Arsenal still need to buy Tielemans as cover for fragile Thomas Partey

There’s a feel-good factor at the Emirates right now, Arsenal are top of the table and the only side in their division to win all four of their games.

My fear is this will stop our owners from putting down say 40 million for Tielemans.

Why invest any more money when their customers are saying we already have enough to challenge for a title?

That’s why Edu has the job he has. As former players, it’s his and Arteta’s responsibility to be pointing out as good as the team has been (and they have), the fixture list has been kind and 4 victories (two of which were over newly promoted sides) can’t be used as evidence that we have suddenly closed a 20 plus point gap over Man City.

That’s quite arrogant when you think about it.

It’s also arrogant to say the same squad who found the pressure of a top 4 race too much to handle, can now magically cope with a title challenge.

When we were chasing a goal at the weekend, it was evident that our attacking options remain youthful.

We still don’t know if Eddie Nketiah can score consistently at this level, Vieira will need time to adapt and Marquinhos is seen as one for the future.

If we take emotion out of our opinions and are honest, we all wanted some experienced/senior players to help take the responsibility off the young shoulders of Saka and Smith Rowe.

If we are honest, we were asking for two strikers, one to replace Aubameyang, the other for Lacazette.

There are Gooners who feel the injury to Partey was a key in factor in our failure to qualify for the Champions League and demanded we get an upgrade on Lokonga and Elneny.

Don’t let your excitement take away that nothing has changed in that area. Partey is yet again picking up niggling injuries and the cover remains Elneny and Lokonga.

Don’t fall for this myth that it makes you any less of a fan by pointing out our flaws.

We made this mistake in January when we were giving away players and not enough spoke up.

When they did, it was too late.

Signing a Tielemans could be the difference between top 4 or not.

Let’s strengthen from a position of power. Getting points on the board early could be enough for top 4, but a Tielemans or Zaha would be that insurance policy.

If it means Champions League football, it’s money you will get back anyway.

What do Arsenal need to do before September 1st, 11 pm?

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  1. Totally agree about Tilemans. As the season progresses and we get injuries and fatigue, if we do not bolster the midfield then we WILL fade sooner or later. Surely Edu/Arteta are aware of this. They know they fecked up the January window and have done well in this window so far. We are nearly there but NOT there. Complacency now would leave us short of a squad who can compete for honours later in the season. I hope EDU is fully on the ball and doesn’t let us down.

  2. Great Article from you@Adminpat.

    Arsenal needs the 2 players you mentioned, i.e. Tielemanns and Zaha, like fishes need water!

    Tielemans to improve our passing game and midfield ball control.
    Zaha to make our attack aggressive and unpredictable.

    See how Tottenham hotspurs have loads of Talents in their midfield and attack.

    Arteta and Edu shouldn’t get complacent, Please.

    Get Tielemans and Zaha or Gakpo@least!

      1. Arsenal need to buy more experience players and to have bigger squad to fight all four competitions otherwise they will regret.

  3. How can tilesman cover for partey is he a defensive midfielder? He can’t even defend properly from any position.

  4. 1) We need more players and definitely a CDM and a winger, but I’m not sure that Tielemans is the answer.

    2) We have a much stronger squad this season than last season. Our young players have been older and what happened last season is history. There’s no doubt that fatigue and injuries influenced on our finished last season. I expect us to learn from our mistakes and get better based on the potential we have in our squad.

    3) Our rebuilding process isn’t finished and will not be finished in 2022. I guess Arsenal will sign more players in this window if the funds are available. If we can’t get the players we want we should wait, we should not be signing players just for the sake of signing. We have had a very good transfer window, but our opponents have also strengthened their squads.

    From my point of view we are not a title contender. I expect us to reduce the gap and continue our development.

  5. Guys, you need to see the big picture, too, especially if you make a demand (?) to the club management.
    It was reported from multiple sources that Tielemans wants 200k (!) a week to play for Arsenal.

    That shouldn’t happen. He is nowhere that good, and such salary could only be justified, if he joins on a free transfer. If Arsenal needs to pay 30? to Leicester, then Youri should have a reasonable salary, not the second/third highest in the team, especially since he is about to be signed as Partey’s backup (and future replacement), but primary for the bench.

