. Why juventus would sell him for 21???and why no other clubs interested??and since when we sign two players before the window even opens????Vidal is false news, don’t believe what you hear and read these days.

      1. No sell on value. If he doesnt fulfill his promise or gets some lengthy injuries it is allot to pay. For me 25m would be the ceiling. Its not like he was this world class player for years, he only really start gaining massive approval within the last two seasons. How much did Juve pay?

    2. I agree muff – problem is that it is probably the least bs rumour out there at the moment (not saying much I know) and people will feed on it. IMO it has a 5% credibility rating rather than the bog-standard zero-rated ones we normally wrestle with. The bookies have it odds-on with about the same odds as Pogba, De Bruyne or Delph to City, Begovic to Chelsea etc. Shows you how dodgy it is to look at the bookie’s odds though – would have thought home-grown Delph to City was at least a 100 times more likely than Pogba, and Begovic would be nailed on. Hey ho.

  5. wont lie i rate morgan schneiderlin, i watched some of his games this season like his combative style an would have welcomed him.
    dont like that hes going to united…he will vastly improve them

    heres hoping we have ace up our sleeves

  6. Vidal has just crashed his private helicopter into the Emirates whilst under the influence whilst arriving for his medical and unveiling tomorrow.

    Check hTeeTeePee://

  7. I wish the Vidal rumour was somewhere between 40 to 45 mil, then it would have made scence. He’s actually one of the best midfielders in the world. I’m upset with the fact that you can’t rely on any news these days.

  8. Thing is if Man U want him they will get him. He’s a very good player but not the end of the world. I just wish all our work was done now but like every yeah we all live in hope. I just get this feeling that AW will play jack and Francis In front of the back with jack pushing forward a little. We still have Matthew and Mikael for at least one mor year. I think this is jacks best possible place. We do need to tighten up at the back because of BFG being so slow. And AW won’t get rid of our friendly German. Just 3 players and a very good utility player Is all that is needed

      1. 1. Not really so much like Coq.
        2. Still need 2 players for every position even if he was.

        But you are probably right. Arsenal will LIKELY not get him because……..

        Most rumors are nonsense.

  9. Hernan Feler a journalist in Chile, who was one of the first to break the news about Sanchez. Has said we have signed Vidal and the deal has been done for some time.

  10. It is amazing to even think that some people think that Morgan is better than Vidal..I repeat this if Morgan was that good why has he just made four appearances for his country??how many Champions league appearances has he made?considering that he will be 26 next month( not a youngster anymore)

  11. How do people see Schneiderlin fit in the Arsenal system. Replace Coq, backup to Coq or along side Coq. I honestly think he is better going forward and a bit less so defensive. Schneiderlin will get more play time than le Coq.

    If Vidal comes it is not to bench Ramsey, but more to have a tough tackeling going forward two some. Ramsey & Vidal. A bit like Pogba & Vidal. I can’t see Vidal playing the pure CDM role .

  12. If Vidal comes there will be a headache over our talented midfielders

    I want Vidal to come as he is definitely WC but what happens to Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere and Coquelin?

    A problem will be an abundance of midfielders: Vidal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini

    If all are fit, which will be rare with our injuries, Ozil and Vidal will start every time. That leaves really one spot for either Ramsey, Cazorla or Wilshere

    Debuchy Koscielny Mertsacker Montreal
    ??????? Vidal
    Walcott/OX …Ozil….Alexis

    Wenger does not rotate regularly. I see Wilshere and Coquelin on the bench and either Cazorla or Ramsey in center with Vidal. Probably Coquelin and Wilshere will focus on FA Cup and League Cup duties

    Again getting Vidal will be awesome because he is WC and never had a bad season his whole career.

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