Arsenal STILL need a new manager – but not Mourinho!

That’s as far as we’ll go with Arsene by KM

After the 13th successive failure to beat Chelsea, Arsene showed that despite a good run, Arsenal are still not at the level required to be title contenders. Why’s that? Well this year is just another repeat of the Arsenal season. We finish strong, end up in the top 4 but the hope remains for next season.

The Chelsea game was the real test. The League is pretty average this year. The top teams in England are in total shake up. Liverpool pretend to be a big club because of their history, but in truth, they had one Suarez that almost brought them the title and after he left, they have pretty much average players.

Man City throws bags of money at average players (Fernando, Fernandinho, Mangala and so on – all 30m +) and in truth their starting line up from 4 years ago still relies on Yaya Toure, Aguero and Silva. They appoint average managers who get sacked after a season or two and yet they won two League titles, which speaks volumes about the quality of the league at the moment.

Man United are a shadow of Ferguson. They spend a fortune on players who have the quality but Van Gaal managed to destroy their confidence and now they look like mid-table players. And despite all that, United is looking like making it into the Top Four.

No wonder English teams are struggling in Europe. Even Chelsea got exposed in Europe. Because their squad is not really that good. Apart from Hazard and Courtois, the rest is not too good. That’s why we should have beaten them. But we have a mental problem. Arsene has a mental problem, just like he has against United and pretty much all the top teams.

Don’t get fooled by two wins in Manchester. We still crashed out of the CL against Monaco and besides both Manchester clubs are far from their best. We might win the FA cup but if we want to be close to the European elite we need a change.

This is the richest league. We made the stadium move and even Wenger himself said that money is no longer the issue. So what is the issue then? A smart manager would dominate this league, because the top clubs are in a rebuilding state.

We should appoint someone like Guardiola. Someone coming of the back of huge success and lots of trophies. A manager with style that will be given the task of getting Arsenal to the highest level. Put us on par with Barcelona and Bayern. Give us a competitive chance.

This will not happen with Arsene. Football has changed drastically in 20 years, but Arsene hasn’t. He was ahead of the game, but now he’s behind. But despite all that, he still has far more class than Mourinho. Arsene may not win the title again, but one thing you couldn’t say about Arsenal is that we are boring.

That statement coming of the mouth of a person, who has taken the word beautiful out of the game, for the sake to win a piece of silver sprayed iron is irony itself. The way both teams approached the game showed the marginal difference of philosophy. The beauty and the beast. I thought Ozil and Ramsey were fantastic, but in truth we were tired.

Still we tried to play football. Something Mourinho will never be capable of doing. That’s why he hates Arsene so much. Even though he’s got his number, he’s still jealous that we’ve got style and he doesn’t.

That’s that from me. Have a flying week!

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. I agree,Arsenal need a new manager but only after Wenger finishes his contract.
    Do I think we can be a major threat with him as manager,no.
    The reason is that when he has all his players healthy he insist on playing some out of position,against the balance of the team.
    Technically he is a great coach but he is stuborn.He has the team to beat anyone with the goog combination and tactic but contrary to Maurreno he only chooses them well when his choices are limited.Lately we have been playing with 3 midfield and we had no speed and with on the wings.Even if Ramsey do a good job,that job is not done on the wing,he cuts back to the middle.
    Let s be honnest,few coachs would have managed to stay in CL for 19 years like he did,the man is effiscient,he is just not the extra level but who are,only a few can be cited.

    1. Your spot on Grim Bligh,its not a coincidence that our good form b4 an after the Spurs defeat coincided with so many injuries(Ozil,Ramsey Wiltshere,Arteta,Giroud,Walcot etc).Thee injuries forced wenger to play a team that was actually very balanced like against Man City,were we had the O giving us width on the right.i was beginnning to think that wenger had finally seen the light,then he goes back to playing Ramsy on the right,which makes us limited going 4ward no width.If we are being honest we have to say that if Arteta had been fit Coquelin would never had been given a chance,this fact alone gives me nagging doubt Wenger.Bein realistic theres no chance of Wenger leaving b4 his contract is up,but unless he wakes up an starts clearing out the deadwood(Arteta,Flamini,Podolski,Rosicky maybe,Diaby,Wojech,maybe even Mertsacker),an realising some home truths,like the fact that Giroud is a good striker but not the world class striker that will win us the CL.Then we can’t win the biggest trophies and this is too much for Wenger only a new man can achieve all this.
      Till Arsene goes we won’t really compete

