Arsenal still playing rubbish but only one person is to blame…

Arsene again won’t take the blame by KM

Another day, another miserable Arsenal performance. We really are predictable. We did exactly what we do every time. Try to pass it into the net and as more often than not, it didn’t work. Where is the problem? We sent out a bunch of kids, Diaby, some out-of-favour players and Alexis.

Although we were poor once again, we started with a brilliant Alexis free kick. And after that we did what Arsenal do best. Make life difficult for ourselves. We gave away a totally reckless penalty and after that another corner and another ball hits the back of our net.

I will not comment on Diaby since this is not worth bothering. I only wonder why do we pay him 60k a week. No one pays me that money for being useless. Anyway, we can skip the kids too. Lets start with Rosicky. Awful performance. Totally unnecessary penalty and zero contribution in attack. This has to be his last season. Podolski certainly didn’t use the opportunity to deliver a performance and he is on his way out too.

Our reserve goalkeeper conceded a bad goal. The second goal was one he should’ve saved. When the ball flies over 30 yards, you have enough time to stand in its way instead of jumping helplessly to achieve nothing. And as we saw, we have zero backup defenders. Honestly the only players likely to see first team football of that team are Alexis and Wilshere (although Jack didn’t help himself too much yesterday) and Chambers (because we don’t have enough bodies in defense).

My problem with this defeat is not the 20 years in a row we won’t win the Carling Cup, it’s the manner of how we approach a game with zero preparation. We had one good performance against a Villa side struck by a virus that still almost opened the score if it wasn’t for Szczesny – and after they went down they were sitting in their own half waiting on a counter attack.

We’re really struggling and just because the other teams struggle too, we do not want to look at the real problem that is sitting on our bench. Arsene Wenger, a man in decline, a man on the downhill. A man who always has an excuse. I don’t like Van Gaal but he was spot on after the game against Leicester, they threw their game away. We made our game difficult and Wenger will not admit it.

It’s ok when Messi was the absolute best that we lost to Barca, but when Mikhitarian goes past 8 Arsenal players and fires wide and that happens 5 times we obviously have a problem. We have a better squad than Dortmund, Palace, Leicester and Southampton and we make our lives difficult by paying no attention to our defensive problems and totally ignoring the facts. Same with the attack and the fact we played 2 seasons with only one Giroud up front. We cannot defend a corner for 5 years in a row now and that cost us a win against Man City.

This may be the Micky mouse cup, but this and a lucky FA cup is the only thing we can realistically win. But us going out is not luck, we are poor since the community shield and we get what we deserve. We released huge financial figures. We have the money and the problems are well known. Wenger though prefers the excuses. I don’t. Arsene will not change. These problems are here from 2010 and we have not addressed them. We won’t do it any time soon.

Konstantin Mitov

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          1. Nope, last week before Villa game. He said in 1-2 weeks he will resume normal training. One week is gone. So …

        1. Wenger is the same. He complains too much. I was ashamed when the fourth official showed him the way out of his sight. He just manages to reduce his class time after time. So pathetic!

    1. I don’t seem to understand how some mates reason here. Walcott is coming back but Debuchy has gone under knife. Surely, somebody somewhere will pick up some knocks too. Then 2-2 = 0 at the end of the day. I am an optimist though. But I can sense danger here!!!

      God save my beloved Arsenal !!!!

    2. I hate it when Arsenal fans say keep calm we have got some of our players coming back soon.
      Problem is soon is probably to late and saying lets be calm every year is the same thing Wenger says it was luck that won us the FA cup otherwise Wenger has let the team rot. he has succeeded in giving a good player belief that if he wants to win something he should go elsewhere.

      Lets face it the great defense we had, was inherited from another manager not something Wenger created. Wake up this guy does not know a thing about defending and will not spend big to solve this problem.
      Time for Wenger to go before it is to late

      1. wow, so between you and the likes of Konstantin Mitov we just got lucky to win the FA cup. Oh good. Our bounce back win against the Pool in the Cup the weekend after the EPL drubbing was sheer luck. Cummon. Are you not an Arsenal fan? Don’t take away the joy we had in winning that bloody cup. What on earth is wrong with you people. And then, to boot, Konstantin Mitov blames Wenger and then in the same breath describes an awful challenge in the box by Rosiscky that conceded a pk and notes that Ospina should have made a save on a 30yard strike. Forgive me if i’m mistaken, but I don’t think Wenger told Rosiscky to make that tackle or Ospina to let that goal in. Cummon already. The only down fall to losing in the league cup is that our bench players will have less opportunity to get a run. And that is a shame. Otherwise, i mean, you’re saying the FA cup win was luck, so you clearly don’t even rate it with any pride. What would change if we won the league cup?

