Arsenal still retain hopes of Odegaard’s return

Arsenal remains keen on signing Martin Odegaard this summer despite the midfielder appearing to have decided on staying at Real Madrid.

Odegaard spent the second half of last season in the colours of Arsenal and he put in sone fine performances for the Gunners.

They made it clear even before the expiry of his loan spell that they wanted to keep him permanently.

However, they had no prior agreement for that and will have to wait and see if he is available to leave Madrid again this summer.

The midfielder is keen to be a success at Madrid and the Spanish club also wants him playing for them.

However, it remains unclear if he would be an integral part of Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for the new season and The Athletic says Arsenal is still very hopeful that they could sign him once again.

The report says the Gunners are prepared to wait until the season starts because he might ask for a move if he isn’t in the plans of Ancelotti by then.

Odegaard did so well at Arsenal that they might struggle if they don’t find another creative midfielder to fill the void that he left behind at the end of last season.

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  1. I bloody hope not
    Does our club not learn from our previous mistakes ,a carbon copy of the Ceballos debacle.

    1. Odegaard has been much better than ceballos so comparing both loan stints is ridiculous. I like odegaard but for me that number 10 should be for ESR only, no maddison no grealish. ESR style is unique and pretty much impossible to predict/defend. If he improves his finishing and learns to manage his effort better we have a hell of player on our hand.

  2. A big fat no! He can go back to Madrid not worth it and he’s just an overrated hype bubble!

  3. This is where the club and the fans are at odds. Odergaard was ok but he wont take us higher, he isn’t a prolific producer or goalscorer, in fact too many times he passed up on clear shooting chances and passed. That always has singularly worried me about footballers that dont have the greed in them, they usually dont make it big. NOT FOR ME AT ALL.

    1. If Arsenal can’t get Auoar, then get Matheus Perera who has premier league experience and goal scoring attacking midfielder and also cheaper than going for Odegaard

      1. 👍 Unfortunately, George it looks as though Pereira is looking at a big money move to Saudi Arabia, while Arsenal procrastinate.
        We will just have to wait and see.

  4. Personally I’d rather have ESR and Willock play in that position and put any funds for Odegaard towards a better midfielder.

    Maddison, who provided excellent tally of goals and assists for midfielder.

    We only have domestic matches this year, and our transfer business SO FAR isn’t enough to get us into top 6.

    Maddison could change that, but I don’t see Odegaard being a midfield piece that transforms us like Maddison could.

    1. 👍 Durand, even Matheus Pereira is a better option to Martin Odegaard based on price and output in goals and assists in the EPL.

  5. Sign Grealish, Sterling and put a bid for Kane. This is how a big club should behave. No more untested products again. No to Odegard for now instead we can go for Madison and all SINS will be forgiven by the fans. Let us return to the glory days

    1. Glorious, And who do you expect to pay for your fantasy wishes? You perhaps? IF YOU ARE DAFT ENOUGH TO EXPECT KROENKE TO DO SO THEN FORGET IT AND GET REAL INSTEAD!

      ANY DAMN FOOL CAN DREAM BUT ONLY REALISTS DISCUSS WHAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN! And none of your fantasy has a cat in hells chance!

      1. At Jon fox,
        Some fans are daft and mediocre in nature, if you are part of them, you will continue as a realist that accept average for success but what a shame to be a supporter of such. The last time l checked,
        Arsenal is still better than Tottenham in terms of silver wares, get the real reality of modern football.

  6. Let’s move on. He’s decent but not worth the time n money they asking.
    His first choice is there always not keen to move to Arsenal anyway.
    He’s done nothing so far to be willing to force or pressure the move.
    Now we have quite a few choices.

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