      1. Wenger knows exactly how good each player is. Your saying a few home truths knowing Grioud isn’t world class. He can only work with the team he’s got he praises him and rightly so he’s been brilliant this season but Wenger knows he’s not the best striker ever. He’s not get anyone else because there’s not been anyone much better available really.

        History tells you the teams that spend the most win the league our spending has been no where close and we’ve not been too far off finishing above a lot of teams with higher spends consistently every season. That tells me Wenger can compete.

        1. nonsense,there are many players out there better than Giroud mate,try watchin some other leagues

      2. I agree with most of what you explained above. But 1 draw doesn’t make all of a sudden arsene a bad manager. no wonder people say arsenal fans are the most plastic in the league.
        The biggest problem in our team at the moment is Ozil and cazorla. people don’t see it because of their quality. We cannot have both of them on the team and play rambo out wide. there is no width. We can’t stretch the good defences. Fa CUp semi and Chelsea are evidences.
        Our best team has been the team that Played against manchester City.


        Bell ————–Per—————-Boss——-nacho




        this team had no weaknesses. there was width. there was work rate . there was counter attack. Then when ozil came back we started playing him out wide now we have brought ozil to the middle and played Rambo out wide.

        We are trying to play all our best players but the team is clearly not balance. On a big pitch like Wembly we had no width because rambo was out wide.

        One of Ozil or cazorla or rambo Must be benched. There is absolutely no need in forcing them all on the pitch at thesame time. look at the team that won United away in FA Cup

        ————————–Sir ScZ———————–

        Bell ————–Per—————-Boss——-nacho




        Its easy to see why we beat Both City and United. The team was balance. Ox and Alexis on the wings and giving protection to fullbacks. they are also capable of transitioning from defence to attack at the speed of light. We have width and can make the pitch bigger by stretching the fullbacks.

        In both games one of Rambo or Ozil has been missing from the start. Now wenger is trying to force ozil cazorla and rambo into the team. It will work against shit teams. Any decent team will give us a fight and run for our money as we have NO width or pace.

        The problem is who to bench between OZIL CAZORLA AND RAMBO? thats why wenger get paid. to pick the team. he must bench one of this guys in the very big games.

        1. I think it is well known that as a fan-base we are the most volatile, most prone to knee-jerking, and generally ungrateful of all the top clubs, with a sense of entitlement that other fans laugh at. The biggest irony of all is that in all likelihood, if it wasn’t for Wenger we would all be conditioned to think and dream in the way a Newcastle, Villa, Everton or dare I say it Spud fans do at present and our aspirations would be way lower. We were in general decline in the post war decades, 1971 was a welcome blip and George Graham bought more welcome success in the late 80s early 90s. But we were on a downward path in the four years (1992-96) before Wenger came – our history could have been very, very different. We were outside the worlds top 25 clubs in terms of revenues in 1996 – we have been consistently top 10 since. We have a global brand now – something we never had. We ditched a traditional 38,000 capacity stadium for the a new 60,000 seater stadium, won 3 PL titles and 5 FA cups, had an Invincible team. And I am guessing that 70-80% of posters on here became Gooners between 1998 and 2004. All this, and the 10 years of “pain” felt since is all largely Wenger’s fault. Never mind United’s 25 year hiatus not winning the league, nor Chelski’s 50 year wait or City’s 40 year wait or Pool never winning PL in 23 years – we being the Arsenal have no right waiting 10 years (and counting). Yeah right. Qualifying top 4 is now seen as worthless, pointless and without merit because we are unlikely to win it. FA cups are now mickey mouse.