    3. SAME POOR TACTICAL WENGER…even blind could see that none of our players took on the central striker’s role, yet he had Akpom on the bench. Why on earth should a manager not make early substitions? Even when we are trailing he takes his time and only makes late substitutes, why didn’t bring in all the subs once and lastly why didn’t he at least bring in Akpom when there was a player injured(saints player who was substituted) but rather waited for them to do that and later on waste time and kill flow by bringing in Akpom?????????

  1. Ospina excuse is actually a decent one.

    “The second [Southampton goal] was superb and Clyne is a really skilful player. There were a lot of people in the box and when I saw the ball, it moved and I didn’t have time to react.’

    The strike was so good i was sure it took a deflection because it went through our players, so i can completely understand that Ospina saw it too late and it did ping to the top of the net as it got closer

  2. I was really impressed with Hayden, he should be making the bench now in the absence of Debuchy, Hayden should be our backup Centre Back until a new one is brought in at least.

    1. Walcott returns to first team training after international break, so the first game he can play is on 18th i think. Highly unlikely he’ll start. Probably just a quick sub apperance if anything. Before then we still have Spurs, Galatasary and Chelsea though

    2. Why does everyone sound scared against chelsea, they will just park the bus, they parked it against a 10 man city.

  3. Wenger can do the same as Van Gaal saying we made life difficult for ourselves. Difference here is that we had a bunch of non-starters playing the game and they had the best 11. Why would anyone risking any of the first 11 team before two crucial games with the list of injuries we already have?
    Besides, all of them BUT ALL OF THEM knew that this is their chance to prove they are worthy of the first 11 team at AFC. That was one chance. Did they took it? Few of them. Rosicky was totally not pleased with himself yesterday. Podolsky couldn’t be bothered to even run. Campbell lives out of a summer night dream in Brazil. The only one who could claim yesterday that he was played out of position was Coquelin. He has every reason to do mistakes. But the rest? Jack didn’t wanted to force. Diaby played like he was keeping himself for the big games, Bellerin was more than OK, Hayden also OK, Chambers very profesional and Sanchez playing like he always played.
    Soton wanted it more and we couldn’t be bothered about it, simple facts.

    1. Budd this is the first comment I’ve seen that had shed any reality on yesterday’s result. These same fickle fans would have complained if we played our first team and someone got injured. They would also complain if it was the only trophy we won.

      To add these are probably the same fans who were crying out for Cambell and Podolski to play. Yesterday was the reason why they don’t start; THEY ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO START. Let’s give the man some respect as there’s obviously method to him madness. Until he leaves show him your support you supposed Arsenal fans.

      This article is nonsensical to say the least. Arsenal has its problems and some of them due to Wenger but by God he’s done a lot more good since 2010 with our financial constraints than any other manager would have done.

  4. Hayden & Bellerin proved their worth.
    They should definitely be the backup CB and RB.
    Diaby seems to be strong.. Hopefully he remains fit!!

  5. Great article KM, I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. Our defensive frailties in midfield and in defense are known by all managers that play us. Van Gall has an excuse, he just got here, he thought he had the players and he doesnt, what is Wenger’s excuse after 20 years at the helm? Did he just figure out that we need a powerful DM? Did he just figure out that we need more bodies in Defense?
    I think our attack with Sanchez-Welbeck-and Theo making runs and receiving passes from Ozil will be excellent at some point this year when they all jell together. I think in Ramsey and Wilshire we have two very good b2b players. If Diaby stays healthy he could potentially plug the DM hole this season. So all is not that bad, but there are no excuses of not solving obvious problems year after year.

    1. He just got there but he brought a whole new squad with him. So,no. No excuse. Otherwise the fact that we played with kids hold more water than what Van Gaal is saying.

  6. so why are these players still in the team? Wenger has lost it and he is just like the rest of the board, looking to make money. they have no intention to win trophies for those poor fans paying the highest prices to watch a bunch of average players. when are people gonna wake up and call for Wenger to go! the whole world knew that Arsenal need a good defender and a strong holding midfielder, yet, Wenger wait to last minute thinking he can get one for cheap. other clubs know his tactics now so they wont sell their good players for cheap. Wenger knew that fans are expecting new arrivals so he had to get anyone, Welbeck was the only option so he had to go for him. pathetic manager and board, Gunners fans must protest properly because we have been robed for some years now.