    Arteta and Edu made serious progress by selling/offloading the highest earning players (Willian, Auba, Lacazette, maybe Bellerin, Mari, etc.) let’s not undo that right now.

    Tielemans is a fine player, no doubt about that, but he is not that good to be our only preference for a midfield reinforcement. And he currently makes 33k at the King Power Stadion. While a substantial increase might be due, making it six-times is beyond ridiculous. Such demand is downright outrageous. And when you demand him being signed, you are becoming part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. @pbarany – nice saying.

      I don’t listen to media speculations about a players wage demands, and in general I’m checking several sources.
      We need a CDM and I doubt Tielemans is the answer.

  6. Tielemans would not replace Elneny if Partey was out IMO. However, Tielemans with Elneny I’m Partey’s absence would be a better combination with less impact on overall team performance. If ‘all’ that Elneny has to do was to replace Partey’s defensive qualities, Tielemans would compensate the missing offensive piece. Elneny and Xhaka together is such a negative impact on the team.

  7. Tbh I don’t see Tielemans getting into this squad in a 4-2-3-1 shape.
    And what do you guys think about Tavares becoming a RW next season.Cos to me he was never like a defender but has good attacking prowess….Like a Gareth Bale sort of transformation

  8. 100%% we really need cover up for party and back up for saka ,hence telimans and zahs the best options

  9. You are on point. We need a solid backup for Partey. Elneny is not very progressive. His passes are sideways and backwards. Savic, Rebeun Neves or Tielesman should be prioritized asap

  10. Partey! Partey! Partey cover! That’s the cry throughout the window but Arteta seems to think Elneney is ok. Elneney isn’t.

    O’reily seems to fit the profile for Partey cover but lacks the experience. He could however be better than Tielmans for that role. He’s CM but also DM.

  11. I very much agree with all you have said Dan. Whenever one tries not to get too carried away and point out issues which linger, one is called negative and critical
    The only part of your writeup I don’t really agree with is that we should get Tielemans. Bissouma would have been a far better value for money at £25m but that ship has long sailed. Anyway, instead of spending £30m on Tielemans, I would rather we spend £45m on Caicedo as he’s more of a Partey kind of player at 20yrs

  12. This will never stop being funny, the amount of people and times y’all keep touting Tielemans as a backup for Partey. It’s like “This person doesn’t actually know shït about this player”
    How TF is Tielemans supposed to be a Backup for Partey? He’s not even defensive from his normal 8 role, and he’s piss poor defensively, worse than Xhaka and fans keep throwing his name about.
    Bissouma was that guy, but I don’t see what the obsession with Tielemans is

      1. Aha, cooking up garbage now to make me look like a clown, Dan are we? You have access to the site’s history and post don’t you?
        Fish out any quote I put AMN and Kante in the same sentence or two even mention he was as good as Kante not to be silly enough to say he is better than Kante.
        Have some shame FFS and stop making things up!
        You’re embarrassing yourself and looking like a clown.

        AdPat, bring out any of my comment where I’d ever put AMN and Kante in the same breath.

        1. If I mistook you for another Reader I’m sorry lol
          You seem very angry mate and seem to take my opinions very personal ?

          1. Nah bro it’s not personal, most people tend to think I take things personal here because of the way I respond to articles.
            I’ve always been a passionate Arsenal fan right from Wenger days.
            I really don’t care about what people say, I just want to watch football, watch us win, support the team and be happy. I love football generally, so if I’m free I watch other games of rival clubs too.
            The only time I stayed away from watching Arsenal games were during that half of Emery that I stopped watching our Europa league games and some league matches, because it was too depressing for me.
            I escape from the stress of life and relax when I’m not working by either watching movies, reading, playing games or watching football. I don’t care what the politics is. I just want to watch and enjoy football. It’s why I was never an AKB neither was I an AOB.
            My takes are usually passionate and maybe sometimes too explicit ad forward. Don’t mean I take things personal on here. I’ve been on here more than 8 years. Only thing is, I’ll defend whatever I believe is right and I’ll disagree with whatever I don’t agree with. Everyone has the right to do that, like I said I do admit I get too passionate and explicit about my views, but it ain’t personal.

