Arsenal still owe a significant amount of money in transfer fees

Premier League teams still owe a combined £1.6bn from outstanding payments of transfer fees, according to a new report.

The Premier League is arguably the most competitive league in the world as teams continue to buy players at every chance that they get.

Most fans think that their teams have so much money that they can afford to pay for any target in cash, however, that is far from the case with most teams owing money to the clubs they sign their superstars from.

A recent report by Kieran Maguire, a lecturer, revealed just how neck-deep some teams are into debt with their sellers.

He posted his findings on Twitter with a table that shows just how much money the English top sides owe, and only three English teams don’t owe a dime, the three of them (Chelsea, Huddersfield and Newcastle) are even owed by teams that they have sold players to.

Arsenal reportedly still owes £47.2 million in transfer fees and they rank 8th on the table, Manchester United ranks the highest with the debt of over £80 million for the likes of Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire.

The top four on that table is completed by Manchester City, Spurs and Bournemouth.

With more players being moved in the next transfer window, those figures could get even higher.

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  1. Yes, I too read the source this article uses and who can be surprised by it,. Not I for one! Big business is built on borrowings – if you doubt that just look at what the British government will,owe a year from now and then blanche! In thr new financial climate don;t expect ANY large buys by our club for some considerable time to come. Not most othe clubs either. Times have changed. Haven’t they Patrick!

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