Arsenal still not identified who is the player leaking to the press

There have been quite a few stories leaked to the press this season, with the big one being the fight between David Luiz and Dani Ceballos on the training ground.

Arteta believes that there should be a trust in the whole squad and there is an unwritten rule that what happens at training stays at training.

Arteta originally denied their was any truth in the fight, (as per his rules) but in the end he said he would punish the source of the leaks when he discovered their identity. The coach told Football.London: “I don’t like the fact that that incident comes out at all,”

“I will find out where it is coming from and if that is the case, that goes completely against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need, and there will be consequences.”

Strangely enough, the leaker then compounded his crime by leaking next that Arteta had confronted the squad in attempt to reveal the culprit, which is basically putting two fingers up Arteta’s threat of “consquences”. Last month there were various reports saying that it was David Luiz who was the leaker, and Arteta had reportedly said he would freeze him out, but that has not yet been confirmed.

But, whoever it was has not stopped, with the latest leak saying that a senior player got in Arteta’s face and accused him of favouritism, which suggests that the informer has not been silenced so far.

Someone is obviously trying to upset the boss, if he gets identified maybe we will get a surprise departure this month?


  1. There’s one pretty obvious candidate but no evidence, and I’m sure there are others within that squad that aren’t happy. Good news is the culprit or culprits likely aren’t going to be around too much longer (hopefully). We need to complete the clear out this year.

  2. Whatever thee truth- and this story does appear to have legs – any player no matter who , who is not 100% committed to club before any other individual ,including himself, MUST be got rid of ASAP.
    Whether through laziness or causing trouble, any such player is poison in a team sport and must be forced out of the club, even if it means paying his contract up and banning him from the club.


  3. List of suspects for me

    1. Ozil – his treatment has been a disgrace

    2. Bellerin – i feel has lost his love for football and the club. He was also a pivotal part in Emrys demise “good ebening”

    3 – Willian this is a new thing at arsenal and out of the newer players he has a short career left and I personally think loylatly to Chelsea remains

    4 – sokratis – axe to grind with arsenal same as ozil

    5. Saliba young foolish and gone from being the best player and main man to an u23 player.

    Lastly Arteta has but him self to blame

    1. With my tin foil hat on I ask myself who has the most to gain by the leak? A frustrated senior players probably on the way out anyway or a young manager struggling to put his stamp on the club and possibly trying to run with youth?

      And who said there was no series eight of Game of Thrones.

  4. I will rule out Ozil as he would it only in the public and he won’t do anything against his fellow teammates.

    Outside of football Ozil, Willian and Bellerin has their businesses to take care of and would not be interested in these gossiping things.

    Sokratis has not spoken against the club in public and has always kept a low profile, so he can be classified into doubtable category.

    Saliba fits the bill perfectly, young and foolish as you have already mentioned, wanting a bit of adventure?

    1. Dont get me wrong it could be a number of players but dont rule Ozil out. He’s called managers out before and loves his PR stunts.

  5. Have I missed something? Is there anything that Saliba has done that warrants him being labelled as foolish by some on here?

  6. Why keep people in the dark fans want that information if things are not okay in training let the mole give us information…

  7. Seriously what kind of dumb can you be to be doing petty things like that especially when all of them are adults. Ozil comes to mind quickly given he was kicked from the squad. Nothing to lose since he doesn’t play and won’t be released. But he looks like a red herring too obvious.

    Guendouzi seems immature and petty enough to do something like that if he is getting info from a friend Saliba??

  8. I dont think it is Luiz, Ozil, Willian or Bellerin. Also I dont know about any other player like Saliba. And there isnt much to go by here. I have my personal suspicion on Dani C based on the two fights that we have heaard have him as the common factor. But I think we the fans are as clueless as MA in this regard.

  9. All speculation, guys, and unfounded accusations. It could be just about anybody in the squad. Wait for the investigation and if will be known, or not if management keeps a lid on it. Every one of those named could be innocent but their integrity has been put to question. Not fair on any of them.

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