Arsenal are STILL in the title race – says Wenger

You can say what you like about Arsene Wenger but you can’t call him a quitter! As far as he is concerned the title race is definitely not over and he wants Arsenal to carry on fighting until the last day of the season.

He said in today’s press conference: “It’s tight,” said the Frenchman. “We have to look behind us because everybody is chasing. But, as well, there could still be twists and turns before the end.

“We want to fight to still put pressure on teams in front of us. We need a strong run at home now and that’s what we want to do. It is perceived that the championship is over, but I don’t think that completely even if Leicester are in a very strong position. We have to fight until the last minute of the season. It would be over if we lost and they win, so that’s why we have to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Leicester play West Ham on Sunday before Arsenal have a relatively easier game against C. Palace in the later game, so we will know whether we can grab back a few points or not, but also to put some extra pressure on the Spuds who don’t play until Monday night.

It could also be bad if Arsenal win the Wenger Trophy in 4th, because if Liverpool or Man City win one of the European trophies then only the top 3 will be eligible. Wenger admitted this could be a possibility. “It could happen, but let’s be in the position No3, No2 or No1,” he said.

Do we really still have a chance to win the title or is Wenger just trying to keep the players concentrated?

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  1. Usually I’d just comment “Wenger Out” to an article like this but admin gave us some stern words the other day so I’ll just say that what Wenger said, “It’s tight” , Leicester will lose their remaining games and we will our remaining fixtures. I mean it is still mathematically possible to win it right?

  2. The latter. We don’t have a chance, but we need to do as well as we can. Toteringham’s is possible. 4th is not certain. At the moment we don’t seem to be able to beat any opponent who puts up a fight.

    1. That so called Toteringham is what is deceiving some fans, how does beating your younger ones make you a Hero?? If finishing under them will puT more pressure on wenger and the board then am all for it.

  3. Run Arsene run!!!

    Being chased by the rich boys, battling hammers and the devils while chasing our bitter rivals and the surprise package. With one eye on Kloop and Pelle’s adventures in Europe, how do you sleep at night Arsene.

    I personally gave up on the title when we lost at home to Swansea, we are just huffing and puffing now in hopes of securing our top 4 finish as always. I don’t think Wenger, the board and some of our players even care whether we finish ahead of Spurs or not as long as we get CL football.

    Its just as the fans trying to fight for the title either on TV or in the stands otherwise the team doesn’t show the same spirit, just in the conference room or on social media of course.

  4. Yep the EPL is not over till the
    thin zebra plays the banjo.
    It’s possible Liverpool will take
    the 4th ECL place if they
    win the Europa league so
    4th in the league this season may not be good enough.
    Citeh is just 2 points behind Arsenal and
    has the Gunners at home in game 37.
    They do play Chelsea this week though.
    So yes Arsenal must keep the focus right till the last game.

      1. It will, but it won’t be automatic qualification as usual. A country can field up 5 teams for UCL per season. So, it will be 1st, 2nd, UCL winner (not very sure City would win it though with Bayern, Real and Atletico in) and EL winner and 3rd place playing the last qualification stage. Same happened to Spain this season where they fielded 5 teams.

  5. Yep!… it’s as tight as my Crack! ?
    The evidence is in my profile picture! ?

    You would think that an educated man that has been living in the UK for the past 20 years! Would be able to put a decent sentence together, By now.

    Even the Riddler from Batman makes more sense than Wenger does. ?

  6. For sure,only Wenger will think that way…
    He just can’t stop ridiculing this club..
    Imagine what others will say when they read this…

    1. Insinuating Wenger is an idiot is what angers me about you and
      some Arsenal fans. What do you want him to say exactly? The season isn’t over, Leicester and Tottenham can still slip up which is a fact. Is it realistic? Nope but it is a possibility. Everybody knows Leicester will most likely win the EPL but it is his job as manager to believe in his team until it is truly over. You would be the same person calling him all sorts of names if he came out and said Arsenal are done. I could see some people already say ”see he has no hunger or passion” ”he has lost it, sack him” and such. The season is far from over for anyone in the current top 6 as City and Liverpool may disrupt things if they win the Champions League and Europa League respectively. Is it realistic? Nope but it is definitely possible. Our players need all the cool-headedness they can get right now to make sure we qualify for CL and that is what Wenger is trying to give them. Only CL can attract the top players we all want. You can go back to your Wenger out rhetoric when the season is over.

      1. always defending the specialist in failure, how bad is it to just say we wait till the last day and see who wins it? Always saying it’s not over so as to deceive the fans to believing the guy is trying hard. He messed up again this season just like the other seasons and saying that it’s not over at this stage, is really delusional, and only one man is that deluded. Yes the title is ours this season, LC and Spurs are way below average teams, they can’t compete with the mighty Arsenal, they’ll bottle it soon

  7. OT;
    People are asking if Liverpool winning Europa will affect Champions league places, IT WON’T!!
    Sevilla won it and 4 teams still joined in the UCL in La Liga make it 5 teams from Spain..
    So let’s support Pool to win this one…

  8. What I read:

    “Blah blah blah er….blah blah blah, chance”

    What’s he gonna say ” I messed it up again, it’s gone, I shouldn’t be here really”..

  9. 4th place title race is still tight but the real tittle race is over LC have friendlier fixtures than spuds and we can not hold up a 2-0 lead so we might even miss top 5 this time round..

  10. Is that man’s head cut. Even worse they even posted this item on this Web site. Somebody is trying to take the Micky out of the supporters. Not as long as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening has Arsenal a chance of winning the league even 3rd place is out of our reach. So don’t be wasting ink on items like this.

  11. Maybe this is why we don’t win the EPL anymore….because he (AW) is so fecking deluded he thinks being 13 points behind with 6 games to go means we will win the title…

    Maybe we need a manager who lives in the real world, the right now, and not one who lives in the past?

    The reality is, our manager is out of ideas and stuck in his own loop of stubborn mediocrity, which he amplifies with strange comments of positivity. In other word, he needs a REALITY CHECK.

    Win all our games Total 74 points
    Tottenham lose two games from remaining Total 73 Points
    Leicester loses at least 3 games and draws the rest Total 74 points
    Fourth Spot Liverpool winning Europa League or Mancity winning Champions League.

  13. the professor of failure and delusion has once again proven how crazy he is these days . we have no chance of winning the league with this team and management . we are losers , and this is the sad fact .we are the laughing stock , we , the arsenal have fallen off our perch , we are displaced . and this is all down to wenger . any manager , no matter who he was would have us playing better and finishing higher . the arsenal club are now a farce , and this is a very sad fact of life .

  14. To all delusional AOB bonus that say the title was ours to lose are more delusional than the manager. What right has Arsenal that other teams don’t have? Do Arsenal feed 12 players while others deed 11? Remember, the league is a marathon, and any of the 20 teams could win it just like Blackburn worn it in 1995. So for casting aspersions on Wenger on daily basis is beyond normal. Its getting out of hand. I remember last year when Wenger said the season was over. Many an Arsenal fans labelled him a ,coward’ that gave up when there was still much to play for. And I remember they said his statement then meant that he was telling the players to be content with fourth. What the heck is wrong with most fan in this forum? If you are pissed out so much you can’t breath when Wenger’s name is mentioned, why get a new club albeit temporarily until he is gone. I can bet that after he is gone, many of you would wish otherwise. ‘Wenger out’ crusade is becoming annoying to say the least

  15. Miracles have happened before and can still happen. Not that I will place a bet that Arisenal will win and Leicester would falter, but it is still possible considering the matches before them. Now suppose that happened, What would all those who are slamming him now say?

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