    1. but… we beat Aston Villa. Everything is perfect again until we face another decent opponent and Wenger gets exposed!

      Sorry, its pointless. Some fans cant get it through their heads Wenger is average and holding us back. Every time we go through a bad spell its always just temporary noise that vanishes once we get 4th place again. Wenger has a 3 year contract, board is doing nothing as usual because they dont care. Everything is perfect in the world of Arsenal. Regular service resume. I know ppl will yell at me and point out were only a few points behind Chelsea and are in 4th right now… thats only because other teams are doing just a poorly. Its inevitable they will find form. And its inevitable we’ll limp to the finish line again this season. Its been like that for years.

      1. Villa were above in the table Soton before we played them. I am not saying we can win at Chelsea but I do hope we will put some fight in it.

  7. I actually see a lot of positives. We fielded a team that said we don’t care if we win or not. Young defenders looked pretty good, as did Diaby. Coquelin wasn’t bad as a fill in RB. We lost because of a stupid penalty given away carelessly. Rosicky and Poddolski had bad games but, overall, I don’t think the quality play was bad.

    1. Coquelin was at LB. And yeah agree. Youngsters were good senior players who had a point to prove proved nothing. They should be more upset than any fan. Its hard to make myself care bout this competition so not disappointed. At least we found out Hayden can play decently in case Mert or Kos get injured. For the most part him and Chambers did a good job kepping Pelle quiet. Our set piece defending was once gain horrific though. How do we seriously not address this problem? Teams are ging to keep scoring from corners against us..

  8. Another article written with emotions rather than thought!. To start directing your anger towards Diaby and the so called kids who i think had good game is preposterous. Had our captain of the day not conceded a stupid penalty we would have won the game. I Guess you are one of the many guys who are always calling for rotation of the squad.The time for calling for new signings is over. Support your team or ship out.

  9. Good article. Its frustrating that the problems in our squad are the same problems we have always had, and Wenger keeps on ignoring them and keeps on losing and keeps on getting contract extensions. Its ridiculous that we have to go through 3 more seasons of this. If any well rated coach like Ancelloti had this squad he would quickly fix the defense problems and actually buy a CDM we all know we need. And actually have game plans when we face an opponent. We suck against big teams because wenger thinks we can play like Barcelona. WE CAN’T! Simple fact is that we are not as good as them and we dont have the players with the same abilities.

  10. We haven’t won the Carling Cup ever?
    Wenger you pussy old lying smack saying we will compete.
    You havr never won the League Cup. Shame on you, you old lying fox.


    1. Call me unambitious but I will always say the league cup is not worth the hassle, its I Micky mouse cup that should only be used to test young players I didn’t want us to win it against Chelsea or Birmingham I fact I was partly cheering for the bromies we should be focusing on the league and maybe the F.A cup. I would go with the champs league but part of me feels we’re just short of competing for it. I no I’m not using the Dortmund defeat to judge that. Also I got to make why when we win its the team but when we lose its wenger

      1. Sorry? What for?
        It’s okay. It was a nice General comment.

        I am not volatile you know. I won’t blame your comment for the failing of our team yesterday. Worry not.


    2. @Sumo,
      Like seriously? Are you for real? Can’t believe you are casting Arsene.
      You castigated me when I wrote about Wenger correcting his shortcomings.

      Arsenal Fans!!!

      1. Sarcasm- The use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult.
        That is the defination of Sarcasm. Look it up.

        If you and captain are that thick than i ask you, is Arsenal in crisis at the moment?
        No. We are not.
        Helllauijaaaah- that’s sarcasm.

        Got it now bro?

        1. you know damn well sarcasm doesn’t go down well on this site, so you’re at fault.
          And Reply to my comment (as you always ask for others) why would you want “a lying old fox ” (you’re words not mine) as Arsenal’s manager ? eh eh eh!
          C’mon mr answers!

  11. Wish I had that 2 minutes of my life back reading that emotive abomination. Would of loved to peruse your crucifixion of AW(and Im not an AKB guy) if MO, KOZ or AR suffered season ending injuries. The kids were impressive and the vets sucked something pretty awful, plus the Saints are playing for a trophy and fielded a strong squad. I understand and endorse the villification of AW pertaining to in game tactics and lack of squad but this article is simple woe is Arsenal rubbish

  12. I wish Bergkamp never becomes our manager. I wish he gets all the sucess in the world as a manager and Arsenal fans yearn for him like Klopp but he never comes.