          Why oh why do we have to put up with this – all this could easily be solved with a new manager (like Martinez, oh no wait… Rodgers, oh no wait, no like Koeman…..I mean Klopp, no Simeone… it has to be Guardiola the miracle worker who won titles at Barca and Bayern). Oh, I forgot to spend some money – say £150M per annum for a few seasons. PL and UCL nailed on guaranteed then because we are the Arsenal and we really, really deserve it.

          1. Ungateful?what are you sayng fans can’t have a dfferent view to you?not in the top 25 in the world for revenue i 96?most of the teams in england weren’t in the top 25,back then the italian league had all the money,most of the teams in the epl are now in the top 30 due to tv revenues not Wenger,although itmust be admitted that Wenger was a visionary taking the club 4ward and helping it grow,but hes taken us as far as he can mate

            1. I am saying that a lot of the fans of big, historically important clubs who have been in the wilderness for decades, proper die-hard fans of lower league teams who have never had any success whatsoever in their history, neutral observers and fans who have Arsenal as their “2nd team”, many European/American/Asian/African football observers and commentators, impartial and esteemed top-level coaches/managers and even our direct rival fans will say Arsenal fans moan WAY too much.

            2. true goon. Course I am not saying you can’t have a different view – works both ways, I have a different view to you that is all. Accept your point on revenue to an extent – the landscape has changed in favour of PL teams across the board but we have grown ours ahead of the average . What I should have mentioned is the club’s investment worth/valuation – only Real, Barca, Bayern and Man U are ahead of us – we have improved massively since 1996 in this respect.

  2. “Apart from Hazard and Courtois, the rest is not too good.”

    Matic, Costa, Fabregas, Oscar, Terry are not that good???

    1. How much of those players would get into the Barcelona, Bayern or Real starting line up ? Not 1. So please, they are not that good. It’s just that the league at the moment is struggling that such players, dominate it with such ease. PSG beat Chelsea with 10 man, and thats a team from the french league 1.

      1. I think Hazard, Matic, Costa, Fabregas and Terry could… no i’m not a chelsea fan, i’m just being honest

        1. Hazard could,clarely Fabregas wouldn’t,neither would Costa(Suarez?),terry would though,2 out of 5,Matic wouldn’t get ahead of Busquets

  3. I suppose the score was a reflection of the situation. 10 points apart on the table, Chelsea not really having to win and us knowing that a win wouldn’t make a lot of diffrence in the title race. If things had been closer the game might have been entirely different. That said it was a pretty good game.

  4. Just watched the highlight and can’t believe we didn’t win the game.. That performance could give us a 3 to 4 nil victory.. While we didn’t win ytd, believe me this team is massive..

      1. Ofcourse, he should be blamed, when he won, he is praised, thats part of job. Without criticism there is no progress. But really there is no rational explanation for Ramseys position, you have to bench one, Cazorla, Ozil or Ramsey, what if Sanchez was injured? Would Wilshere play on his position?

        1. Thanks Almir. for the first time someone is agreeing with me here. We are fitting square pegs into round holes. We wanted a good squad full of competition. So that means benching one of the top Midfielders. Every big club has got this problem.

          rambo Ozil and cazorla clearly do not represent the best team. Infact cazorla is wasted playing too deep. We want 2 good players per position.

          DM COQ and new DM
          B2B Rambo and jack
          AM Ozil and Cazorla.

          We cant go about trying to play them all. We needed width. We could have take ozil or cazorla off around 55-60 mins and bring Theo for the last 30 mins. But no we left it till around 80 minutes. What can you do in 10 mins?????

          1. exactly, and i really doubt Ox would start even if he was fit, so that leads me to question, why does he plays 433 when obviously you need 2 wingers for that formation, if he doesnt has balls to drop one of them than play 352, cuz 433 aint work with Ramsey against solid and organized teams, even Reading made problems !!!

        2. Whether you like or not, whether you agree with it or not, there is absolutely, 100%, guaranteed, nailed-on, a dead certainty that Wenger will have “rational explanation” for playing Ramsey there. It is good fun all of us pretending to be football managers but bottom line is that we are all just guessing and are generally clueless (and I mean that in the politest possible way) as to what is really happening/going on.

