Arsenal STILL trying for MEGA money Mbappe transfer?

While the Arsenal transfer rumours surrounding the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez are in full swing and growing by the day, Gooners are also hearing about the players that Arsene Wenger is trying to bring into the club, with Riyad Mahrez and Thomas Lemar top of the list right now but with other names like Asensio, Cuadrado and many more being mentioned by various football sources.

At the same time, the stories linking the Gunners with a world record transfer of the young Monaco and France starlet Kylian Mbappe seem to have drifted away and that is a bit strange when you consider that Arsenal were right up among the contenders for him and that the 18-year old is one of the hottest and most sought after players in the world right now.

No other club has signed him and there are not even reports suggesting that any are about to, so could Arsene Wenger still be hoping to swoop with a big money bid? maybe he could, but I do not put much faith in the Daily Star report claiming that both Arsenal and the French club PSG have tabled offers of around £125 million for Mbappe.

I cannot see any club paying that for a relatively unproven player, no matter how promising they might be, and that goes double for Wenger and the Gunners, but with the furore over Mbappe having died down a bit, do you think Arsenal might go back and test the resolve of Monaco with a mega money bid of, say, 70 or 80 million?



  1. Wenger will not pay mega money for anybody. He’s always behind every body else in bidding top money for a player. The average price for top quality players nowadays is in the range of 50 to 80 million and he is still in the 30 to 50 million bracket.

    1. I don’t think that’s true really, it’s not Wenger that’s been a step behind. It’s been the club that has tried to keep itself from major debt like most of the others. Only now are we able, as a club, to start spending more. However, if you look at the last 3 seasons we’ve still been spending £50+ million in the summer which isn’t that bad really. We’ve just shelled out £50 million for Lacazette and it’s likely that we’re going to flash some more cash, including the big new deal for Ozil and the huge one that I hope Sanchez will sign.

  2. I think daily star has run out of stories. If not jokes won’t be put on transfer rumours colume

  3. Dani Ceballos has agreed a six-year contract with Real Madrid and is set to complete an €18 million move, according to Marca.

    that’s fine fan choice gone

  4. Is it wise to spend such an amount of money to nurture him, keeping him sharp, making him better, only to see him gone after 3 years or so?

    For 120mil only to sell him again for that kind money, if not less bec of contract complication which can accure due some time of point would benefit us how?

    Stepping stone club ala delux.

    1. IMO, no. He’s going to be a huge star eventually but spending that money on him now won’t benefit our club at all. It would be a financial risk for the club to invest that amount as you can’t guarantee that he’d be worth more than that in 3 or so years. I’d prefer some players that are young but already have experience.

  5. If Sanchez($55M) and Giroud($25M) are sold, then I can legitimately see Wenger bid the speculated price ($125M) for Mbappe. A net $45M would be good business for the Monaco teenager and allow Arsenal incredible flexibility in the striker department.
    To piggyback this scenario, Arsenal could easily sell the following players to bring the price further down on the Frenchman and possibly even add Goretska.


    Approx $55M more to throw at Mbappe and Goretska.

    It’s definitely possible if Arsene makes some difficult decisions on a number of popular players.

    Saed…Xhaka…Goretska…Ox (Bellerin)

    1. And who would be back up for the ageing, sometimes dodgy Cech?? We can’t flog both our 2 number Two’s.
      I’m not sure that the deal would go ahead anyway, it’s way too risky to invest that amount on an unproven player. Look at players like Walcott or Chambers as an example, they showed huge potential as teenagers but haven’t really gone on to the level that was expected.

  6. I fancy Mbappe but anything more than 50million, I’m not in support. If Fernando Torres can lose his form in Chelsea for huge money pressure, why not Mbappe?
    Paying more than fifty is risking a lot, I repeat..
    The guy is good, I love him but how much are we going to sell him when his dream Madrid move calls?

    1. Totally agree, there is a huge list of players that went for huge transfer fees that ended up disappointing their new employees. Torres being a perfect example. And you’re right about holding on to him too, when a massive club does come calling, A- Will he just piss off and leave and B- Would we recuperate the ginormous amount of money that we paid for him???
      I don’t think that it makes sense for our club to go in for him at £125 million. Look at Pogba too….. £85 million and I’m sure he’s not the player that Utd thought he is.