    Cause you all are filthy fcuking double standard two faced snakes. One bad game and you lot will pounce on him for the kill.

    And i would hate to see my childhood hero be tarnished by some fat lazy pig on the internet writing sh*t about him while jerking off and orgasming seeing Chelseas success.

    O wait. You all are already doing it to another Arsenal Legend.

    You lot can’t understand the consequences og your doing right now. The next manager who will now come will always be compared to Wenger by AKB’s next. And i am sure than 50% of that lot will turn on the next manager-God Forbid- if he fails. And this cheap mentality of turning on manager will prevail in the Arsenal fan base for a very long time.

    Its on us fans to stop this mentality and this awful rift between fans. Can’t you just be behind the team instead of finding a scapegoat to blame?

      1. even im surprised at peoples reaction, its the carling cup – our whole backline was kids. an it was our second string- everyone needs to chill out

    1. Woah whao whao, you just had a go at wenger above now youve changed you’re mind.
      What you want to support a “lying old fox” as a manger.
      You try to speak sense and not jump on the bandwaggon wenger out, but fail big time.

      Plus Berkamp will never become a manager HE CAN’T FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      FFS some people on this site are mongoles.

    2. Not a smart article, clearly you do not strive for excellence. It is not a case of a Scapegoat that is just being highly immature. Someone is to blame and when things go wrong the Manager of any business takes the blame and if he cannot sort out the problem he is Fired as simple as that.

      Wenger has not excelled for years he is out of ideas and out of touch. He could strengthen the team properly but this costs money a lot of money because he has not stayed on top of the situation.
      Like a business if the machinery starts to get old you replace quickly and not wait until everything is very old and rundown.
      If Arsenal was a public quoted company heads would have fallen as shareholders would have demand this.
      It is not just about what Wenger makes for the club, but it is also about how the team performs and the ambitions that Manager and players have.

      At Arsenal everything is just to cossy and soon they will be in for a really big shock that will cost huge amounts of money

      1. “Not a smart article, clearly you do not strive for excellence. “

        It wasn’t a article but a comment. Yes i don’t strive for excellence but perfection. Excellence follows perfection.

        “Wenger has not excelled for years he is out og ideas and out of touch’

        I don’t know from where you derive that but we finished the season on 79 points, 7 behind the Champs and i remind you again with an FA Cup and a Community Sheild.

        “Someone is to blame and when things go wrong the Manager of any business takes the blame and if he cannot sort out the problem he is Fired as simple as that.”

        That is the kind of thinking I am trying to eradicate. What’s wrong with AFC at thr moment? We have an excellent squad, an excellent stadium and two trophies in the last two months. So exactly what is wrong with AFC at the moment i ask again? Or you imagining things?

        “the ambitions the Managers and players have”

        Again i ask you, what is the yard stick to measure ambition? Spending money? Than we spent 80+ mil this transfer window alone.
        So i ask again what’s the yard stick to measure ambition?

    3. You are overreacting.. if you want to know the true meaning of fans turning on their manger, look at Newcastle and Alan Pardew. I don’t think i have noticed any ‘wenger out’ signs or chants at the emirate. Everybody has their opinions, some are true ,some are not but arsenal fans are not like the way you are depicting them. If you think about the money invested by us fans compared to other fans of other teams, you will understand their frustrations.

    1. They will park the bus and counter, so i say 0-0 Chelsea so boring to watch.
      Maureen is killing beautiful football 🙁

  13. League Cup and FA Cup are 2 very important trophy we must win….

    we should give up the league title or champ league and go all out to win the league and fa cup….

  14. The only one to blame is Wenger. His stubborn atittude towards some players is p$ising me off. What can you expect from our bench when he insist in playing his fav players not matter what, and the others in the bench are not given any chances to play and so they are being frozed out.