          1. Disagree because he has played Ramsey there many times and we all know it doesn’t work,most of us know he does it for 2 reasons to pack the midfield and to get one of his favorites a game

            1. Not sure what is wrong with the first reason – the second reason is more conspiracy theory than evidence based. Plenty of so-called Wenger favs are not making it back in to the 1st X1 at present. AR has played there the last 4 games – 3 wins and a draw against Chelsea does not properly stack up with the assertion that it “doesn’t work”. AR scored and assisted as well.

  5. I am not a big fan of Wenger but unless we are getting, Guardiola, or Simeone, or Klopp there is no reason to change to someone mediocre.

    A really good defender to replace Mert, a second DM to give the Coq some competition and ideally a real poacher in front of goal is all we need.

    Klopp with Hummels -Gundgan and Reus would be nice

    Also Chicharito could be the poacher we are looking for.

    I really dont see too many options for strikers except maybe Depay in this window.

  6. “A smart manager would dominate this league, because the top clubs are in a rebuilding state”.
    So, Wenger is stupid? I won’t start pasting his accomplishments and the financial budget of us and our rivals over the years. I’m just gonna say Chelsea is definetely NOT in a rebuilding state. City won the EPL last year. They want to offload players for the NEXT year. Liverpool/Tottenham are crap. Man Utd spend millions to rebuild as fast as possible. We had problems in the start of the season. We are ahead of ALL our rivals, except Chelsea who are mentally terrific, and have world class players in all departments.
    “Apart from Hazard and Courtois, the rest is not too good.” Sorry but, just from this sentence, I lost the interest to read the rest of this article.

  7. Reading this article it gives more reasons why Wenger needs to stay. Man U are the biggest team in the premier league almost on par with Madrid and Barca yet there struggling to replace Fergie. It’s ok saying we should bring this manager and that manager in but who’s to say there available. We know Klopp is available but he’s had a very average season with Dortmund and he’s not been available before this point. All the players Wenger has brought in over the past couple of seasons have all been quality so it shows he’s still got a great eye for the best players. At the end of the day we’ve now got money but we don’t have money to waste bringing in average players. Building a squad takes time players want long contract so you sign the wrong players your stuck with them, plus you’ve got to progress from what you have to something better. The squad is progressing massively under Wenger results have improved massively. See what he does this summer and next season we really aren’t far off being brilliant 2-3 players and I’m sure we’ll get what we need.

    As for the Chelsea match getting a goal when there’s 11 men behind the ball is tough we know Chelsea defend well. One goal from us would have completed opened up the game but it didn’t happen. We looked the better team and to say it was our first draw this year out of 21 matches says a lot. I think the tables are turning in favour of us over Chelsea. I also think the weaker parts of our squad are more obvious than Chelsea so it’ll be easier for us to strengthen than Chelsea. Chelsea will struggle to improve that team you take one player out you might gain something but you also loose something I think we could easily overtake them next season.

  8. The Greater Portuguese Gob has had conflicts with the FA, referees, other managers,other chairman including his own and(Real Madrid) all officials, including dog smuggling accusations, his own Chelsea fans and now the Arsenal fans. Would someone someday walk up to him and knock him out with one punch preferably. I would nominate myself but I’m to old, but I can dream can’t I?

  9. The only manager who has “dominated this league” is Ferguson and even then he only won 1 of every 2 titles despite having bags of money, the backing of the board on everything and having officials in his pocket. No, no manager dominates the PL because there is too much competition. This is a good thing in many ways but also means we have to play hard every week.

    This season shows a lot of progress after a shit start. Shit start down to too many injuries, no momentum, and too much rotation to fit the squad going through constant changes. It’s no surprise we’ve pinned down a huge streak after getting a regular 11 on the pitch. This 1 match shows absolutely NOTHING because Chelsea did not want to play football. When Chelsea have parked the bus the number of teams to have beaten them ever is very low. This exact tactic won them the Champions League against high flying Barca and Bayern. WHY do people believe that we had a chance in hell? If Chelsea are the underdogs they will sit back in their hole and hope for the draw. Simple as.