  13. We need either cover or possibly a complete replacement for Partey, (as other things could happen other than injury this season) but that person is not Tielemans.

  14. As some of us have been repeatedly asking for,a DM would solved our midfield problems,we have already the players with the abilities to fill other positions like TP and as seen with Xhaka who was moved forward.i am also surprised that the same people who used that same stick(not buying a DM) for years on AW,do not seem to use it on MA,after all he’s been here long enough 3 years and before any smartass corrects me.i am fully aware that MS was hired in December 2019 so it hasn’t been quite 3 years already but 2 years and 9 months.

      1. Bissouma?I don’t know!as for Wolves,I can’t see them sell any of their top players so late in the window.

        1. Bissouma should have been our first signing, he should have been the priority last year instead of white. I didn’t and don’t get it.

  15. It’s clear many people do not watch Leicester City play, watch Tielemans play, or even look at their teamsheet. He’s not a holding DM, never has been a holding DM, his defensive side of the game is nothing more than average at best. The man is attack-minded. He’s got nothing similar to Thomas Partey.

      1. Great. Lets make another Granit Xhaka out of the guy and play him in the wrong position. Fanbase needs another scapegoat…

        Tielemans is not a DM. And wont be a strong player there. Granit does a better job there and we know how much he is rated in that position

        1. Would he be better then elneny though
          Don’t have to have 2 DMS
          Could have say Partey holding , tills more box to box …like xakha is now

  16. with the market remain open for couple days arsenal must react to injury woes if not we will be at seventh or eighth finish

  17. I see the posts and exactly how the liability ‘Ozilhad’ was dumped into Arsenal. We turned from an exciting team the world supports to the one one the middle east supports. Only problem we dont have the middle eastern oil ‘blood’ money, do we ? This is not chelski or Oil City . All those asking to spend wildly, how much have you really contributed to the bottomline other than becoming keyboard warriors? I think there is something good brewing finally, it takes time, we need patience and super super support we are seeing in the stands !! COYG!!

    1. Admi Pat. I’m surprised that you allowed that comment to be posted.”Ozilhad” really??
      It stinks of islamophobia if you ask me.

        1. “Djihad ” is a reference to Islam meaning “holy war” but misused by a certain group of people to mean terrorism/terrorist.he attached Ozil name to it.

    2. There is danger looming in Partey’s position. We need a backup and its urgent. It’s more important than a pacy wide forward. We should have looked at Renato Sanchez. We can try Rebeun Neves

  18. As stated repeatedly above YT is NOT AND WILL
    NEVER BE a a TP replacement. On his BEST day
    the Belgian is defensively challenged and would
    only make sense as a depth addition @ CM.

    If AFC are serious about making a run @ the EPL
    and CL futbol then one of the following should be
    brought in regardless of price…

    Ruben Neves
    Ibrahim Sangare
    Florian Grillitch
    Ismael Bennacer

  19. Elneny did a fine job against Fulham. Unfortunately he is out too. So I would give Sambi Lokonga a chance vs Aston Villa as a DM in our 433. Wasn’t he brought in as a Partey cover?

  20. Zaha would put our attacking options on fire, but accordig to reports, Zaha is going nowhere.
    Wudryk is an exciting option with huge potential. Take him before other clubs.

  21. LOL Tielemans isnt a Partey replacement. And just because there is a feel good factor in the Emirates does not mean we’re still not in the market.

    I think its time bloggers and fanbase stop have sly digs at the ownership who have put good people in place and have really backed them. There may be a time to have a go at the ownership, but it isn’t now.

    This was a weak article.

    1. This article is on point. Nobody is against the Kroenkes. If anything at all we are offering them free advise to make THEIR investment better. Arsenal is for them. Nobody pays us for supporting them. We are their customer and the customer is always right…at least so they say

  22. Its crazy Thomas Partey had the best injury record in Madrid..he kind of never missed matches..Zinchenko was rarely injured in City..what happens when these players come to Arsenal..we are always treated the symptoms and not root we need an advanced injury management system like NFL clubs have?

  23. Agreed. Must invest on Turin and as cover up for Partey and Chaka..
    Must also invest in a goal scorer or minimum a high IQand aggressive striker to strengthen the front line.God bless for 100 points after 38 matches.
    Should optimize to attain this goal.

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