  7. I don’t care about the rumours. But a player with mbappe’s talent and at his age is worth fighting for. Arsenal should not baulk at the fee. It is also about the message we would send if we managed to buy him. The important question is whether he wants Arsenal. If he does, pay the price so that we don’t hear tomorrow about how we were close…….. just like Messi, Rinaldo, hazard etc

    1. Yeah, let’s invest £125 million for an 18 year old that would more than likely leave as soon as Madrid decided to come and get him and I’m sure they wouldn’t pay us enough to recoup our investment either.
      Nice idea but not feasible in real life I’m afraid.

    2. Pay it and put 300m release Clause or something like that, I think Neymar has that kind of release clause..

  8. According to rumor, It seems that Alexis has really made up his mind to leave. Who cares whether he stays or leave. Am fed up with all this bullshit. With the money that will be realized from his sale. If Wenger will be wise enough, he should use it to bring lemar and mahrez. Especially mahrez. He has a lot of premier league experience coupled with dribbling skills and take ons.
    I know very well that wenger will not sign players more than four of Sanchez decides to leave. We already have two, remaining two.

    Bring this two people lemar and mahrez and we good to go. No one is bigger than this club. This Sanchez saga is lingering too much.

    1. I agree on Sanchez, if the fella wants to leave then let him go. So what if he goes to City? At least it’s their £50 million we’d be spending on new talent. I just think this shit is dragging on for way too long, I’m bored of it now. If he does renew then great, if he wants to go then adios amigo, thanks for the huge transfer fee.

  9. Well you can’t blame Wenger for not trying
    He tried as hard as he could. Bidding HUGE amount of money. Even getting close to Mbappe’s family
    If it happens then fantastic. If not its not a disaster by any means
    We are facing Real Madrid and PSG so we are the underdogs

    Would be amazing if we got him though

  10. Well said. Arsene bidding for top player with legitimate offers is all most of us want. I mean he honestly tried for Mbappe, disgusting if Wenger gets stick for this one.

    I guess some things have changed at Arsenal; 50+ million for lacazette and we got our man, really really hope we get lemar. 40+million bid for him as well. Normally offers would have been way under what selling club wanted like in past.

    Some change at the club that is actually happening, guess fans were heard after all. More please.

    So far so good from Wenger; I’ll say good job so far.
    Kinda new praising him for a change rather than slamming him. He’s honestly trying so please lets get behind the team

    1. It does show that Wenger is being ambitious but I’m not in favour of the deal. It’s too risky to part with that amount on one player. I’d prefer him to go for the type of player that is going to make a difference now. Obviously Lacazette is done, we need to wrap up Lemar and/or Mahrez too and a decent back up keeper.
      Think about Mbappe carefully, if and it’s a massive if, Wenger did get him, would we ever get that money back when someone like Real Madrid did decide they wanted him? I’m not sure that we would to be honest and that’s a risk that I wouldn’t want the club to take.

  11. Forget about Mbappe, focus on key other areas like a CDM Fabihno preferably and a Winger Midfield player Lemar preferably.

  12. Well looking at how things have been going, i tink mbappe might actually leave for arsenal.. ……for alexis Sanchez, no player is bigger than a club most especially arsenal.. .if he leaves, we ll see a better player in a few year time

  13. Arsenal have offered £124 million for Mbappe and Bob is saying shall we go back and bid 70 – £80 million ???? just because you can’t see it Mate (£125 million for Mbappe) that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening lol ? ? Be prepared to be Gobsmacked ??✨?

  14. Yes it could happen on deadline day. He could have agreed terms all based on the sale of sanchez which Wenger probably knows very well he will end up selling to city. If we can get 60/70m for sanchez and buy mbappe I’ll v3 delighted but I still think we’ll have handed the title to city.
    They’ll be fierce going forward!! Also who will hybrid sell? They’ve got so many attacking options already with sterling, sane, debruyne, David Silva, bernardo Silva etc etc. Scary!!
    We need a top quality deep lying mf player. Elneny is okay for what we paid but not title winning quality, he’s fresh legs at the end of a game.

  15. Should Monaco decide to sell Mbappe today I believe we will have a chance.Lets just continue to improve other areas of the team and keep the wait.COYG

  16. Gibe them Joel Campbell plus Theo and add £50 mil for Mbappe, may be they are worried of the void he will leave lol

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