    Back to us. If next year we do not challenge the title then yes, it’s probably time for change. This season has seen more adaptation, willingness to look at the opposition and decisiveness in the transfer market. I don’t think now is the right time by any means to suddenly chuck out a great manager. Also note: if we win the FA Cup this year then that is an achievement in itself and shows progress that we can actually win in cup competitions while competing in the league.

  10. U want Wenger out, fine! Am sure Man u will be most willing to give u a sound lecture on the disadvantages of a brand new manager!

  11. Look i still think Wenger can win EPL with Arsenal in next 2 seasons but i also think Henry is right, cuz look we are missing 2 players now, at this moment, but how much we will miss when chelsea sign new players? their injury record is crazy, every player is fit whole season, while we struggle every season, so extra 3 or 4 players would put us in safe position, and i think we were to soft to our players, sometimes i got a feeling they injured themselfs cuz they dont want to play. Add more players and they will have to preform or no one will want them which means lower salary and no one would want to play for 100k, look at greedy Walcott.

  12. pls the fact that Arsenal under Aw havent won big titles in some years dosent make him that bad considering the fact that for all this years,we have played with mid class if not low classed players(chamack gervinho denilson silvesta) and many more. I bet you Morinho wouldn’t dare do such.ask Liverpool how it feels selling a star player, ask man-u how it feels trying to activate a sudden change. Ultimately, I think all we need now is a one touch finisher with Theiry Henry’s DNA

  13. Oh lucas Podolski. After saying all those negative things about Wenger. Questioning the managers decision in press conferences. Now he want to return to Arsenal. last time he was lucky to make the bench. this time he won’t even be in the squad. I don’t care about his left foot.

    U just can’t go missing in games for 70 mins. Mancini is also benching him at Inter milan. is it Wengers fault tooo.
    We need to get a young Striker like Lacazette and give him the 100K a week that Lucas is earning. he is not of any help to the squad at this moment in time. And he won’t be next season too.

  14. with podolski, rosicky, diaby and flamini out we should have enough to go buy a top GK/DM/CB/STK this summer. Just like Chelsea went and bought matic/fabregas/costa we need to do the same. Sell the deadweight and buy quality proven players to win this league once and for all. I really hope wenger has learned his lesson this year, you can’t win anything with miniature minions all in the midfield running around afraid to get in the box.

  15. Arsene needs to be a little ruthless this summer. Flamini, poldoski, arteta and rosicky(one of my favorite players, but we have many young and capable players in the middle) must all be let go. Bring in Kondogbia and Reus at the least; if there is more money after that get Cech and a CB.
    And as others have said stop playing Ramsey on the right!

    1. do you think we should sell theo? 1)he’s stalling his contract negotiations, 2) he doesn’t defend as well as ox/ramsay do. 3) OX is better on the RW with Gnabry as his back up

      so tha would be rosicky/diaby/flamini being released and maybe sell theo. That should be enough to get a GK/DM/CB/ST this summer.

    2. Arsenal are truly @ the precipice of becoming a World Futbol Superpower, unfortunately I dont think Le Prof has the stones to make the tough decisions to facilitate that reality. The current talent on Arsenals roster is impressive, possibly the best collectively in the EPL however there are IMHO three critical areas where the Gunners need to strengthen this summer to lift multiple trophies next season.

      CF: OG has been fantastic this season and deserves such credit and respect from the Gunner faithful, however I just have reservations about his style of play and whether it truly conforms to the way Arsenal want to play. I personally would love to see a Lacazette, s Dybala, an Aguero type terrorizing defenses with pace and skill.

      IN: Lacazette: $30M

      CB: BFG has experienced a teeter totter type season, but an upgrade @ the position with youth and pace to complement an overworked Boss would cement Arsenals back line as one of the best in the EPL.

      IN: Dragovich $20M
      Schar Free
      Stones 20M

      GK: Been pleased with OOOOOOSPINA this season but if a WC keeper such as Petr Cech is available, pay the man.