  15. Reply ↓

    smokescreen September 24, 2014 at 1:50 pm
    INCOMPTENCE OF WENGER RARES ITS UGlY HEAD AGAIN.WE LOST THE MATCH DUE TO DEFENSIVE FRAILITIES.THIS STUPID GUY FAILED AGAIN TO BUY A CDM AND A DEFENDER WHY COZ HE WANTS TO PROVE A DAMN ASS POINT.Am afraid no 4 is all we wil end up with again.Thn he has the nerve To say that the he could not play metsecker coz he was feeling sick!!!IDIOT THATS WGY WE WERE INSISTING HE BUYS A DEFENDER.this guy wenger is atotal bafoon and he makes me sick

  16. i agree on the bad display but i cant fault the goalkeeper. those type of goal always go in. that ball swerved in the air. if you are going to blame him then also blame wilshare for not blocking the shot. he just run and stood there.

    i like what carzola did when he come o. he tried to distribute the ball on the wings and avoided short passes on the middle. we have fast attackers but we don’t know how to use them. if you have a speedy winger capable of beating defender of putting in a decent cross why not make sure they are given as much of a chance to run at defenders as possible whilst the box is not yet packed with opponents.

    we used to be so good on the counter attacks now we want to take our time to get to the other side as if the opponents are walking behind us.

  17. Wenger

    Mourinho signs the right players to win trophies

    Look at current statistics:
    #1 PL scorer = Costa with 7 goals
    #1 PL assists = Fabregas with 6 assists

    Our highest assists guy is Ozil who is #29 with 1 assists. Sanchez and Ramsey have two goals each.

    Mourinho doesn’t mess about. He signed a top quality striker who scores every match and a CAM who scores and provides lots of assists.

    That’s why Chelski will win the PL. At best we could get 2nd place but that will depend on Wengers tactics.

  18. Of topic as arteta is getting old I am looking around for his replacement with skill agility speed and pass I came onto Marco veratti an Italiain currently playing with paris st jermans any one seen him play ? u tube video is great I like the skills… what you think folks?
    His skills and passing ability is of Arsenal stature i think

    1. Your looking around for Artetas replacement? Go and buy him mate. Seems the site is now not just devoted to those who want to slag the team but actually are so seriously deranged they think they might have a say in who we buy. Gooners, you’re becoming fckuing weird.

  19. FFS….let me start by saying I, like everyone, hoped we’d buy a top quality DM, a decent CB for cover etc. Diaby may be the former, we may buy one in January, or we may carry on wanting.

    More importantly what is the effing point of analysing yesterday’s game and then criticising Wenger. The team that played and who will turn out next Saturday are totally unrelated.

    But, MOST importantly, are you lot really gonna spend the next 8 months slagging Arsene, the Arsenal squad and how we play? Many of you are worse than the half witted pundits who say each year ‘Arsenal won’t make the top four this year’, incorrectly. Who needs bad press when we have whinging supporters, knowing the transfer window is closed and there is fa we can do about anything?? I think most of the negative shit starts on these pages, is picked up by the press and regurgitated knowing there are so many halfwit gooners who will lap it up.

    Just get behind the team and cut the constant moaning. If the season is crap, then when it’s all over that’s the time to moan, not when we have no option to buy, the team need encouragement and we have a whole season ahead. We are 4th, having played the PL favourites already, remain as only one of two unbeaten teams in the league and have several key players settling in or coming back. Grow a pair and back your effing team!!

    i have been thinking about it for a long period of time and with the pace and strength in mid maybe we could have a decent shout at the title challenge but as we all know Wenger would hate this line up and put 4 CAMS for them,i think it is better we concentrate on drawing against big opposition.

  21. KM or whatever you call yourself, you need to chill seriously before you get a cardiac arrest. The only things I agree on with you is our defending of set pieces and our irritating insistence of walking the ball into the net. As for the selection Wenger got it spot on. The capital one cup is a Mickey mouse cup and should not be prioritized, especially with tough games agains the tots and Chelsea. Rosicky being one of the oldest players should have known better. But that doesn’t mean this should be his last season based on that performance. We all know what he can do and does. Wilshere in my opinion should take the blame for the second goal. He should have covered Clyne properly, instead he took two steps forward and stopped, leaving enough space for the shot. With a lot of bodies blocking the line of sight, Ospina could not react on time. As for the Dortmund game, Wenger goofed in his selection. That game was the perfect time to rotate he squad. Did you see the performance agains City at the Emirates. I have never seen arsenal players pressing and getting stuck in in challenges. They worked their socks off. I believe it told on them during the Dortmund game. How else can you explain the lackluster performance of a squad you claim is better than Dortmund’s? And Diaby? The guy is not useless, just injury prone. Moreover is still under contract. Mind you he refused wages for long spell he was out for. Look it up. Wenger’s failing this season is not bringing in defensive reinforcements. But that’s no news. Aside these, everything else you’ve said is crap.

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