      IN: Cech 15-20M

      *If Theo demands a ridiculous extension or demands conditions of playing ship him abroad or to a midtable EPL squad and buy Reus.

      *Say goodbye to Diaby, Podolski, Campbell, Schez, Rosicky(to good to keep on the bench), Flamini, Jenkinson, Sanoago, Ryo,


      1. I agree with your ‘release’ list (podolski/diaby/flamni/rosicky/Jenkinson/sanogo)disagree with you on lacazette, the french league is pure crap. The guy is 5’9 and too skinny to play in this league so he would be neutralized by bigger/strong/faster defenders and even in Europe he would suffer. He’s a gamble no-one is willing to take on or else someone would’ve bought him already. We need proven players in Europe like cavani or Martinez/cech/Schneiderlin has pl experience/schar has European experience is a proven CB.

        if we do this we WILL win the league.

  16. B4 the Chelsea match everyone was saying wenger is a great manager if we could win the FA cup and finish 2nd in the league , it would be great achievement.
    Fans & the tv pundits were saying that. Just after yesterday’s match wenger has turned into a shitty manager . Tv pundits are always looking for something to talk about Arsenal. What happened to Man Utd they played sht yesterday. Is the pundits talking about that? The writer of this article is in rehab or he was smoking weed while writing this article. Some $hit artical are posted on this site . Get a life

    1. Its easy to write this crap because the fan base is divided 50/50. That’s the problem with arsenal, their own fan base are 50/50 about the manager and always criticizing their own players, training staff and the quality of the play.

      All i think should happen is release players that are not playing anymore like rosicky/flamni/diaby and maybe sell theo. He’s not defending well / he’s been stalling his contract negotiations and Ox is now ahead of him int he pecking order, plus we also have Gnabry waiting to get game time. we should go out and buy 4 players (GK/CB/DM/ST)

  17. I hav been reading comments here fr a long tym n my observation is dat u gooners talk lyk u r shareholders. instead of supporting ur team u r always saying dis player cost too much or his wages r too much meanwhile yours is to wish fr de best players so u can win sumtin tangible. l hav also seen dat u guys mention Mourinho more tyms than any manager even more than your own manager.why? cos u r more obsessed wit him than your players are. pls domination is nt possession wit sideway passing.I think dat is wat is boring nt a team dat has scored more goals than u hav. u r always outsmarted so get a life n stop vilifying a manager who doesn’t even noe u exist.

  18. Stupid article. We never had the squad to challenge for s title this year. Next year we’ll be in the hunt. We don’t need a new manager,

  19. A Chelsea fan here:
    With all due respct to the writer of dis article: you, sir, are too critical of ur manager. We, Chelsea didn’t really come to win, d primary aim was to knock points off Arsenal as Terry said in d post match interview and to ensure Wenger didn’t win Mou nd u saw hw we celebrated at d final whistle. With dt kind of set up, its very difficult 4 d attacking team, no matter who d manager, is to break down Chelsea’s defence. Even d famed Guardiola suffered defeat at d hands of a 10-man Chelsea in 2012, at his own backyard wt a barca team dt had Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas etc. I don’t see hw Wenger is to blame 100% here. If Ozil or Welbeck got a touch of dt ball in d last minute nd scored (God forbid, 4giv me guys, my hrt lives in Stanford Bridge), u’d be praising Wenger as d best coach alive. Never seen top team fans who castigate dia manager more dan arsenal fans do. Plz show ur coach some respect…THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER AT THE OTHER SIDE

    I rest my case.

  20. Wenger has proven himself not be of good coaching anymore,he has lost it,outdated tactics,always scared of making substitution in big games,he is just too predictive for me,he should leave, he can keep winning the fa cup and be rest assured it will decieve some fans who are of low ambition like him but 10yrs no epl is a crime punishable by sacking,

  21. this guy is so off….. You really know what progress is hey. Arsenal are a foar better team then they were last season. all thanks to the Proffs smart signings and understanding the players he has.

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